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Use this tutorial to learn how to use Photoshop.

Photoshop Basics

To begin, we’ll get through the basics before moving into the deeper application features.

We’ll open Photoshop, create a new file, and add an image of our choosing. Let’s walk through that process step by step.

Open Photoshop

Click on the “open” icon in the applications menu at the top of your screen.

The open screen will allow you to select from a number of the various image applications and file formats that are available to you.

Click on the “Photoshop” icon on the left side of the open screen.

When you’re in Photoshop, click on the “+” sign in the upper-right corner to save any changes you make to the document.

Choose a File Format

We’ll start off by opening a new blank file in Photoshop. We want to use a JPEG file so that it will open fast and work on all types of computers. You can also choose to make the file look better by choosing an EXIF or Photoshop px file to add in image metadata.

Photoshop, like most modern graphics applications, also has a preview window. This window allows you to see your image as it will look when it is finished. The best thing about the preview window is that you can also scroll down to see the layers at any time and select which layer you want to work on in your image.

Click on the “file” icon in the lower-right of the window.

The type of file will change depending on what type of file you are starting with. For example, a JPEG file is likely to be your first choice.

We’ll choose “JPEG,” then select a file from our computer. You can also choose from any of the image formats available to you. Make sure that you select your JPEG file for this next step, as it is the most commonly used file format.

Click on the file that you want to use, and the file’s thumbnail will be displayed.

You will notice that the file opens into Photoshop and the program is immediately ready for you to start working on your image.

Select an Image

We’ll start off with this blank image to work on.

Click on the “file” icon.

The open window will display all of your images, both open and closed. You may want to look

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Below we go through a short guide on how to open, import, edit, export and save images using the Photoshop Elements CC 2018 version.

How to install Photoshop Elements 2018

Please make sure to have your Windows device is connected to a power source or it has enough battery charge. We are also discussing the installation process on Windows 10 devices, so make sure that you have the latest version of Windows 10 installed.

Step 1. Download the Windows/Mac operating system version of Photoshop Elements:

For Windows:

For macOS:

Step 2. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

When the installation process is completed, you can close the installer, and launch Photoshop Elements.

Activating Adobe Photoshop Elements

Go to Photoshop Elements > Options and select the Advanced > Adobe → Photoshop menu, and make sure the Active Adobe Photoshop Elements menu item is selected.

In Adobe Photoshop Elements, click on Help, choose the Adobe Photoshop Elements Support menu and then select Adobe Photoshop Elements Support.

How to open Photoshop Elements 2018

Double-click the Photoshop Elements.exe icon to launch the application.

How to import Photoshop Elements 2018

The image dialog box opens. From the drop-down menu, choose Photoshop Elements → Import → Pictures to import photos into the application.

If you have a photo on your PC, you can use the file explorer to open it or you can navigate to the photo in your desktop through the Desktop menu and select to import the photo.

If you have a picture stored in an online location such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Amazon Drive, you can choose the picture from the highlighted menu and press Enter.

How to edit images in Photoshop Elements 2018

Using the toolbar, you can change the Picture type (such as Pixel, RGB, Grayscale, Color), Zoom the image, Rotate the image and flip the image horizontally.

You can also increase or decrease the brightness and contrast, and apply a photo filter.

Additionally, you can select the Border or No border, as well as Rotate, Distort, Crop, Edges, Effects, Levels and Adjust.

A highlight lightens the selected area, a shadow darkens it, and you can change the colors. You can set foreground and background colors for the selected area using the Select Color menu.

How to export images to the screen or a print

You can export images in

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System Requirements:

Memory: 512MB
Video Memory: 64MB
Video RAM: 1GB
DirectX Video Card:
Quad-Core CPU with SSE3 and SSE2 support and 2+ GHz clock speed
Intel® HD Graphics 4000 or an ATI® or Nvidia® card with 128MB of video memory.
Windows 7 64-bit Operating System
۲٫۵ GB available hard disk space for installation.
Additional Requirements:
You must have a reliable internet connection, either wired or wireless, for software updates.‑quality-logos-designs/

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