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Performing research with the help of the Internet surely requires a small text editor at hand, so you can write down info of interest. In case you find Notepad, or WordPad to bulky, maybe slim editors like Scribble's – Notepad suit you better, taking up little desktop space, and providing a neat organizer for all your notes.
Can be used on the go
Portability is a major advantage here for several reasons. On the one hand, it allow you to work on your project and manipulate notes on other computers directly from a thumb drive, without modifying registries. On the other hand, it automatically saves notes under the RTF file format in the source folder, so you can take notes with you as well.
The main window opens up in a custom size specification, which makes it fit well in every environment. Don’t worry, because you’re free to change the size by simply dragging the borders around. There’s also a button to lock the main window in position, so you don’t accidentally move it.
Customization options, and note viewer
In addition, there are several preset themes you can choose from, to further personalize the experience. Moreover, text can be customized as well, but only as far as color, and font size are concerned.
All notes can be viewed, and accessed from a list. The sidebar lets you visit this location, where you can also rename, or remove notes. Creating a new one is done at the press of a button, with an additional title requirement.
Quick edit options allow you to insert a timestamp, paste from, and copy to clipboard. Notes can be manually saved as RTF files, but the application automatically does so when creating a new one.
A few last words
To sum it up, Scribble's – Notepad is a practical little text editor which perfectly fits in every environment, letting you write down bits of info quickly. Notes are automatically saved so you don’t have to, with a quick access list at hand, while portability poses as a major advantage.


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