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Name Streamline
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating ۴٫۷۳ / ۵ ( ۵۱۵۸ votes )
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“Paradise” is a puzzle game that you play as the patient. Only patient of the medical team of Scr.-STUD!’s.
Your goal is to solve numerous puzzles using the items and skills you have in hand.
Extra Features:
– Seven main story scenes and seven chapters
– Seven main characters
– Over 100 items
– Six characters for the game
– Various tools like a crutch, a leg, an arm.
– Menu system to easily switch to the story mode or the game mode
– Visual novel-like story
– Each chapter is a puzzle game
– Once you finish a chapter, you will unlock the next chapter
– Non-linear story
– Different scenes for various contents and stories
– Various characters, and a girl who does not speak at all in this scene
– Numerous scenes with various things like clothes or conditions
– Over 20 unique items
– Various types of potted plants, and you will give these to your patients
– You can control the characters with your own plays
– Beautifully hand-drawn anime graphics
… and more!
Health is
To be continued…
The scenario does not end yet.
We are sorry.
We are prepared to provide a clarification.
Thank you for your understanding.
We expect your feedback.
Koji Otsuki
Twitter: @KojiOtsuki_
The creations of 3D Studio 2, produced by the NHN game studios.
Character design and illustrations:
Hina Ueda
Narumi Sugimoto
Ja-jouji Ota
Shusuke Sudo
Keisuke Yoneda
Game development:
The NHN game studios.
The NHN group is responsible for the addition of the character and scenario, as well as game features.
Hiroshi Egashira
Web assistance:
Shoko Ota
Support Team:
Junko Niizu
… and many more!
(PC only)
In this game, there are several endings that the player can play.
I will announce the players who do not pick any of them in my next Famitsu Weekly.
I will announce them online.
Thank you for your understanding.


Streamline Features Key:

  • Key Features:
    • The store: Browse the store for ways to spend your Prayers

    • The Community section: Find a way to participate in the open-world:

      • Open Mods: The mods for the game

      • Open Arhitectures: Extra content for the world

      • Open Encounters: Fight for a better world!

      • Open Game Master Pack: The tools you need to escape the jungle

      • Open Survive the Jungle: Tools for escape

      • Open Endless Endless: Secret ending 

        Streamline Download

        “Platformer” is the term for type of video game. It is a genre where you are controlling the character with jump and touch, and the main character can run fast and jump high.
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        The scariest game in the world has hit the US this week.
        But are people eating it up, or are they shying away from the game of Goose?
        It all began in Denmark, where a group of chefs dressed up as animatronic creatures and then placed them in schools and government buildings, creating a menu of creepy meals



        Character customization by season, head to toe
        ۷ weapon categories
        Recruit a variety of characters
        ۳ difficulty settings
        Chapter System:
        Chapter 1 : You begin your adventure
        Chapter 2 : During your journey you’ll have to choose between your character’s head and his/her weapon
        Chapter 3 : You’ll gain access to new items
        Chapter 4 : Your character will learn new skills
        Chapter 5 : You’ll take part in a new skirmish
        Chapter 6 : You’ll have to choose a second character
        Chapter 7 : You’ll fight in the final chapter
        How to play: You will need Steam to play the game
        NOTE: All features in the beta are available in this game version.

        Publisher: Loki Studios

        Developer: Loki Studios

        Genre: Virtual Reality,
        Indie, Tactical, Strategy, Sandbox, Tactical-Strategy, VR

        Inflatable Soldier is a virtual reality first-person tactical shooter for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The game puts you in the role of a soldier fighting off an alien infestation of hostile creatures during a multi-sensor augmented reality mission. Inflatable Soldier provides a thrilling experience for both hardcore and casual players to enjoy. “I think everyone has felt the urge to be a hero and have some of that ‘to the hero!’ feeling as an adult. However, the other side of that is feeling the need to protect the children, parents, wives and girlfriends that you’ve had. That’s where I’m going with Inflatable Soldier. I think it’s just as satisfying to be the hero as it is to be the protector,” said Dan Polenko, Lead Designer and Visual Programmer on Inflatable Soldier.


        • Six integrated multi-sensor modes.• Fight and destroy the alien menace in six multi-sensor missions.• Enjoy the game’s single player experience and play with co-op and AI bots.• Choose from the playable character, Inflatable Soldier, and his trusty vehicle, T-Tank.

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