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There are multiple methods of creating a presentation, depending on the objectives one has in mind. In general, there are scores of programs to help users in creating detailed business, academic or simple presentations. Isadora, however, seeks to offer a solution to those looking for a tool to create artistic presentations.
Import and process pictures, clips and songs
One can employ this program for music shows, theater or dance performances and, generally speaking, any interactive installation, such as videos for club environments.
The application works with several building blocks at the base of which stand multimedia files provided by users. One is free to add audio, video and even graphics documents to the processing queue. Even 3D models are supported and once these elements are in place, various effects can be added. These bring sparkle to the presentation and come in numerous forms, grouped together in categories.
Choose from more than 250 highly customizable effects
Each effect comes with multiple parameters that can be customized to suit most needs. One of the great features of this program is that it allows working with multiple “Actors” (the name given to effects) in the same scene. With more than 250 such items, and the ability to combine them in whichever way the imagination dictates, users are guaranteed the ability to create unique presentations.
One of the really great features of this application is the ability control the parameters of inserted effects in real time, via the mouse or another external device. This can be employed to create artistic presentations that, for example, change transparency or color based on the cursor's position.
The application creates highly customized multimedia shows from users' videos, audios and pictures
Summing up, Isadora is special program designed to assist users with a highly developed artistic sense in creating beautiful presentations.







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The application Isadora was created by the group of artists in Austin (Texas). The application “Isadora” is special tool for creating multimedia presentations in art-form of your skills, offers everyone the chance to create high-end artistic presentations. This creative program allows you to create such presentations in the scope of entertainment, business, marketing, education, training and public information.
There are six different types of genres of multimedia presentations:

Video Presentations: easily creates movies and slideshows, transitions and sound effects
Audio Presentations: creates movies, slideshows and background music for your presentation
Photo Presentations: allows you to create black & white and color presentations
Animation Presentations: allows to create animated presentations and interactive presentations
Movie Presentations: creates videos, movies and special effects
Presentation Presentations: allows you to create a “presentation” that will be displayed as an external file (CD or DVD) or embedded on the web.
The following types of presenting are available: artistic animations, stand-alone animation, interactive movies, stand-alone movie, slide presentations, video slide shows, movie slideshows, personalized music slides, combination of two or more than two presentation types.
Each style of presentation can be made individually or you can easily mix and match different presentation styles to create a truly unique presentation.
There are more than 250 different types of effects: blurring, decorating, distortion, dissolving, fading, highlighting, movement, order of effect, particle, rain, rotation, slideshow, transition, transparency, water, editing, burning, voice, coloring, image swapping, adding or removing objects, adding or removing text.
One of the great features of Isadora is the ability to control all effects during presentation creation in real time. For example, if you would like to add an effect that fades in at the beginning of your presentation, and fades out at the end, you can draw a circle around the effect and place the cursor on the border, specify the properties that you would like to see, select the most appropriate option among existing effects and press the button to perform.
Another remarkable feature of Isadora is that it provides users with a set of extremely customizable controls, which allows them to easily set up the custom properties needed to create high-end presentations.
The Isadora is a multimedia application that offers help in creating special presentations, that, for example, would change color or transparency or play up the theme of a particular event

Isadora 1.6.0

Isadora is a stand-alone application designed for the creation of multimedia presentations and shows.
This program will not work with Microsoft Office documents (e.g..ppt,.xls, etc.).
Isadora allow the user to import, process and export the following file types:
• Video (.flv,.avi,.mp4,.mpeg, etc.)
• Pictures (.jpg,.jpeg,.png,.tif, etc.)
• Audio (.mp3,.mp4,.wav,.ogg, etc.)
• Flash (.swf, etc.)
Isadora support the following building block types:
• Video Clips
• Flash
• Pictures
Isadora supports the following images types:
Isadora support the following A/V container types:
• MP4
• mpeg
• ۳GP
Isadora support the following media types:
• Audio (.mp3,.wav,.ogg,.flac,.mp4, etc.)
• Video (.avi,.divx,.mov,.mp4, etc.)
• Flac
Isadora support the following media metadata:
• fldr: FXT/FLAC
• flds: FXT/FLAC
• fldt: PNG/JPEG/JPG
Isadora support the following audio and video compression formats:
• AVC/H264
Isadora support the following sound effects and music:
• MP3
• Vorbis
Using the built-in composition editor, the user can:
• Add text
• Apply numerous effects to the video
• Add support for 3D models and using the effects, animate them
• Embed videos from external sources
• Use more than 25 image effectors
• Background “Paint”
• Assign sound effects to the video, and customize parameters for each audio track
• Add new image effects by downloading files from the web or sharing them with other Isadora users
The Isadora Editor has a simple and intuitive

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This is an educational software for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Android, iOS and the Mac OS. It is specially designed to teach kids and adults to use software.

This interactive software suite helps learn the use of Microsoft Office, PDF, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop, Illustrator, Access databases and other applications used in the world of work and is recognized by the global market as a leader in the same sector.

The educational program is divided into four areas (Education, Entertainment, Games and Professional), which correspond to the domains of studies that the user desires to pursue and in which he will be trained by the software. The fields of studies included in the program are Graphic Arts, Music, Programming and Economics.

The software is of intuitive design and therefore can be operated easily by everyone. The interface of the program has been developed so that it is intuitive and clear to understand, allowing users to accomplish their purposes in a short time.

The interface of the software has been designed with pre-configured Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac Os or Android).

The program includes a wide selection of exercises in different categories, suitable for all levels of understanding of the users. These exercises are developed by skilled professionals and are intended for the acquisition of the concepts of the different fields and for the development of creative abilities, besides assisting with the task at hand.

The programs are structured according to the categories of studies listed above and consists of four areas (Education, Entertainment, Games and Professional), which correspond to the areas in which you are studying. The program corresponds to the areas of studies with which it is provided, facilitating the teaching process.

The software has five parts to facilitate the teaching process of each area. Each part is represented by a specially designed interface for the specific field of studies. The interface is designed to ease the user, so that they will easily navigate in the available programs.

Isadora Publisher:

This program has been developed by Digital Arts and was reviewed by a team of experts specialised in educational software design and use of technology.

The team has a Master’s Degree in Graphic Arts and a PhD Degree in Computer Science, and they use innovative techniques and research to create remarkable software that use to facilitate the teaching process and develop personal abilities.

The development process of the software follows specific processes to achieve the desired results. This software has been tested at all stages of development to ensure the quality of the product.

What’s New in the Isadora?

The object of the Isadora application is to provide users with a convenient and attractive means of creating beautiful multimedia presentations. The program is free of charge, but unfortunately, only for non-commercial use.
In terms of function, Isadora offers a wide variety of tools for various purposes and at various skill levels. Presenting music shows is one of the primary uses for this application. However, the program is designed to help users in the creation of multimedia shows regardless of theme or purpose.
One of the greatest aspects of Isadora is that it contains a large number of customizable effect elements. This allows the application to easily adapt to users’ expectations and special circumstances. The multiple effects provide a large number of creative possibilities, without compromising on quality.
The interface is simple to use, which makes it a good choice for beginners. After a brief introduction to working with the application, one can begin creating presentations on their own. The most common use for Isadora, however, is to combine pre-created effects with users’ own clips and pictures.
Isadora places a high priority on interaction with the editor. One can combine elements in any order, adjust their transparency or color, perform a fx trace or create a random music show that automatically varies depending on the user’s actions.
One great thing about Isadora is that it accepts the most recent and popular sound formats. The program also has the ability to combine various audio and video sources. As a result, users are not required to remove duplicates or convert files to MP3, FLAC or another format.
From June 2010, Isadora also includes a library of more than 90 video effects. For those users who do not want to import audio or video files, the program provides the ability to use live webcam, audio or video devices.
Isadora Introduction:
Isadora was developed and is being created by Miguel G. Hontoria. The application is available for free download and is free of charge, but only for personal use.
This program was originally designed for multimedia shows. However, it does not hold much value in that context, where users typically work with audio files. Instead, Isadora works much better with video or still pictures.
This is due to the basic nature of the program. To start creating multimedia shows, users are required to import files from the hard drive or extract them from a video or audio device.
But what makes this program special is not the fact that it lets users import

System Requirements For Isadora:

Minimum system requirements are:
Windows 8.1 or later
۲ GB of RAM
Free hard disk space:
• XPS 13
• XPS 15
۴ GB of RAM
Free RAM:
۲ GB
۴ GB
System Requirements for the XPS 13 and XPS 15 models that use the detachable 2-in-1 configuration:
• Detachable 2-in-1 system

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