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With a modern and easy-to-use graphical user interface armed, FB TraceManager 2 exposes the new Firebird 2.5 tracing capabilities in its full power. Receiving Firebird’s default semi-structured trace output as with fbtracemgr is the first step for more advanced features like a context-based parser, which transforms the raw output into easy understandable structured data with the optional capability to log trace data into an included FBTM2.fdb Firebird database.
Additional modules in FB TraceManager 2 for browsing / accessing, reporting and data analysis tasks on logged trace data gives you a lot more than just receiving trace data from the Firebird server.
The Event Processing module allows the script-based, customizable definition of event rules to get notified in various ways upon certain conditions in received trace. To make your work much more easy, integrate FB TraceManager in your Firebird-based IT environment.


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FB TraceManager Lite Crack+ PC/Windows

FB TraceManager Lite (FBML) is a handy tool for Firebird Database developers and DBAs, providing basic features for all trace events, which are received by the application. Basic features are log-viewing, detailed report generation, event processing rules definition, report generation for raw events and message streams.

Key Features:
* Log file viewing and detailed reports generation
* Event and message processing rules definition
* Reports generated by raw events and message streams
* Easy to configure with a modern and easy-to-use graphical user interface
* Login into a session with a user-defined database connection or use the system default connection
* Attach to an open trace session by clicking the “Attach to Existing Trace Session” button
* Setup a connection to any trace server
* View information of currently active trace sessions
* Access to any of the trace sessions

FBML is a standalone, command-line based application but also can be integrated into any Firebird environment.
Thanks to all testers who have provided valuable feedback and input during development and testing of FB TraceManager 2. In addition, a number of bugs have been found and have been fixed thanks to that feedback.

Now, after almost 4 years, FB TraceManager 2 is ready for the new Firebird 2.5 tracing capabilities and integration into Firebird.

New Features:
* Trace data is received as structured data with a more informative message structure
* Support for new Firebird 2.5 tracing capabilities, including the semi-structured format of messages, maps and history tables
* Support for the semi-structured output of XQuery messages
* Support for complex data types in the semi-structured messages, maps and history tables
* Support for the new message type: RData message type
* Support for new context-based event processing
* Support for new message in raw events and detailed, customized message streams
* Support for a preview in message overview of raw events
* Support for individual events
* Support for parameterized events
* Support for custom event types
* Support for filtering events and message streams
* Support for paging in message list
* Support for pre-defined user classes for event rules
* Support for message class: Flagged or NotFlagged
* Support for WIDGET functionality for event rule and message stream rules
* Support for XQuery message: Message
* Support for full-text search in the message streams
* Support for a customizable

FB TraceManager Lite Crack+ [32|64bit]

Just receives trace data from Firebird, yet many opportunities to get started with the most powerful features of FB TraceManager Version 2. It’s all the features of FB TraceManager 2 but also the additional need of a simple trace parser. So, you can easily receive trace data directly into FBTM Lite and have a good overview of all logged events.
Simplicity is its selling point: no additional modules are needed to make FBTM Lite do a lot of things. To get started with FBTM Lite, you just have to log trace data via fbtracemgr and FBTM Lite will start to listen for trace data in time.
After receiving trace data, you can make one or many searches with the included FBTM Lite parser. FBTM Lite shows all parsed objects (tables, views, queries, functions,…) as object lines on top of the trace data, for which you have to search. So, you don’t need to copy data from firebird.log.txt or send it over mail to support.
By logging trace data into an included database, FBTM Lite can schedule the parsing of trace data, so you can work with data as with being connected to Firebird server.

More details about FB TraceManager 2 and its capabilities can be found in the later text or in the help-text.

* Module to receive trace data from Firebird
* Multiple ways to parse data into data objects (filters)
* Parsing module/database should be connected to the user – feature is designed to be implemented by IT-specialists
* Easy integration into existing Firebird environments
* Reduce the amount of trace data that should be sent to support to a minimum
* Scheduled re-parsing of trace data is a big advantage in case of time-consuming processes
* Supports all Firebird versions up to 2.5


FB TraceManager 2 is the successor of FB TraceManager 1 with support for Firebird 2.5. It provides powerful and versatile mechanisms to make the most out of the new Firebird 2.5 tracing functionality.

To use FB TraceManager 2, you have to install Firebird 2.5. On Linux you can use the included RPM package. On Windows you have to download the prebuilt installer from On Mac OS X you need to build the application.

FB TraceManager Lite [Latest]

FB TraceManager Lite is a smaller version of FB TraceManager, working with only the minimal features needed to easily get the raw trace data from the Firebird. The core is still loaded with all Firebird 2.5 tracing features. The addon consists of the Firebird Semistructured and Firebird Simple Modes. 
FB TraceManager Lite supports the outgoing semi-structured trace output. Which means that you can log trace data into the Firebird database yourself. The addon also provides a text-based logfile, for standard logging. And finally a quick execution overview in the addon’s second tab, displaying the currently running Firebird server, new tracing, or a specific task in the fourth tab.

Extracting from wiki

Firebird Trace Manager Lite
Firebird Trace Manager Lite is a free and portable application developed to help you extract traces from Firebird database. It is a small lightweight application to be used without installation. With this trace manager you can capture all the events coming from database or from application. You can attach the captured log to an email and send it to your friends.
This trace manager is free to download and the developer is looking for your help to make a better version for commercial use. If you want to contribute, please contact the developer.
This trace manager is using the IPC mechanism to log the trace messages generated by the database or an application. There are two types of capture, a passive, semi-structured or simple capture that allow logging to a database and an active capture that allow logging to console (stdout/stderr).
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What’s New In?

– Supports both Firebird versions 2.1 and 2.5.
– Optionally, the Trace data is stored in the fbtm2.fdb File.
– High speed(about 6000 events/sec).
– Suppported output formats like CSV,excel, word,txt,PDF and others.
– Simple integrated GUI.
– Supports multiple users in one computer(each working separately, but all can see and use the results).
– Statistic reports, queries and graphs.
– Reporting to different kind of outputs, like HTML, MS Access, Excel and PDF.
– Flexible the code for encoding the various output formats.
– Event processing into different events. (the standard trace output from Firebird do not support all of them.)
– Non-Blocking mode.
– Able to work in all Windows operating systems.
– ۵۰% smaller than the original version.
– Able to use the Firebird’s server.
– Easy to understand the internal logic and supported features.
– Supports almost all of the Firebird supported features.
– Easy to use.
– High speed.
– Can process more than 20,000 events/sec.
– Supports tracing other databases such as Oracle or MSSQL Server.
– Full scientific tool.
– Very fast.
– Easy to integrate into your Firebird based IT environment.
– Allows all of these features.
– Flexible coding.
– ۴۰% of the original version
FB TraceManager 2 Features:
– Runs Firebird 2.5 tracing
– C/C++,Delphi 5 and Java are supported.
– Comes with a Graphical User Interface.
– Supports the Firebird defaults semi-structured trace output.
– Newest features:
– Parser: transform raw events into more useful data, integrates easily with fbtracemgr.
– In-Memory parser: transform raw events into more useful data, integrated easily with fbtracemgr.
– Reports: Interactive reports for Trace data.
– Views: Queries and graphs on Trace data.
– Graphical Editor: View and Edit structured data on Trace data.
– Compilation and History management: Load, Save, Organize and Reorganize the Code.
– Reverse Engineering: Read and reverse engineer Trace structure.
– Event Processing: Process Trace events.
– Data Storage: Store or retrieve events in FBTM2.fdb


System Requirements For FB TraceManager Lite:

Please Note: X Rebirth is a commercial title that requires a valid Windows 10 installation and the Microsoft.NET Framework 4.6 to be installed on the PC. It is not supported on any Apple or Linux OS. It does require an internet connection for patch downloads, DLC, and other in-game features.
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