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Windows comes with a default picture viewer which is pretty comfortable and allows you to even start slideshows. However, you can also rely on specialized third-party alternatives like JJXView, fitted with a neat file browser, possibility to configure slideshows, effects, and many more options for you to enjoy.
Neat file support and built-in file navigator
The application is good to go from the moment download is done. You’re asked whether or not to associate the application with image file formats, but this can also be done later on from the program’s menu. It comes with impressive file support, letting you view anything under formats like BMP, ICO, JPG, JFIF, KOA, JNG, MNG, PBM, PCD, PPM, RAS, TGA, TIFF, WBMP, PSD, CUT, XBM, GIF, RAW, PIC, and more.
You start off in the single file viewer, but you can switch to the browser mode. The difference is that the latter mode comes with comfortable navigation panels showing picture thumbnails, but also an information panel regarding the selected image. Switching modes is done at the press of a button and doesn’t affect your current session.
Manage pictures, add effects, and convert to other formats
The file browser isn’t just a method of accessing files faster, but also a neat way to manage picture files. New folders can be created, and you have the liberty of copying and moving pictures around. Image files can also be deleted, or have file attributes managed.
In case you want to view a rich collection of pictures, the advanced slideshow feature can be used to create a slideshow out of pictures from a variety of locations. Playback can be random or sequential, with duration specified in seconds or transition done on mouse click.
There are also various editing options at your disposal. Found under the image menu, they allow you to adjust brightness and contrast, hue and saturation, color tone, color, rotate, flip, auto adjust, resize, and a few more. Additionally, you can access the effects browser to fully enhance or completely change the style of a picture. Saving can be done to a different format, so JJXView can be used as a file converter as well.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that JJXView is sure to make your life easier when it comes to working with pictures. The viewer component is highly comfortable, especially because of the built-in browser and slideshow feature, while editing options and effects let you fine-tune and change the visual style.







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As a JPG image viewer and editor, JJXView is a highly versatile app. It can handle both the BMP and TIFF formats, supports file browsing, and offers support for JPEG-2000 images. It comes with an extensive list of features and settings to give you an excellent image viewing experience.
JJXView Screenshots:

After long time i have found JPEG image viewer and editor as JJXView. It’s a powerful app to view and edit jpg images. Features which i have found are:
File browser
Image viewer with zoom
image resizer
image editor
Multiple image format support
JPEG2000 support
BMP file support
and many more
The app is free and open source for all. It’s available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Download Link:- Link ( Windows 8/ 8.1/ Windows 7/…)

۲٫ OlyPhoto Viewer

As the name implies, the application lets you view images. Apart from that, it has many other features that makes it even more perfect.
Image file support
Extensive file support – BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, JFIF, JNG, K2, KWAL, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, NEF, NC, NS, ORF, PCD, PGM, PICT, PNM, PPM, RAW, SR2, SRF, SRW, SGI, SUN, TARGA, TIF, TIFF, X3F, XBM, XWD, WBMP and others.
Supported document formats – Any file with extensions of JPG, JPG2000, JPEG 2000, JPE, JRG, KWAL, KWAL2000, KWAL300, NEF, ORF, RAS, SUN, RAW, SGI, ARW, SR2, SRF, SRAW, SRW, SRW2000, SRF, SRA, SRF, SRW, TARGA, TIF, TIFF, TARGA, X3F, XBM and others.
Extensive image editor – Rotate, flip, crop, mirror, brightness and contrast, hue and saturation adjustments, add and remove image effects, add text and more.
You can create and save your edited images as either PNG or JPEG formats.
You can also create a folder and add images to it, but if

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J2J Media is the leading provider of professional-quality video converters.
JJXView Full Version Features:
✓ Powerful editing tools, such as Magic Filter, Brightness/Contrast, Color Filtering, Photo Cut, and Reverse, are available at your disposal, and they can be used to improve image quality, exposure, color saturation, and contrast.
✓ You can select from a list of image effects, such as vignette, haze, emboss, and more, and apply them to your images directly.
✓ The slideshow component lets you create a slideshow out of your images, by specifying the number of images, selection of intervals, audio file, duration of the transition between pictures, and output format.
✓ The file browser allows you to quickly access files and to quickly navigate through them, plus you can view and edit image properties like size, width, height, pixel, date, and file type.
✓ Image tracking is fully supported, which means that it’s possible to select several areas inside an image and combine them in one file.
✓ You can open a picture without a file association and choose any program to open that picture, or choose the default program.
✓ You can add multiple images to the slideshow and adjust the speed of the transition between the pictures.
✓ You can set passwords for the slideshow and/or change the password for existing one.
✓ The application comes with a settings interface, where you can configure the startup and shutdown options, the look, the rights you want to assign to JJXView, and even the menu.
✓ You can manage your file associations and add custom file associations.
✓ You can configure the size of the thumbnails, as well as choose the resolution you want to view the images in.
✓ You can view more than 90 image formats.
✓ The application is suitable for all platforms, including Windows 10.
✓ The client comes with a help feature, plus a user guide.
✓ There’s a lock for the security.
✓ It’s possible to quit the application and later resume your work right where you left off.
User reviews about JJXView
Nimblebit Latest Version: is a free software developed by Nimblebit. Below you can find the latest version available for Windows.
Overall: Beautiful slideshow with slideshow and picture viewer, but you don’t get a slideshow wizard


New free image viewer for Windows! All-in-one solution for viewing, editing and converting of pictures. Let you enjoy all your pictures in the same tool. Conversion to photo formats are also supported.

Adds several options to the Filesystem browser (SHELL Folder, Start Menu) – to search for files, documents, videos, shortcuts, pictures, etc. See a list of files in the Filesystem browser.

FILES – the ability to scan for new files by keyword and in a folder tree. If found, search, copy and open the file. List of files in a folder tree can be sorted alphabetically or by extension. The search can be made by extension, or keywords.

OPTIONS – allows you to edit selected files. The program is compatible with any text editor like wordpad, or any ripper. Such as tool can convert all your images to JPG.

۱٫ allows you to browse, select and open specific files
۲٫ lists the files in the file browser
۳٫ allows you to scan through the folder tree to find desired files
۴٫ converts all your images to JPG
۵٫ allows you to edit the file selected.
۶٫ allows you to scan for new files by keyword and in a folder tree.
۷٫ allows you to send files by e-mail
۸٫ allows you to create ZIP, RAR and TAR archive
۹٫ allows you to view files online.
۱۰٫ allows you to capture the contents of a folder into a text file.
۱۱٫ allows you to scan for duplicates.
۱۲٫ allows you to convert images to other formats
۱۳٫ allows you to create ZIP, RAR and TAR archive
۱۴٫ allows you to send files by e-mail
۱۵٫ allows you to view files online
۱۶٫ allows you to print picture
۱۷٫ allows you to create ZIP, RAR and TAR archive
۱۸٫ allows you to scan for duplicates
۱۹٫ allows you to convert images to other formats
۲۰٫ allows you to create ZIP, RAR and TAR archive
۲۱٫ allows you to send pictures by e-mail
۲۲٫ allows you to view files online
۲۳٫ allows you to create ZIP, RAR and TAR archive
۲۴٫ allows you to view files online
۲۵٫ allows you to view files online
۲۶٫ allows you to view files online
۲۷٫ allows you to view files online

What’s New in the?

Convert, view, adjust, edit, and organize pictures and other items in a file browser.
JJXView is the most popular and fastest image viewer/browser. Browse, edit and view images or organize and convert your photos, photos, pdf, jpg, tiff, jpeg, tga, png, eps, and a lot more.
JJXView features include:
– Photo Manager: Browse, convert, edit and organize your photos and images from any folder and place
– Photo Browser: Pick a folder or create a folder and browse to the pictures
– Photo Viewer: View images directly from the explorer, e-book reader and virtual desktop
– Photo Editor: Tagging and file history, change the color and image effects, rotate, flip, scale, resize, crop and load image formats
– Slide Show: Create photos slideshows with various effects, transition and play your slideshow
– PDF Viewer: View, edit and make PDF documents more compatible with other applications
– PDF Editor: Merge or create a new PDF document from a scanned file, print multiple PDF documents, edit PDF documents or print PDF documents
– Web Browser: View web pages and links or save and open web pages in IE and Firefox
– JPG Viewer: View, adjust, edit and organize JPG documents
– BMP Viewer: View, adjust and organize BMP documents
– PPM Viewer: View, adjust, edit and organize PPM documents
– TGA Viewer: View, adjust and organize TGA documents
– GIF Viewer: View and adjust GIF documents
– PSD Viewer: View, edit and organize PSD documents
– XBM Viewer: View, adjust and organize XBM documents
– RAW Viewer: View, adjust and organize RAW documents
– WMP Viewer: View and adjust WMP documents
– PSD Editor: Edit and modify Photoshop files with an integrated image editor
– AVI Converter: Convert AVI to different multimedia files, convert video, AVI to MP4, AVI to 3GP, AVI to MOV, AVI to MP3, AVI to AAC, convert AVI to WAV, AVI to OGG, OGG to AVI, and AVI to FLAC
– OGG Converter: Convert OGG to different multimedia formats, convert OGG to MP4, OGG to 3GP, OGG to MOV, OGG to MP

System Requirements For JJXView:

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
۴GB Memory
Windows 7
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