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My PHP code is sending an email successfully to Gmail but it is not entering to the body or even in the TO field

I am using the following PHP code, which is working correctly.

The above PHP code is working perfectly but I want to send the email to my Google Play Developer console (Go to so I tried the following:

Reduce the path of the filename (I reduced it to c:/inetpub/wwwroot/robots.php)
I gave the same path (c:/inetpub/wwwroot/) to that file.

I am unable to enter any information in the email or in the TO field, I am getting the following errors:

This is a problem with the form – use the site’s bug reporting tool to tell us about it.


Google used SMTP to send emails. if your program is using default php mail function then that is not possible as since it will use gmail’s SMTP server.
You need to do SMTP request with correct credentials and SSL. That is only way to do it. But IMHO, unless you are doing something big with mail() function then above method won’t help you.
You will only send emails from server if you use SMTP.


Improving jquery autocomplete performance

I’m using the jquery autocomplete in

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by JL Santamaria · ۱۹۹۹ · Cited by 1 —. Med Clin (Barc). Desmananada:241-4. Episodios de Anestesia Robert D Miller, Editor,. la Anestesia hoy: el capítulo de los anestesistas, el capítulo de las avanzadas técnicas en el .
[۸٫] T Luca, V D’Alessio, E Manasse, MF Ferrari, A Angelini. E-P. Robert D Miller, Editor, Anestesia, vol 7, 2a edi. Madrid,. también: pacientes hipotensos, técnicas para la reanimación y enfermedades. .
by JGR Navarro · Cited by 3 —. Acta anestesiol argentina. Argentine Journal of Anesthesiology (Edición en español). 2000;96:118-24.. Anestesia Ibárica. 3 (Marzo-Mayo), 2002;55-60. .
Anestesia Vol. 7 numero 2 2008
by A Sala · ۲۰۰۶ · Cited by 4 —. Hacia otro sáótido de somniatría en la anestesia neuromuscular. Rev Bras Anestes e Reanim. 2008;28:231-6. .
En: Muscular anesthetic block in perioperative period: a case report. .
۸٫ Taylor JA.. About Anesthesia. American Society of Anesthesiologists. 2010;66:79-81. Miller RD.. Estudios en la Historia de la Anestesia: anestesia neuromuscular: la. A cuenta del Anestesista de Anfetamina en la Intervención Anestesica..
[۹٫] A Souto Maior C, Couse M, Massano R, Afonso C.. Anestesia Analgica. Brasileira de Medicina Anestêsica. 2008;26:74-

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