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Going online exposes your system to various malicious software that can cause a considerable amount of damage. Having an antivirus installed does not offer full protection, especially if you do not want to be tracked. Luckily, with the help of applications such as Tor Browser you can safely access your favorite pages without the risk of triggering attacks and protecting your identity.
Go online in a safe environment
The application's main attempt is to put a web browser at your disposal with the help of which you can both enjoy a friendly interface and keep your system safe. All available features come in the form of a custom-made version of Mozilla Firefox, which is not necessarily bad because it lets you quickly accommodate.
A built-in addon for enhanced security
One of the key features in keeping your data safe the integrated HTTPS Everywhere addon, which basically encrypts communication between your computer and various web pages you access. This can easily be configured to allow or restrict access to specific content.
Carefully configure your connection type
Before being able to fully enjoy a safe browsing experience, the application requires you to select connection type. You can opt for a standard connection, which works in most cases, or configure settings in if you computer uses a proxy or goes through a firewall in order to reach the information superhighway.
Most available options are similar to the one you find in Firefox, with a few additions. The Torbutton puts several settings at your disposal, such as the possibility to fully configure connection settings, handle cookie protection, or even choose a new identity for enhanced security.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Tor Browser comes equipped with all necessary tools you need in order to stay safe while online. It can be used by beginners and experts alike, due to the various advanced settings that are not mandatory in order for the application to properly offer its services.


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Tor Browser is a browser that uses the Onion Router protocol to create a virtual circuit through the Tor network, which is a network of networks that encrypts all information exchanged between its users. This ensures that a website you visit can only see your IP address, which is used to deliver the information to the intended receiver.
Tor is most commonly used for purposes such as to access information on the Darknet, where those who use it can safely communicate with others who are using the same network. You can, however, use it to browse websites as well.
Tor Browser Review:
The Tor Browser offers a number of features to ensure a safe browsing experience. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and is updated regularly in order to ensure the highest performance and protection available. You can also use it as a standalone application from the Tor project, without having to be signed up with it.
Using Tor Browser, you can easily use the onion network, which is a virtual network designed to hide the identity of the person using the internet by making it seem as if the user is connected to a server located in a different location or country. The Tor Browser is available as a standalone program from the Tor Project, and offers the following advantages:
Easy to Use – The Tor Browser has a friendly interface that consists of a few settings. To get to the settings, simply select the menu option.
Secure – The Onion Routing protocol keeps your data safe, even when you access sites outside of the Tor network.
Open Source – The source code is available on the Tor Project website, which means that the development team of the application can directly improve and update the program as needed.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Is Tor Browser safe?
Tor Browser is a safe browser, as the safety of its users depends on the safety of the Network it uses. It is absolutely safe and does not send or receive any sensitive information when you browse on it.
How does Tor Browser work?
When you access a website through Tor Browser, a copy of the information you request is sent to an onion router through a network of servers and relays.
When you access a site through Tor Browser, the information you request is redirected through the onion network, and the servers on this network forward the request to different websites on the internet. This takes place because a redirector server converts all the references to an onion address and changes the URL.
When you access a website through Tor Browser, the information you request is sent through a network of servers and

Tor Browser Free Download

Download and setup Tor Browser:

The Best Way to Browse the Internet Anonymously – Anonymous Browser

Online anonymity is important for all of us when we need to speak freely and safely. Whether we are anonymous surfers, online gamers or we are doing some online work, we can bet we would like to stay anonymous, wouldn’t we? Keeping your identity a secret or hiding what you do is vitally important for online activities. While you can browse the Internet by visiting certain sites with your regular web browser, you will be tracked by other people. For example, Internet providers know that you’re visiting some pages, so they can track your activities and even provide information about you to the government.
You have many options to browse the Internet anonymously, but there is one that is probably the most effective way to do so-the Tor Browser. Tor is a browser designed to help protect your privacy. It was created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to facilitate a better connection between your computer and the rest of the Internet when you are using it. Tor Browser is not just a browser, it is a total privacy protection tool. It is a combination of a browser and a network connection manager.
Tor Browser is a free and open-source tool designed to protect your anonymity on the Internet by turning you into a distributed network node by giving you a virtual private network (VPN). Using Tor Browser, you can safely browse the Internet and protect your privacy.
Tor Browser lets you browse the Internet as someone else-or anyone else. For example, you can visit a site anonymously from a public library or a cybercafé. At the same time, you are unable to be tracked when you are visiting pages on the Internet. Imagine that you visit a bank account on a banking website and no one knows that you are there. You can even use Tor in areas where Internet access is limited. That is what makes Tor Browser an important tool for Internet users. Besides making surfing the Internet safe and anonymous, Tor Browser has other features to enhance your privacy. For example, you can use the online proxy feature to change your IP address, thus making it hard for third-party corporations to track your activities.
Download Tor Browser
You can download Tor Browser right now from its website: Tor Browser is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Before downloading, you have to read its FAQ first:
How to use Tor Browser:
۱٫ Start Tor Browser

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It is extremely important to be clear about what you are sharing. This can be done by using special tools and applications. Fortunately, such solutions are not just available for Google, but also for Microsoft and Apple. Mobile Financial WebSecurity is among the most popular privacy solutions, which has been developed to offer essential protection of your personal financial data in exchange for smooth and secure usage of any device and/or browser.
Mobile Financial WebSecurity’s key feature is to make your browser clean from trackers and intermediaries, hiding your activity from the spooks and merchants. So, you won’t need to keep an eye on what you are sharing, especially on social networks and other similar platforms.
Easy to use and use
Once you have accepted the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, the application will be ready to work with any browser. It is easy to use and requires nothing more than a click, which will launch the settings screen. Mobile Financial WebSecurity does not require you to enter any credentials and all of your info is secured with the help of a 256-bit encryption.
The service is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, which makes the service available to people all over the world. The application can be downloaded from the official website.
The Application’s Features:
• One-click – iOS and Android
• Easy to use
• No downloads
• Local device data – online
• No registration required
• Safe
• In-browser protection of all websites


By G.A. 24-Nov-2015 04:58:39

When using Firefox for the first time the following video was shown during install. This can be skipped of course. WARNING! If you install the application in the “Allowed” folder then no usage reports will be shown.

By Timiinoo 24-Oct-2015 01:56:13

I tested the Mobile Financial WebSecurity on my personal Android device. It is to be noted that I tested the application and did not change any settings, the application just worked.
I also tested the application in the company’s office where the IT security department is paid to protect the company against malware. The application worked fine in an “Untrusted” environment without any issues.

By Paul 05-Aug-2015 10:55:06

It is one of the best programs I have ever used. And the best part is that it didn’t cost me anything to try it out.

By Hassani

What’s New in the?

Tor Browser is a private internet browser which is capable of accessing the Internet anonymously. It works with the TOR Network. Visit Site

The current version of the application is 18.02.0 and was released today on February 16th, 2019. We have tried it out personally and can confirm that it actually works as described. Tor Browser the original by The Tor Project is described in version 1.8 as “the next-generation onion web browser”.
The web browser is currently at version 1.3.3 and was released on January 30th, 2015. It’s based on version 4.0 of the Tor protocol, which is 3.3 years old. There is a version of Tor Browser from May 2014, which is based on 1.3.1 Tor browser 0.2.12. This version of Tor Browser has an old version of Tails 0.97.3, which is over 3 years old.
Tor Browser version 1.3.3 is technically outdated. Many sites that were still working when the application was released don’t work anymore and we found websites that doesn’t load anymore or takes ages to load.
Tor Browser 0.2.12 was released on October 2, 2012 and was the first beta version. Although the Tor Browser is not really updated anymore, it still functions as described in the 1.3.3 version which makes it perfectly usable, even though is much older. For more information check our review for version 1.3.3.
Maybe the developers plan to update the current version to version 3.3 in the future and make it fully compatible with Tails 3.13?
Tor Browser can be downloaded at the following website. Tor Browser was compiled using the following software:

xCode 10.2 (Build version 10C88)

XQuartz 2.7.6 (Build 2.7.6 – 229)

Application x86_64

Application shared library libxslt.1.dylib






Release Notes – Tor Browser 2.8.0

Tor Browser 2.8.0 is a stable, intermediate release of the browser. Changes in the source since Tor Browser 2.7.0 include:
– Corrected a

System Requirements For Tor Browser:

Mac or PC
Web Browser:
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer 9 or higher
Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher
Microsoft Edge
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