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Google Dictionary API – Use it to learn new words, or make sure youre looking up the right one.

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Add-on: Adobe Digital Editions, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Online-dictionary, Opera, K-Meleon, Yandex,Mikado


English, Spanish, German, French





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Simple word definition by voice search on Google.
Dictionary Anywhere’s Add-ons are perfectly implemented and easy to use. They are ‘yet-to-be-improved’ and give you a free selection of the best of the best.
They are available for free.
A name that is truly intuitive, Dictionary Anywhere does its job perfectly. As I talked about, if you’re looking for an extension like this, there is a plethora on the market. You can try a bunch of them, and each one has its advantages.
But, if you want the best one, it must be Dictionary Anywhere. It uses Google’s database to provide a unique solution. This one is perfect for you. From now on, you can text-search words on your browser and get an extensive definition using the best voice search engine, Google.
Is it faster than Google’s online search?
No. Not at all. But, if you’ve ever used another dictionary, you know that it takes ages to load and get your connection speed back.
But, if you have this one, your life gets easier. Because Dictionary Anywhere is integrated with Google, you can access to its extensive dictionary database without waiting.
What are Dictionary Anywhere’s pros and cons?
Dictionary Anywhere has a high level of functionality that is both easy to use and easy to understand.
It is a browser plugin.
It has good reviews.
This extension is not free.
It has a high performance.
It is really cool and intuitive.
Last updated: 20 May 2017. You can find Dictionary Anywhere here.

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Dictionary Anywhere Crack + X64

– Listening Mode. With Listening mode enabled, Dictionary Anywhere recites the word you’ve double clicked. Dictionary Anywhere is an add-on that lets you listen as you type using your microphone.
– Open Dictionary Window. Double-click on any word to see its meaning using Dictionary Anywhere, right in the new tab. You can also set Dictionary Anywhere as your default dictionary.
– History. You can keep dictionary words in a list that displays all the words you’ve looked up. You can also save your word lists in a TXT file.
– Quick Search. You can perform a quick search using all or just one of the dictionaries.
– Web Dictionary. Save web definitions to Dictionary Anywhere to access them later.
– Dictionary Language. Select the language you would like Dictionary Anywhere to be available in.
– Easy Language Learning. Choose a language that you’d like to learn.
– List View. It will display the words in the list in alphabetical order. You can also set Dictionary Anywhere to show the titles of the definitions as they appear on Google.
– More. In a new window, it shows you the search results for that word using Google.
– List Examples. It shows you the definition of that word along with examples.
– Save to File. You can save a word list to a TXT file to load it next time.
– Double Click to See Definition. You can view the definition right after you double-click on the word.
– Definition. You can view the definition using the File menu. You can also set Dictionary Anywhere as your default dictionary.
– Save to File.
– More.
– Audio Mode. Double-click any word to get the definition, right in the new tab. You can also set Dictionary Anywhere as your default dictionary.
– Settings. You can access Dictionary Anywhere settings in the context menu.
– About Dictionary Anywhere. It shows the version number and other important information.
– Developer’s website.
– Integration: The dictionary is integrated with Firefox.
– Browser integration. You can double-click on any word to open its definition in a new tab.
– Sample: You can test it by double-clicking on any word on this page. A dictionary will open for you automatically.
– Remember. You can save the words and their definitions to your dictionary so you can

What’s New In Dictionary Anywhere?

Dictionary Anywhere allows you to access all the entries from your personal dictionary by simply pressing a hotkey. This app allows you to re-dictionary the words that you have been looking for and thus increase your productivity. This Google dictionary is extremely accurate and comes with an excellent browser extension. Try this app today!



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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Java version 1.8 or later
Adobe Flash Player version 20 or later
Modern web browsers
Modern web-based email clients
A computer with 1 GB of RAM or more
A modern Internet connection
An Internet connection
The Adobe Flex SDK

You can purchase the KOR App SDK – which includes the game, the Facebook SDK and the iPhone SDK – on the App Store for $4.99. The app can be played


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