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Star FTP Server is a simple FTP server that comes with a user-friendly interface and basic configuration options.
Although FTP servers are often advanced software solutions aimed at experienced users, only minor computer knowledge is needed to figure out the purpose of each tool bundled into Star FTP Server.
The plain and simple GUI is the one that takes care of everything, allowing users to quickly select the files they wish to share, while a simple “password” option enables them to password-protect the files.
You can’t configure user accounts and assign different privileges to each of them, but instead you can enable or disable disk writing and ban clients.
Star FTP Server provides a ban list to add or remove new IPs, as well as basic log files to track server activity.
The server settings screen is minimal and comes with options concerning the port and the maximum number of clients, proxy and passive mode.
Star FTP Server doesn’t hamper system performance at all and it’s quite a surprise that it works so good on Windows 7 too, without even requiring administrator privileges.
As a conclusion, this is the kind of software that can be very well used by all rookies out there who are willing to share files via the FTP protocol with minimum fuss.
You don’t have to spend too much time setting up the program and it offers you only the essential tools in this regard. Experienced users on the other hand have no other option than to look elsewhere.







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This program is not maintained by the open source community.


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Star FTP Server is a free high-performance FTP server that is easy to use, yet powerful and equipped with all the necessary features to manage a file server from an outside PC or NAS device.
Key features of Star FTP Server:
* Store and retrieve files from a storage device (internal or external), or network
* Transfer to and from individual and shared folders
* Create and manage a user account with assigned rights
* Disable disk writing in protected folders or use a password for each share
* Ban IPs from log files
* Restrict the number of clients connected to the server
* Track IPs that are banned by IP-based or IP-range-based bans
* Logs all activities on the server into a log file
* Configure access to the server from a proxy server
* Configure access to the server in passive mode
* Enable two way authentication for a client and a user account
* Enable or disable process serving from a local computer
* Apply a different Access Control List to a share
* Share only the folders you want to

Alluring Download Manager – an easy-to-use application that enables users to organize download.
The program can be divided into categories.
Transfers of the files into the main folder of the operating system are being tracked and stored in a log file.
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This function will be useful if a scheduled transfer is not completed right after the start.
When a file is not in the queue, it is blocked with a password.
A contact form is a convenient way of providing download-related information.
Another feature is a cache – if the files are already stored in the file system, you can use the previously downloaded.
As a general rule, the more, the better.
In addition to the manual approach to scheduling, the program includes functionality for automatic download.
The application features additional options for customization.
Additional features:
* The tabbed interface
* Notification for the completion of a process
* Multiple configuration options
* User settings can be saved and restored
The files are passed to a file list view, which is generated from the queue.
The program interface is clear and the interface is for the user to navigate around.
For the installation of programs, it is the top application among other software.
It is offered for Windows and is compatible with Windows 7 and 8.
I use Windows

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FTP, short for File Transfer Protocol, is a protocol that allows users to send and receive files via the Internet. It’s one of the most simple and widely-used protocols available at the moment and it’s one of the most efficient ways of connecting computers and transferring files.
Star FTP Server offers a unique design that’s in line with the ease of use philosophy of most software. Its powerful engine will allow users to handle multiple files at once with a single click of the mouse.
The application is very well-designed and it’s actually quite easy to make a few adjustments to the server settings if you want. The interface is very straightforward and all the settings, including the proxy configuration, are contained in a single window.
You don’t even need to have a wizard to come up with a selection of IP addresses or even a reverse proxy. Instead, the GUI sets up your IPs, ports and user accounts for you.
Before you even think of connecting the FTP service to a server, you can protect the files you wish to share and password them for maximum security.
The ability to ban IPs at any time is also an option, as is the ability to track your files via log files. These are absolutely essential if you’re running a service that allows downloads to be done within a given period of time, and if you want to know if the connection was interrupted.
The program offers support for editing the server settings at any time, which is also

What’s New in the Star FTP Server?

Star FTP Server is a high-performance, multi-threaded file and print server with FTP client included.
It supports both passive and active modes for FTP, HTTPD and HTTP protocols.
You can seamlessly switch between different bandwidth channels and speed settings to serve multiple clients.
You can choose different log rotation options depending on how you’re going to monitor the server.
Star FTP Server has been carefully designed to keep system performance at a minimum.
It has no outside dependencies to install and runs without any problems on XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Star FTP Server Features:

High performance


High level of system performance

Very low load system requirements

Detailed documentation with command line support

OpenSFTPServer Windows Server application, FTP Server Toolkit, All In One, Web Server, FTP Service, High Availability, Linux Server, or HTTP and FTP Server. StarFTP Windows Client, StarFTP FTP Server or StarFTP FTP Server For Linux are all developed by Star Ftp Server Inc. StarFtp® client is the most powerful, flexible and reliable FTP program available. So you have all the features you have come to expect in a multi-user FTP client with enhanced security and speed. StarFTP is a fast, reliable and secure FTP client that also makes it possible to connect to HTTP, ProFTPD, MariaDB, SQLite and PostgreSQL databases, and many others. StarFTP Client for Windows supports multiple users, groups and hierarchies, FTP connections via WWW, SFTP, FTP, and HTTP servers, as well as a wide range of common FTP commands. StarFTP Client for Windows Server is a multi-user FTP software server application that provides support for server connection limits and user account attributes to set maximum connection/login times and download limits. Security options include the ability to password protect directories, as well as to specify specific SSL or TLS encryption protocols.

This is the software that you need if you want to run a web server and provide web service to your clients. In order to do this, a web server software is needed. StarFtp Web Server is the perfect solution for this purpose. This software is based on the StarFTP Client, it has a web interface that makes it possible to easily serve web pages and files. You can use it as a stand-alone web server or to serve FTP clients. You can customize the web

System Requirements For Star FTP Server:

OS: Windows 7
Windows 7 CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E7400 2.67 GHz or faster
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E7400 2.67 GHz or faster Memory: 2 GB RAM
۲ GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS or ATI Radeon HD 4850 or better
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS or ATI Radeon HD 4850 or better DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Hard Drive: 8 GB free space
۸ GB free space Sound: DirectX compatible audio device
Internet: Broadband Internet

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