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If you are not as lucky as to have backed up your iOS device, and now all your data is inaccessible, there is still some hope left as there are solutions you could resort to and that might spare you considerable trouble.
One example in this regard is Erelive Data Recovery for iOS, which guarantees that all your contacts, messages, photos, and whatnot can be retrieved in the blink of an eye.
Can restore data from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod
First off, it need be mentioned that the program can salvage data not only if you connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your PC using a USB cable, but also if you extract your files from an iTunes backup.
As such, the first step you need to take is to decide on the method you want to use, then let the application scan your device or backup and prompt you with all the recoverable files. It is important to mention that they include photos, videos, messages, attachments, contacts, call history, notes, and WhatsApp data.
Allows you to preview inaccessible files on your iOS device
All your files are grouped into relevant categories, and an option to preview them is provided so that you only salvage data that is still useful to you.
As for how the recovery process is carried out, it should be pointed out that multiple files can be restored simultaneously, and for that, you only need to check the ones you are interested in.
All in all, Erelive Data Recovery for iOS is a tool you could trust in case your iPhone, iPad, or iPod has been affected by issues that rendered your files inaccessible, with the program being able to preview and restore them quickly and without the need to turn to intricate procedures. The app ran without hiccups during our tests, and its GUI seemed to us pretty user-friendly, so it is worth a shot.


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Crypto Manager Crack + Free

Crypto Manager Description:
Crypto Manager is a powerful encryption application. It enables you to encrypt files or the system with the use of 256-bit AES encryption.
The application supports both full-disk and file-level encryption, and supports both FAT and NTFS file systems. The system-level protection is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
Full-disk encryption
Crypto Manager allows you to encrypt all the files that are present on the system (the files contained in C: drive are not affected), with the use of a 256-bit AES algorithm. In case you wish to only encrypt a specific file, you may also decide to set the desired encryption properties. Unfortunately, you will have to enter the same information every time you wish to encrypt a file or the entire system.
File-level encryption
Crypto Manager allows you to choose the files/folder(s) you wish to protect and, using a 256-bit AES algorithm, encrypt them. Just like in the case of the full-disk encryption, the information will be saved only once and you may encrypt files/folders of any size.
Protection of entire system
The system-level protection enables you to encrypt the entire system or a specific directory. For the latter option, you will have to define the directory that will contain the protected files/folders.
Option to delete/unencrypt encrypted files/folders
Crypto Manager provides a view/unview function that allows you to see the encrypted/unencrypted contents of the protected file/folder. The application also enables you to delete and recover the encrypted files/folders. This unique capability allows you to erase the information while retaining the encrypted copies.
The program is easy to use. You can drag and drop the files/folders that you want to protect, and use the corresponding buttons to select the locations to store the encrypted versions of the files/folders. The entries on the left-hand panel indicate the presence of a selected file, while the entries on the main window show the presence of the protected directory.
Randomly generate alphanumeric password
Crypto Manager offers you the option to generate a random password. This is quite useful when you wish to protect sensitive files or folders that contain personal data.
Choose encryption options
For full-disk encryption, Crypto Manager enables you to choose the encryption mode and the method of file/folder encryption. The algorithm that you choose is up to your discretion.

Crypto Manager With Registration Code Free Download (April-2022)

Crypto Manager is a handy and lightweight application that was designed to assist you in managing and securing the RSA keys and passwords stored on your computer, regardless of their order.
Extensive and intuitive help feature
The program presents you with a fairly simple interface, where you can access the functions you need by means of a set of one-click buttons. All the important elements are grouped together and are displayed in a stylish tab bar.
An intuitive help system helps to guide you through the interface and make your life easier when dealing with the app’s most common tasks. To access the help section, simply click on the drop down menus that lead to the ‘About’, ‘Open Folder’ and ‘Settings’ tabs. Alternatively, you can also access the Help documentation from the application’s main menu.
Protection for your RSA keys
In addition to the help system, Crypto Manager can offer you the possibility of setting a password to protect the keys and passwords that you select. By doing this, you can prevent others from gaining access to them, in turn making it harder for them to utilize your account, in order to obtain any unauthorized services.
Crypto Manager is a useful tool that can help you to have control over your RSA keys and password files.
Edit & protect your RSA keys and passwords
The most basic feature of the application is its ability to edit your RSA keys and passwords that are stored on your computer. You can sort the keys and passwords by file name, date, protection status and access level, while you can also protect and unprotect them according to your needs.
Storing the keys and passwords
Crypto Manager makes it possible for you to save your files in the default folder, as well as to edit or create your keys and passwords and encrypt them in one of the five most common formats, i.e. PEM, JKS, PKCS#8, PBKDF2 and PKCS#12.
You can also set the default format in the application’s settings, to perform the operations quicker and to unprotect your files with just a click of a button.
Automate the encryption process
Once the file you want to protect is selected, Crypto Manager can automatically convert it to the PEM, JKS, PBKDF2 or PKCS#12 formats. The utility also makes it possible for you to protect all of your files at once, to perform one of the most common tasks or procedures.

Crypto Manager Crack PC/Windows

Crypto Manager is a software utility for Windows that enables users to protect their PC by providing a strong password in order to guard their sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized entities. It is required in certain business-oriented situations and it may be used by individuals in order to ensure that their PC and financial records are not viewed by strangers.
To start with, users need to specify the kind of encryption method that is to be implemented, which includes the RSA encryption algorithm, strong RSA encryption, RSA/ECB encryption and strong RSA/ECB encryption. Apart from that, they need to enter a password to enter the overall configuration, which includes the various settings, the key file, the path for storing the PIN and the size of the memory for temporary key generation.
Additionally, there is an option to enable the boot time PIN Protection, which essentially involves a ten-digit PIN that is required to be entered into the boot manager before Windows will start. Furthermore, the program allows users to create a scheduled task to start the application at a specific time as well as configure the PIN, use the key file, and enable AES 2048 encryption along with a 5-digit password that is entered when the scheduled task runs in order to protect the AES key.
Just like any other security solution, users have the option to enable the automatic login when Windows starts. A key file is also used to protect the system configuration. It is created by the application whenever users create an account with it.
The application is not limited to only protecting the Windows operating system and it can also be used to secure file or folder access. The utility makes it possible for users to set a file to be accessed by external entities after encryption is complete.
In order to configure Crypto Manager, users have the option to specify the encryption level, the amount of RAM that is needed, the file that is to be encrypted, the location where the file is to be stored, the name and location of the key file, and the size of the memory for temporary key generation. They can also specify the encryption and decryption algorithms.
Licensee can also wipe data
The application allows users to wipe the data from the disk. Once the program is finished, users can safely uninstall Crypto Manager to free up disk space.
Crypto Manager is a software utility for Windows that enables users to protect their PC by providing a strong password in order to guard their sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized entities.
Integrated encryption algorithms
The application allows users to specify the type of data that

What’s New In Crypto Manager?

Crypto Manager is an intuitive application that makes it easy to keep a safe and secured environment for files, documents, and emails.
In addition, the application acts as a central point for all your sensitive information, as it allows you to store various passwords in one encrypted location.
Whether it is your credit card number, personal email, or logins for other websites, you can keep them all safe from prying eyes by using this encrypted personal vault.
In order to keep things organized, it comes equipped with various file folders, which can be accessed from any folder location.
Such a setup ensures that you have an unlimited number of folders, and you can move them around quickly and easily. Each encrypted folder is also configured with a dedicated item, which enables you to keep a tab on your specific files without having to remember all the folders’ names.
Additionally, the application allows you to encrypt and encrypt folders, as well as folders within folders.
A unique password generator tool is also provided, which enables you to quickly generate strong and random passwords, something that is not possible with any other password manager, unless it is on its freeware edition.
Furthermore, the program can work with Office, PDF, html, and OpenOffice formats, as it supports them all as well as over 150 different file types.

Crypto Manager Portable (Freeware) has a built-in computer password generator and a user-friendly interface. This is a good program that can be of benefit for a single user who is looking for a quick way to generate strong passwords and maintain them in a safe place.
Crypto Manager Software (Freeware) has a built-in computer password generator and a user-friendly interface. This is a good program that can be of benefit for a single user who is looking for a quick way to generate strong passwords and maintain them in a safe place.

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System Requirements For Crypto Manager:

Supported OS:
Windows 10 x64
Windows 7 x64
Windows 8 x64
Windows XP SP2 or later
Minimum requirements:
OS: Windows Vista x64 or later
Processor: 2 GHz dual-core or faster
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible graphics with hardware acceleration
Fixed a crash that could occur when there are objects spawned on the edges of the world.
Revised halo values to fix flickering.
Updated missing version

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