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Working with a lot of files on your computer can be risky sometimes, especially since all of your documents can be vulnerable to attacks, which might reveal sensitive data about you or your business.
To prevent things like this from happening, aside from setting up an effective antivirus or firewall protection system, you might want to try encrypting some of your more important documents with apps like Amazing Any Data Encryption.
Encrypt anything
As its name strongly suggests, you can choose to encrypt any document or folder on your computer with this app. You just need to provide the application with the files you want to secure through encryption and define a password.
However, once you define the password by typing it in the designated field, you'll get prompted to either buy the application or begin a free trial period. Clicking the free trial button doesn't trigger any response, making it impossible to encrypt anything with the trial version.
Decrypt protected content
Aside from encrypting stuff on your computer, this application should also be able to decrypt it just as easily. Just provide the app with the folder or file you've previously encrypted, type the password in the designated field and your files should be unlocked.
The application also features a "History" section where you should be able to view a list of files you've encrypted and decrypted. The interesting thing is that you can encrypt, disguise and delete these records so that no curious eyes can track your steps.
Simple encryption and decryption tool
All in all, if you want to encrypt or decrypt files or folders on your computers, you can give Amazing Any Data Encryption a try. However, be aware that the trial version doesn't seem to let you test this app's capabilities before buying it, so caution is advised.







Amazing Any Data Encryption Download (Updated 2022)

Amazing Any Data Encryption Crack+ [2022-Latest]

Any Data Encryption is a simple & free data encryption program. You can encrypt your files. It supports a wide variety of file formats. After the encryption is completed, you can decrypt them with any other software with our decryption keys. With the help of this tool, you can make your content secure and hide it from prying eyes.
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Amazing Any Data Encryption Crack Free

Protect your data with Advanced AES, RSA, MD5 and SHA-1 Encryption software.

Simplified wizard-style interface lets you encrypt files, folders, URL’s and passwords quickly and easily.

With AES, RSA, MD5 and SHA-1 secure encryption, your sensitive documents will be protected against most online criminals.

…Free Downloadable 30 Day Trial.. Unlocks all the Features.

With its easy-to-use wizard interface, Amazing Any Data Encryption makes it easy for even the novice to encrypt their files, URLs, and passwords.
With AES, RSA, MD5 and SHA-1 secure encryption, your sensitive documents will be protected against most online criminals.
Encrypt large files at an affordable price. The program allows you to encrypt a single file or large number of files – for backup purposes, for example.
Add or remove passwords to protect any file, URL, or password.
Generate a password to make your files or passwords more secure.
Support for more than 50 different file types, including documents, spreadsheets, pictures, and images.
Compatible with Windows 2000, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X, and Linux.
Encrypt data in file form
Amador File Encryptor can encrypt any file for storing on the disk, on an online backup service, or for sharing over the Internet. It even provides both free and paid, online hosting of encrypted files. The program offers two free hosting options: with a single email address and with a single hosting account. These options are great for people with a single email address or a single hosting account. In addition, the application can create an encrypted file, using an EXE file, and embed the encryption information into a file name.
Amador File Encryptor is a portable application, so you can easily transfer encrypted file(s) to any USB flash drive. In addition, the program can create a self-extracting EXE file for automatically extracting encryption from files.
Encrypt data online
Amador File Encryptor provides two online backup services – Rapidgator and Amazon S3. By using this feature, you can create an encrypted Zip file and upload it to Rapidgator. In addition, you can use the Rapidgator and Amazon S3 to create an encrypted Zip file and submit it. Online hosting can also be used for data encryption. By using the Amazon S3 or Rapidgator

What’s New in the Amazing Any Data Encryption?

Amazing Any Data Encryption is an advanced and most reliable data encryption software. With just a few clicks, you can make it work for your special use. You can encrypt or decrypt any files or folders, lock or unlock any folder or file. It is highly compatible with most file and folder formats and also supports most operating systems.

So, here is a Quick start guide to encrypt a new folder or file:

۱٫Install the software
۲٫Select any folder or file you want to encrypt.Click on “Encrypt” button.
۳٫A progress bar will show you the encryption progress.
۴٫After the encryption process is completed, click on “Decrypt” button, a new window will show you the decrypted document.
۵٫Open the document or folder to make sure you decrypt the files or folders successfully.
۶٫Optionally, you can click on “View History” button to see all the folders and files you have encrypted or decrypted.
Using Amazing Any Data Encryption you can easily & conveniently encrypt or decrypt files & folders.

NOTE! The program does not make permanent changes to files or folders. It is for testing purposes only!

MacX Safer is a simple and fast way for you to work with important files on your computer. It helps you to encrypt, hide or decrypt files, folders, and drives that you prefer, and it is safe. With it, you can protect important files, documents and passwords from other people, remove hidden files and recover files accidentally deleted. MacX Safer is the best choice for your privacy needs.

Very simple and easy to use.

Version 1.0.2 is the first update.


– Bug fixed when opening protected folder/drive.- bug fixed when opening files before logging in into the program.

Version 1.0.1 is the first update.


– some minor bugs fixed

Version 1.0 is the first version.

– very simple to use. Just one step to protect your privacy. You just have to define which file you want to protect, and password you want to use.- encrypt / decrypt, hide /unhide, delete or rename any file or folder.- schedule a logout time for the locked file. It’s safe for your privacy.- support password recovery in case you accidentally deleted / lost your password.- compatibility with most operating systems.- support batch operation. The program will show

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP3 (32/64-bit), Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (2GHz) or equivalent
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 (3.6GHz) or equivalent

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