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SVM Classifier is a handy, easy to use tool designed to offer an interface for comprehensive support vector machine classification of microarray data.
The GUI provides user-friendly access to state-of-the-art SVM methods embodied in the LIBSVM implementation of SVM. It allows SVM users to perform SVM training, classification and prediction.







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SVMClassifier allows to load microarray data, perform SVM training and SVM prediction.
It provides command line interface for SVM training and classification.
It allows to train SVM using short, medium and large training files.
It can perform SVM classification of multiple test genes by multiple patterns of classifier training and different thresholds.
For training with short files, it provides fast interface for a large number of patterns and large number of training genes by means of Java applet interface.
For classification of medium-size training files, it provides SVMClassifier2 with Java applet-based interface.
For classification of larger training files, it provides a web-interface to perform classification of large data sets using Java applet interface.
– Description of its main features –
SVMClassifier1 is a GUI application for SVM training, classification and prediction, which provides Java interface for interaction with the training and test data.
SVMClassifier2 is a java application for the training and classification of SVM.
The application comprises a user interface (SVMClassifier2) and a classifier engine (SVMClassifier2) for fast calculation of the desired results.
Training and prediction
Training of SVM is performed either on medium size of training files or on small training files with large numbers of training genes.
SVM training is performed on an arbitrary number of files, either using Java applet interface or command line interface.
By selecting any training file, the application generates a new SVM classifier for a new gene pattern.
After saving the new classifier, the training is performed on the same file, by calling SVMClassifier1.
The application allows to download a new SVM, perform training on medium-sized files, and to test the trained classifier.
Prediction is performed on training and testing files.
SVM prediction is performed either on medium size of test files or on small test files with large numbers of training genes.
Testing the trained classifier, the application first checks, whether the previously calculated SVM is already available.
If not, it downloads the classifier from the web.
The application then provides different output modes, depending on the size of test file and the size of its training genes.
In this case, SVMPrediction returns the selected test and training genes and the corresponding class predictions.
In the case where the test file is not pre-prepared for analysis,

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SVM Classifier 2022 Crack is a Windows program that uses user-friendly interfaces to automatically perform a SVM classification. The program allows users to train, classify and predict microarray data using the LIBSVM implementation of the SVM. The SVM Classifier is written in C++ with Qt 4.
Features and Functionality:

SVM Classifier is a user-friendly interface to provide easy access to the variety of SVM tools, which include simple, medium and advanced options.
SVM Classifier provides numerous parameters to refine the solution in the classification process.
SVM Classifier presents the user with a variety of available algorithms that allow the user to predict and classify the samples according to their mRNA expression pattern.
SVM Classifier provides easy to use SVM GUI that allows users to easily train, classify and predict microarray data and produce customized reports for SVM algorithms
For an unbiased view on SVM Classifier features and functionality, you can find a demo at
SVM Classifier features

SVM Classifier provides easy to use graphical interfaces that are user friendly and allow the user to train, classify and predict microarray data using the state of the art implementation of SVM classification.
SVM Classifier provides the user with a wide range of available algorithms that can be used to classify microarray samples. The program allows users to select/filter samples by particular parameters and to efficiently predict the classes of microarray samples.

Provides the classifier algorithms suitable for multiclass classification to be applied on gene expression data. The implementation of the algorithms are robust, and can handle the problems encountered by gene expression analysis.


Report for SVM Classifier

SVM Classifier has many options and a free demo can help you to understand the functionality of this software. The demo can be download here.


SVM Classifier is designed using cutting edge technology (The SVM Classifier can efficiently perform SVM training, classification and prediction).

SVM Classifier comes with documentation and many useful functions/options that can help you with analysis of your data.

Over a billion distinct machine learning applications (support vector machines) and applications to support different modeling requirements in many real-world problems in computer science and statistics.

Categories of Support Vector Machines
Support vector machines consist of the following categories.
۱) Simple Support Vector Machines (SVMs):

SVM Classifier Crack Download

Use the main menu on the top to specify the type of SVM model you want to run.

Use the top right drop-down to select either the KNN Classifier or the Linear SVM method.

The top left drop-down allows you to classify a training set.

If you want to predict the class of an input sample, select the classify from the input panel and leave the classifier field blank.

Use the bottom left and right drop-down boxes to specify the design matrix you want to use and the labels for the matrix, respectively.

The input panel allows you to select the input variables you want to use for classification.

Use the Classification panel to specify the SVM hyper-parameters you want to use for the classification.

Use the Options panel to select the SVM method and classifier to be used.

Use the Help panel to refer to the online help.

Package keys:

JUnit report for Linear Support Vector Machine Classifier.


svcinst(options, data)


Use the command svcinst(options, data) to install the library of support vector machines on your computer. You can call this command with different options to specify a specific subset of methods you want to use.

Related R-Uses:

Related Bioconductor Packages:

R-User’s Note:

The library is required by the ‘svm’ package. It is packaged separately because more than one classifier can be tried.

Note: This package is currently only supported for SVM Classification on microarray data.A pilot study of the role of surgical anatomy in the development of surgical technology.
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What’s New In?

SVM Classifier is a handy, easy to use tool designed to offer an interface for comprehensive support vector machine classification of microarray data.
The GUI provides user-friendly access to state-of-the-art SVM methods embodied in the LIBSVM implementation of SVM. It allows SVM users to perform SVM training, classification and prediction.

SVM Classifier’s features include:
* simple configuration;
* user friendly interface;
* a classification pipeline allowing SVM classifier to be incorporated into other pipelines;
* options for multiple labeling methods (dye swaps), and adjustment of penalty parameter C of linear SVM;
* multiple learning methods such as linear, polynomial, radial basis function (RBF), sigmoid, and quadratic.

SVM Classifier has been tested on Linux (RHEL/CentOS) and Red Hat Linux platforms. Please submit your bug reports/comments to


Download and Installation

> python 2.6 or higher


To install the SVM Classifier as a system application that uses the pkgconfig
package description framework for user configuration, simply issue the
following commands in a Linux shell. If you prefer to build it from source,
see the instructions below.

* “yum install python-devel“
* “yum install libstdc++-devel“
* “yum install gcc-c++“


“brew install python“
“brew install swig“

To install the SVM Classifier as a homebrew, simply issue the following commands
on a Mac.

* “swig -c++ -python`
* “python install“


To install the SVM Classifier as a platform-specific application, first follow
the installation instructions for python, Swig, and GCC/G++ on and

Then install it:
* On Linux, if using the “pyswig“

System Requirements:

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