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Ruffle has been successfully bootstrapped to WebAssembly and works
perfectly on all major operating systems, web browsers, and even on
mobile devices.
Ruffle’s motto is “Make the Internet Great Again” and has been
codified into the following slogan:
“Ruffle is an open source Flash emulator, designed to preserve Flash content for users on all operating systems and on all web browsers. Its mission is to promote the use of Flash-enabled web content as an alternative to Java, Silverlight, and HTML5-based solutions.”
The project is developed in Rust.

Thanks to a great community of volunteers, many of the initial features of Ruffle have been completed, but before going into more detail, the user must know about Ruffle’s unique cross-platform advantages.
Cross-Platform Support
The first thing the user must understand is that Ruffle supports macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. The combination of all these platforms allow for a user to enjoy all Flash content, even if they own only a Windows-based computer. This type of support is unheard of for Flash and other browser-based solutions.
If a Windows user wants to play a game on their website, they can view flash files on their computer, or visit a local website that offers this content.
Other than that, the only other alternative would be to host the content on a third-party server that offers all the content a person would need. Another solution would be to provide an app solution on a third-party app.
Ruffle does all that for the user. As stated in the project’s description, Ruffle can be used with all major web browsers out there (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Internet Explorer), as well as with most modern mobile operating systems.
Another thing the user must understand is that Ruffle is a fully-open-source project and can only be used if the user is comfortable with what they are doing.
Ruffle’s source code is available for the user to read, change, and create mods. If someone were to create a false Flash implementation, it could lead to vulnerabilities in the code of Ruffle. Although the author of the software is committed to ensuring all users of the software are protected from malicious projects, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the modifications they do in Ruffle does not lead to security vulnerabilities. The user must understand that there is no 100% security

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Ruffle is a free and open-source Flash Player emulator that allows those who can no longer run the official Flash Player to experience this technology while retaining its useful content.
It is still in its initial stage, but has a lot of room to grow and improve. In addition to being a Flash Player emulator, Ruffle is also a direct platform for Flash applications. Users can even create their own Flash Player applications that will run in Ruffle.
The official website:
The GitHub project repository:
The official forums:

Help Us Improve Ruffle ?

DMC is a fast, proprietary, free, full-featured audio & video player.
With its latest release, version 1.2, there are just a few minor bugs left to be fixed, mostly on Windows.
In addition, some other improvements and bug fixes have been made.
If you are in need of a free Flash player, you should definitely give DMC a try and share your opinion with the community on the GitHub tracker.
Use the link below to download DMC on Windows (32-bit and 64-bit).
Download DMC
? Become a contributor.
DMC can be improved by the community. We are accepting Python, C#, PHP, Java, and Rust code, or any other language you can think of.
You can view the submitted pull requests on GitHub.
? If you don’t have any programming skills, you can still contribute by testing the code, offering feedback and reporting issues and regressions, or simply by reporting bugs!
? Sponsor DMC.
Think of it as a way to help further the project and gain recognition for your product.
We can add your company logo to the product, help promote it, and even give you a bonus by bundling it with other similar products.
We don’t require a company to contribute, but if you want to, feel free to contact us. We can work out a deal.
More information:
? Use the official DMC app.
The official application for Android is a safe and secure way to play DMC, and it’s totally free.
The application comes with a function called “Thumbnails” which displays a thumbnail of each frame of the video you are watching.
? Popular Software

What’s New In?

Flash Player is an outdated piece of software, which was originally created in order to deliver Flash content on the web. Recently, however, Adobe has decided to discontinue Flash Player for Mac and Linux users, as well as Mac users who are running the latest version of Chrome, which is not available for download.
Ruffle aims to simulate the original player in its various versions, and is structured in two parts: Ruffle Renderer and Ruffle Module.
The Ruffle Renderer converts Flash content into the Flash Player’s native SDK format, as well as help the Flash Player to continue to work by simulating all the API calls it would normally make, in order to allow the user to view the original content on his or her web browser, just as though the user was using the original Flash Player.
Ruffle Module is a simple and solid Flash Player API emulator that allows developers to create their own API-based content and make it play using Ruffle’s own SDK. The module allows the creation of Flash content that can be used for the entire Flash Player application, as well as any other future versions.

Ruffle Screenshots:

Ruffle Introduction Video:

Project documents:

* contains all about Ruffle, including installation and usage documentation, as well as instructions on how to contribute to the product.
* Release files: containing all the release notes for each of the product’s versions, as well as Git commit logs.
* About files: contains any information or documentation that does not pertain to the user.

Ruffle History:

We’ve had our first official release! Check out the user guide and the release notes to find out what we’ve been up to lately.
If you’re interested in the development of the project, check out our changelog!
Version 1.0.0:

Is live on


Step 1: Have flash installed

Before ruffle can be installed, you will need to have the Adobe Flash Player already installed on your computer. Here are the different versions of the Flash Player that ruffle supports, and the operating systems where they support:


System Requirements:

A TALOS-Lite (Terrestrial Autonomous Laser Operating System) simulation script for use on TerraServer-Lite;
Python 2.6 or later;
An X-Plane 11 or later (English) license is required to use TerraServer-Lite on X-Plane 11 and later, and;
Python 2.6 or later (Python 2.7 is recommended)
Dependencies may be installed and TerraServer-Lite may be used on any computer with a supported operating system or Ter

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