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The list contains every life insurance agency that deals with endowment, disability, term, or annuities (permanent life insurance). This includes all those companies that are open for insurance agent and brokers to work with. This list is also of the companies that are already licensed to sell life insurance in the state that they are located in.

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Investing in life insurance is often a difficult decision without proper and adequate research. And dealing with life insurance agencies that you are not comfortable with or have never heard of is not something that is recommended.
Life Insurance Database is a comprehensive list of around 50.000 life insurance agencies. This list contains everything you need to know about them, such as their name, state (state, county, address) and contact info (telephone and fax number, E-mail and website). All these allow you to be minutes away from establishing your life insurance plan so that in case of unfortunate events, your loved ones would be provided for.
The database file itself is portable, and since it is something you download on your hard drive, you have constant access to it no matter where you are regardless of whether you are connected to the internet or not. The file’s format (CSV) also allows you to open, view and manage it with any database management tool, like Microsoft Excel and MySQL), while also making it easy for you to sort and search in it.
Website administrator, especially those oriented in life insurance in general, could make good use of this list at it will increase the number of visits your site receives since your customers will find it handy.
– Life Insurance Database

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What’s New in the Life Insurance Database?

This is a list of around 50.000 life insurance agencies, with their state info (state, county, address), contact info (telephone and fax number, E-mail and website), and important info (number of new policies issued, total number of policies sold, and new policies issued this year).
The information is organized chronologically (from newest to oldest). Therefore, the most valuable info you will find in this list is the most up-to-date data which will help you determine whether the agency is still going strong, and if its services are good enough and up to your expectations, or if you should find another.
The data is accurate as of 2009. Life Insurance Database is not affiliated with any of the agencies or companies listed in the database.

۵۰۱۸۲۶: life insurance quotes | compare 0
com/insurance-12311 » eHow etiquetecom/ | Life Insurance can be approved. | Life Insurance Policy | Life Insurance Quote | Life Insurance Policies Life Insurance Insurance can be approved. Life Insurance | Life Insurance can be approved By applying for life insurance you are giving the life insurance company an option to provide a monthly income in the event of death of the applicant. This is attractive to the life insurance company because they can provide the money to the beneficiary without getting involved with the death. The premiums you pay for life insurance protect the life insurance company against possible claims from beneficiaries. If you need a life insurance policy you may apply for life insurance and make a budget. There are a number of insurance companies that can offer policies to cover your whole life, the benefits of life insurance policies that are permanent, variable, term, and whole of life.

۵۰۱۸۴۱: life insurance online | comparative
com/insurance-12241 » etiquetecom/ | Life Insurance online. | Life Insurance online
Life Insurance online is an international life insurance company, located in Norway, taking care of all types of insurance in Europe. They sell several types of life insurance, with the most important one being a Whole Of Life (WOL) policy. The policy is permanent, and once the death benefits are paid, the company is

System Requirements For Life Insurance Database:

Windows 7
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DirectX 9 compatible video card
۱۱GB free hard drive space
The game is not compatible with earlier versions of Windows.
Please follow the installation instructions on the game disc. We suggest that you close all other programs and keep your mouse and keyboard buttons mapped before starting the installation. Also, keep your computer turned on and monitor the mouse and keyboard activities, as you might need to press buttons or change the mouse position as the game progresses.

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