Subtitle And Video Renamer 1.5.0 Crack For PC [2022-Latest]

Subtitle And Video Renamer is a small and portable application that you can use to quickly rename subtitles and videos by using their current names or modifying them into anything else.
Its intuitive set of options shouldn't present any kind of difficulties to users, even the ones less experienced.
Since installation is not a requirement, you can drop the executable file in any place on the hard disk and just click it to run.
There is also the alternative to save Subtitle And Video Renamer to a removable storage unit, in order to run it on any PC seamlessly.
In addition, it does not create new keys in the Windows registry or additional files on the disk without the user's approval, leaving no tracks behind after removing it.
The interface is made from a window split into two panels, where you can add video and subtitle files, respectively.
In order to manually rename file names (just like in Windows Explorer), all you have to do is double-click an entry. Another way is to rename videos by subtitles in single or batch mode, or the other way around (subtitles by videos).
Subtitle And Video Renamer provides options for removing an entry from the list or corresponding file from the disk, opening it, as well as arranging all items into any order.
The app does not put a strain on computer performance, as it uses low CPU and RAM. It renames files instantly and works fine, without causing Windows to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. We have not come across any issues in our tests. Thanks to its intuitive structure and options, Subtitle And Video Renamer can be used by anyone.







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Subtitle And Video Renamer Activation Download

With Subtitle And Video Renamer, we have presented the next generation app that helps renaming subtitle and video files of any format. We have tried to make this tool as easy as possible, as well as as simple as it can be. It may seem that there are lots of plugins for conversion, but most of them apply to the old formats. This one works with a modern set of codecs and subtitles, giving you support for all the new formats, as well as movies and TV shows.
You can convert videos to any format you want, like AVI, MPG, WMV and MP4, and transfer to all the most famous players without any problems.
You can use it to easily rename your files, add subtitles and playlists, or change audio properties. We have tried to make Subtitle And Video Renamer easy-to-use by offering a great set of options for it.
You can manually rename video files and files based on subtitles, or vice versa. If you go to a particular title, then the same name is available for all the required or desired subtitles that belong to the movie.
The app is available in English, French, Dutch and Russian language. It is easy to install, its interface is user-friendly, and it provides a powerful renaming tool, making it the winner among the available free video and audio editor.
Subtitle And Video Renamer Key Features:
* Easy-to-use interface
* Rename files with ease
* Converts subtitles from one format to another
* Convert video to any format
* Playlists
* Multiple formats
* Play audio files
* Edit audio properties
* Supports subtitle, video and audio files
* No registration needed
* Free of charge
* Supports all popular media files
* Transcoding available
* Support for subtitles

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Subtitle And Video Renamer With License Key

Splice the Video: Easily mix, crop and add subtitle to your video
Using the built-in editing tools, you can crop, merge, split, and add subtitle to any video to get a personalized subtitle video in seconds.

You can choose from a range of subtitle styles and colors, and adjust the font size. Once the video and subtitle are ready, you can save the clip anywhere on your hard disk. Alternatively, you can add the video clip into any document, and rename the file.

Renaming videos with subtitles: Simply double-click any video clip and start typing the new file name. You can even add a description. The existing names on the video clip will be replaced by the new one. Alternatively, you can click the ‘Change Name’ button to create a new video file name.

Rename multiple files: For example, you can rename all your movie clips like’myclip001.mp4′ to’myclip001.mp4.title-edit-my-clip-001.mp4′. If you have more than one source video clip, you can easily rename them to’mymovie001.mp4′,’mymovie002.mp4′, etc.We don’t need the new tbf network

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What’s New in the Subtitle And Video Renamer?

This small and portable application allows you to quickly rename any subtitle or video with a few clicks and great flexibility.
This small and portable application allows you to quickly rename any subtitle or video with a few clicks and great flexibility.
Its intuitive set of options shouldn’t present any kind of difficulties to users, even the ones less experienced.
Since installation is not a requirement, you can drop the executable file in any place on the hard disk and just click it to run.
Subtitle And Video Renamer has the ability to temporarily keep two files of the same name at the same time (for example, for files you want to rename in the selected order), or you can permanently rename them to any file you prefer.
In addition, you can create a shortcut to a single file or move it to the folder of your choice.
Subtitle And Video Renamer always keeps the original text file, which facilitates the retrieval and transfer of subtitles and videos.
Even with a large selection of video and subtitle files, Subtitle And Video Renamer doesn’t cause Windows to crash, hang or pop up error dialogs.
It doesn’t leave any files or registry keys on the hard disk when it’s removed.

On Windows XP: Simply drag or highlight text files, folders or drives and drop it into the window of Subtitle And Video Renamer.
On Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4: Drag or highlight text files, folders or drives into the window and drop it.
Features and functions:

Convert any video to any subtitle
Convert any subtitle to any video
Manually edit either a subtitle or a video
Drag and drop of files
Manual renaming of files, folders or drives
Saving of the original text file
Easy management of files
Simultaneous dragging and dropping of files
Quick and easy renaming of files
Customized and intuitive interface
Native subtitle and video renaming
Protects subtitle and video files


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