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The Journey is a story of hard times, which took place on the turbulent seas of the Middle Ages. The old prison for killing everyone and praying to Satan has released the king and one night, the old prisoner agrees to go on an uncomfortable trip to find a legendary land where there is no plague and darkness.
But on the road to the end of the world, many dangers confront him, and his companion does not trust a person at all. How much of their journey, they will find out, or will they die of the plague and darkness?
Developed by a team of Russian and European programmers, The Journey will put you in the shoes of a brave adventurer, who has to realize the task of finding a way to a new life through blood, pain and suffering.

About This Game:
Odisseia Terra is a brutal action game based on the Greek myth of Odysseus. Odysseus has reached the end of his heroic journey, the land of the Phoenicians, on his return from the Trojan War. He is surrounded by Cyclops, who he has to fight, the sorceress Circe and her maidens, who use magic to transform his men into swine. Help Odysseus to survive and find a way to win the end of his journey. Discover the secrets of the land, find the gods’ way and full of adventure and magical creatures to fight with.

۱٫ Customizable character with a lot of different weapons.
۲٫ Realistic 3D environment
۳٫ Better 3D graphics compared to the previous version
۴٫ New 2D side-scrolling game mode
۵٫ Many new characters, enemies, objects
۶٫ New details
۷٫ Better gameplay
۸٫ New monsters
۹٫ Land, sea and air mode
۱۰٫ Save and load game
۱۱٫ Some bug fixes

About This Game:
The Land of Heroes is the latest game in our World War 2 series. This time we bring you to Nazi-occupied Poland. You are a Polish Refugee working for a German company. Your goal is to find a way to a new life. You start out with a light weapon and go on a journey to collect 10 parts of a magic orb and get the 5 most powerful artifacts.

۱٫ Save and load
۲٫ Customizable characters
۳٫ Homing for the bullet
۴٫ A lot of weapons and power-ups
۵٫ New skins


Features Key:

  • Combat Abilities: Attack, Block, Evade
  • Objective Abilities: Use Inventory, Rest
  • Strength Mode: Fight, Agility, Stealth
  • Magic, Summon, Traps
  • Dual wielding
  • Emote special moves
  • Infinite Stamina


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Dark Ghost RPG Free Download

Mar 25, 2019 By
Marcelo SerratosAn intriguing thriller, which tells the story of psychic detective (Eric Steel), who after a robbery where he was attacked by a masked sniper, he has a psychic vision of the murder victim and it’s up to him to find who shot at him.Game Features:

-Psychic vision-Choosing weapon-Advanced melee moves-Useful item-Playing style: auto running-2 different endings-Ending: when the detective has captured the murderer or when the murderer kills the detective-History of the world

Grapher3D engine with realistic 3D graphicsUnexplored territory of the world in the Middle AgesHard adventure in the world of mysticismA thrilling thriller

Grapher3D Game:Dark Ghost RPG

Now you can play original game – Dark Ghost RPG on your mobile devices for free. Unlike games like ‘An action-packed adventure through the terrifying world of monsters and witchcraft.’

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Buggy He was trying to sneak a peek at the map and suddenly the game crashed. Game will not start again. It’s very weird. Game is very buggy. If you get this, please send me a private message and i will solve the issue for you. Thank you

Good game, but needs a lot of stuff in the game. I mean you can move and look around, buy upgrades, abilities, weapons… and then there’s the level up, the level up is every time you get new abilities or buy something else, but it takes so long and it happens way to slow,


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