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ManagePLUS displays its copy of your QuickBooks accounts, classes, and transactions in tabbed windows that have extra columns, where you can complete information to associate with specific accounts and classes. It expands the management information you can get from the QuickBooks records you already keep, giving you useful management reports with only a little extra effort.
ManagePLUS is beneficial in a wide range of businesses types: manufacturing, farming and ranching, medical offices, professional services businesses, trucking/transportation/delivery, and others–any business which uses the Classes feature of QuickBooks.
The most important extra information you can add is something we call management quantities–physical quantities you want to use as a basis for per-unit information on reports.
If you want to see each income and expense total on a per pallet of product basis, or per bushel of soybeans produced, or per labor hour, or per tenant month (in an apartment complex), then you’ll enter the total number of pallets, or bushels of soybeans, or labor hours, or tenant months, and ManagePLUS will give you per-unit information on reports.







ManagePLUS For QuickBooks 26.4.6946 Crack+

Management Quantities information is useful in a wide variety of business situations, including manufacturing, farming, and ranching. The benefit is that you can add the product pallet, or bushel, or labor hour, or tenant month, from the QuickBooks Class list to report information. Then, you can use that per unit information to generate reports, compare to your historical data, or draw conclusions about your business activity.
QuickBooks setup and configuration:
There are two parts to the setup:
۱) Transfer the setting configuration file to ManagePLUS. The configuration file should automatically be created and saved to the QuickBooks file you’re using in ManagePLUS. The first time you open ManagePLUS, you’ll get an option to re-create that configuration file from the QuickBooks file.
۲) Configure ManagePLUS–from the Home tab of ManagePLUS, to see all the tabs, select Setup, then select ManagePLUS configuration.
Below the tabs, you’ll see a list of settings. Please note that these settings apply to the default configuration, which is the tab you selected. To configure those tab settings for a specific user, open ManagePLUS, select Setup, select ManagePLUS configuration, and select a tab for each individual user.
Since ManagePLUS runs in the QuickBooks program, it cannot make changes to certain fields within the QuickBooks window. To keep ManagePLUS from trying to make changes, you may need to place the ManagePLUS window directly over the QuickBooks window.
Use the ManagePLUS configuration file at the end of this tutorial to make any additional changes.
The following tab icons are available:
۱) Home: This is the default tab.
۲) Setup: This tab is a list of ManagePLUS configuration files and settings.
۳) Classes: Lets you add a class entry that is available to ManagePLUS.
۴) Payables: Lets you open the Payables window in ManagePLUS.
۵) Accounts Payable: Lets you open the Accounts Payable window in ManagePLUS.
۶) Purchases: Lets you open the Purchases window in ManagePLUS.
۷) Customers: Lets you open the Customers window in ManagePLUS.
۸) Sales: Lets you open the Sales window in ManagePLUS.
۹) Accounts Receivable: Lets you open the Accounts Receivable window

ManagePLUS For QuickBooks 26.4.6946 Activation Code With Keygen

۱٫ QuickBooks manages Accounts, Classes, and Transactions. ManagePLUS adds physical quantities.
۲٫ ManagePLUS lets you create columns for date, quantity, and prices with the data entry forms.
۳٫ ManagePLUS uses the Accounts, Classes, and Transactions data for reports, adding columns and other information.
۴٫ ManagePLUS also allows copying of Accounts, Classes, and Transactions data to a spreadsheet.
۵٫ ManagePLUS lets you choose your own file formats.

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ManagePLUS For QuickBooks 26.4.6946

QuickBooks has a helpful tool called ManagePLUS to help you stay organized on your QuickBooks data.
With ManagePLUS, you can access the information you need in your QuickBooks accounts and classes in a way that suits your business.
ManagePLUS lets you work directly with the numbers you want, rather than the basics that you have. With ManagePLUS, you can do more than just see the total for accounts and class in the Manage class.
ManagePLUS comes with lots of simple reports and charts to help you use that data in useful ways.
You can get a custom report to let you know just what you want to know.
You can save your reports so you can use them whenever you need them.
Let ManagePLUS make the numbers you want to work with more like what you already have in your QuickBooks database.
ManagePLUS lets you use your QuickBooks database for more than just getting information for the basics.
Download the manual.
ManagePLUS for QuickBooks by Nabisco, Inc.
Last updated June 26, 2015.

How to sign up for this product: The product is currently in trial mode. To join the trial, click “Join Trial” and then follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any problems with your trial, please contact our customer service team (or post in our Contact Us page). Once you are a member of the trial, you can access a new version of the product and the ManagePLUS Toolbox.

What’s New in 6.0.2

– Important fix for Einpress ERP integration.


– Oracle and Windows XP: Fixed update for the “ManagePLUS” user by select small auto as the default time zone.

Known issues:

– In May, we found an issue where the update to the user resource would not be loaded to QuickBooks. We resolved this issue by adding a new resource to track the update status of the ManagePLUS Toolbox. This new status is not indicative of the ManagePLUS Toolbox release version. Rather, the ManagePLUS Toolbox version is affected by the ManagePLUS Toolbox update level. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

New features

ManagePLUS 4 is now available for Windows

ManagePLUS 4 is available for both our Windows and

What’s New in the ManagePLUS For QuickBooks?

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks is designed to let you enter the physical quantities you want to use as a basis to calculate the number of units of your products, services, labor, and expenses by copying a class or account.
You can create as many rows and columns of extra info as you need to create and maintain proper reports, such as:
* Per-unit or per-contract revenue by product or service
* Per-unit or per-unit income by product or service
* Per-unit or per-unit expenses by product or service
* Per-unit or per-unit payroll by product or service
ManagePLUS for QuickBooks saves you time, effort, and money by letting you do the reports and reports analysis tasks yourself instead of having to ask your accountant or bookkeeper to do them. ManagePLUS for QuickBooks gives you ready-made reports from the basic data you keep in your QuickBooks records, and lets you analyze that data for per-unit or per-contract, per-unit or per-contract, and per-unit or per-contract bases.
Reports include:
* Per-unit or per-contract income
* Per-unit or per-unit expenses
* Per-unit or per-unit expenses by product or service
* Per-unit or per-unit expenses by customer or vendor
* Per-unit or per-unit payroll by customer or vendor
You can even add detail to the base units you enter for the reports, such as:
* Per-unit or per-contract profit or loss by product, by customer, or by vendor
* Per-unit or per-unit income or expenses by product or by customer
* Per-unit or per-unit income or expenses by vendor or by vendor product
* Per-unit or per-unit payroll by customer, by vendor, by vendor product, or by vendor service
* Per-unit or per-unit payroll by product, by customer, by vendor, or by vendor product
Reports can be grouped by customer, vendor, product or service, or any combination you choose, by invoice, batch, or date. There are hundreds of reports for you to use, and many customized reports. You can view a list of all reports for your company on a “Default Reports” page.
ManagePLUS for QuickBooks is a simple, easy-to-use, one-time installation and configuration program that allows you to manage and analyze your QuickBooks records

System Requirements For ManagePLUS For QuickBooks:

OS: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, 64-bit
Processor: Dual Core 2GHz
Memory: 2GB
Graphics: DirectX 11
Hard Drive: 30GB
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
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