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Peak List Conversion Tool is a small application that will translate peak list or spectral data in to a simple, plain text format that is well-suited for passing via regular expressions in Perl, Python, VBScript, or any other programming language.
Peak List Conversion Tool
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Peak List Conversion Tool License Code & Keygen (April-2022)

Peak List Conversion Tool automatically converts peak list format or spectral data in to a simple, plain text format that is well-suited for passing via regular expressions in Perl, Python, VBScript, or any other programming language.

What do you get?

Peak List and Spectral File Pairs
Spectral Data Export Pairs:

Every export pair consists of a.csv formatted peak list and a corresponding.txt formatted spectrum file.

Pre-Loaded / Customized Peptide Citing Format:

Peak list conversion tool will pre-load or customize the “Peptide Citing Format” lines for a number of proteomics and mass spectrometry related tools like Mascot, X!Tandem, Sequest, and MassLynx.

Peptide Citing Format Supported

Mascot (2.2.0-1605)
X!Tandem (
Sequest (

Peak List Conversion Tool Limitations:

Can’t load CSV Files directly from MS

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Peak List Conversion Tool License Keygen Free

Peak List Conversion Tool can convert your peak list (.txt) into a simple text format (without any peak lists in it at all, just.txt files with useful information that may be used to convert any spectra for you).

It will also convert a peak list into a ZIP archive containing both the peak list and its corresponding spectra.


Peak list conversion tool is written in Java, and uses a Java-based text parsing engine called StAX which is simple, and widely supported.

The simplicity in usage depends on the fact that you don’t really have to pay much attention to how the raw data (either your peak list data or a zip archive containing your peak list data) is encoded. Peak list conversion tool handles everything automatically and by default.


Peak List Conversion Tool

Run the application with the PeakList.jar file.

Then you need to specify the location of the peak list file you want to convert.

If you have a Zip archive containing your peak list data, you need to specify the location of the archive file (which usually contains your peak list data).

Click Convert to convert it to a simple text format. (or Ctrl-C to cancel). You may also choose to convert your peak list data into a zip archive.

Click any one of the submenu items below to see its usage:

Convert to simple text format

Convert to zip archive

Change the encoding settings


Peak List Conversion Tool is currently maintained by the author of this article.

Where to get help:

For any questions, there are many places you can go to ask or consult questions. You may consult a number of mailing lists (most current information is available on that page) or they can also be contacted via the Internet (there is a contact page).

Contributions are always welcome. If you want to contribute to this project, you can do so by sending email to

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Peak List Conversion Tool [32|64bit]

Peak List Conversion Tool is an easy to use utility designed to convert peak lists in to a XML format. The peak list can be retrieved from the following databases: MzData, PubChem, MassBank, SciFinder, Scripps, UProve, Metlin, PubChem CID, NIST, MZML, MFF, MS-Decision, and MetaSearch.
Browse the peak list with the Peak List browser Viewer and select the peaks you would like to save. The resulting peaks will then be saved in XML format.
Peak List Conversion Tool converts following file types:
MZML (Molecular Weight Markup Language)
MassBank MS2
Peak List Xml Generator
A detailed instruction for peak list conversion can be found here:

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What’s New In?

The Peak List Conversion Tool is a free program (shareware) that converts.gwin files (ASCII format) to the plain text format. The plain text format is much easier to work with when reading and writing via regular expressions in Perl, Python, or VBScript.

Nowadays it is just as easy to convert a.csv file to a plain text file or put it into a XML or CSV file as it is to convert a.gwin file to plain text.

Output can be either plain text or.xml and.csv
Usage via Perl and vbscript like any other Perl, Perl CGI, or VBScript programs
Straightforward configuration with one setting at a time.
Easy to use via command line interface.
Takes a peak list file and converts it to a plain text file which can be simply opened in an editor such as Notepad or Notepad++
Useful for people who don’t have a knowledge of programing or who are not familiar with the ASCII code, but need to take a peak list and either export it to plain text, or save it in their favorite format.
The sample files included in the ZIP archive are *.gwin files. You don’t need to enter any sample files.
There are 32 different programs included in the ZIP archive.

Press Release

Peak List Conversion Tool 1.0 Beta
by peaklistconversiontool2

Any feedback you can offer is welcome.


Since.gwin is not a general purpose format, I don’t think it is a good idea to try and create a software which would convert one into another.
You should try reading the file as text and then simply manipulating its content. If the file format is not simple, use a dictionary to find the meaning of the data.


I tried to set it up and send the non ASCII file to you, but the.gwin file looks like this:

I had to translate it by hand – either on an ancient PC with DOS or unix or with a modern OS (mac?)
or I could try my luck on the old PC.
There is a utility called convert that can help you: it is part of the Apache web server:

Then maybe

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core i5
Intel Core i5 Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6450 (or better),
AMD Radeon HD 6450 (or better), RAM: 8GB
۸GB Available Disk Space: 6GB
۶GB Video: 1280×800, 30 fps
۱۲۸۰×۸۰۰, ۳۰ fps Audio: Headphones (stereo)
Headphones (stereo) Blu-ray Disc: BD-R or BD-RE
BD-R or BD-

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