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The idea for racing of Fake Racing happened due to a sketch exercise. The idea of racing in a virtual environment inspired me to create a racing game. Then the original fake car idea was born. And so on.
Some of games in this genre have loss of consciousness potential to it, but Fake Racing does not have it.
This game is fun to play.
It is a racing game and you can also play it as a Counter Strike clone if you want to :).

The game is made in unity 3D and runs on mobile devices like iOS and Android devices and on virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift.

Fake Racing came out on July 22, 2014.

Fake Racing:
Android –
ios –

Note: This game requires at least iOS 6.0 on the device. If your device is not ready or not able to run this game, make sure to try one of the old version.

Fake Racing Credits:


The game’s design is based in the concept of Roby’s “Racing in the Cloud” (

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Android (Mobile Operating System)


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Battlemage: Magic By Mail Features Key:

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The game releases on 19 April, 2018 by Gamescom Applies to the following models: Skeltonic Spire, Corbel Station, The Wilderlands, Project Utopia, Exclusive: Skylands, and Battlemage: Magic by Mail Product Key.
“GAMECITY Online User Registration code” will be added at the end of the Notes.
Please see: User’s Page.
The content of the game is based on a little-known golden era of computer games where the art of magic lived a new life.
GAMECITY is the platform that allows you to create and share magic in real-time.
The creator of magic decides which spells will appear in the game. In the game, you can make your own magic.
The creator of magic can decide the details of the display.
The user’s opinion decides the fate of magic.
The creator of magic decides the appearance of the magic.
You can create magic as the optimal date.
You can adjust various elements including power, duration, speed, and display directly in the game.
You can also add magic effects other than the other display elements.
You can create magic effects.
You can also make various effects.
When creating a display component, you can assign display effects to it.
Effects that are not assigned to any display components will automatically disappear.
You can add your own names to the display components.
You can change the selection order of the display components.
You can select the display components using drag and drop.
You can also change the display component selected.
You can create magic that affects your surroundings.
You can create the appearance of nocturnal creatures.
You can create water, rain, or snow.
You can create various other effects.
In addition to natural effects, you can also add your own.
You can delete the display components that are not required.
The GAMECITY game will be held on the PC and mobile in the Americas and Europe.
You can choose whether you want to play using a mouse.
The input method can also be changed at the time of installation.
You can upload your own game.
You can also publish your own content.
If you want, you can adjust your settings on your own.
Battlemage: Magic by Mail will be released on the 19 April, 2018 by Gamescom.
The service and information related to the game are added to the Ending.
Users who would like


Battlemage: Magic By Mail

About This ContentThe game is based on the premise of being a mage. Magic is a magical power which can be trained and used by mastering the elements of it. In fact, one of the main elements of it is also the story itself – you don’t really fight the monsters, you just buy them and their attacks. It’s just a different method of fighting. You also get to know these monsters and make friends with them. Better yet, you can buy as many as you want. Players will be able to visit a town and look for monsters there. If you manage to get all of them, you will be able to visit each of their pages and buy spells. You can also ask a magician to tutor you in the field of magic. If you are lucky enough, you will become a “master” and start a very profitable business!Features:- 8 new spells which can be used with them;- 20 various environments;- More than 10 characters and 10 monsters;- Over 100 pages for every monster, giving access to a lot of options in the store;- Multiplayer (dozens of people can chat);- The ability to perform PvP for a fee (can make you a profit of $7,500 in one night);- Game also supports Mac.
This item can only be purchased on Steam once per account. If you already had the Magic By Mail, you will get all the other items included in the kit, and a full reimbursement of the Magic By Mail in gold.
Your game will be sent to you and then the power of an active postal service will guarantee your safe delivery.The Magic By Mail is an independent DLC that is NOT offered as part of Teamfight Manager’s DLC pack.
Please make sure that you have the “magic by mail” card in your collection before purchasing this.All Teamfight Manager’s DLC packages will be sold solely for sponsorship purposes, and updates will be equally free.
Please bear in mind that any future games developed by Team Samoyed, as well as Teamfight Manager, will be sold solely for sponsorship purposes, and updates will be equally free.Special thanks to:Jean-Luc Marmion, André Chammartin
About This ContentThe “Teleporting” card is the second official pack in The Line game. The “Teleporting” card is a common and a semi-rare (blue) card that will allow the player to teleport to any space on the level and back in a limited time.


What’s new in Battlemage: Magic By Mail:

Monday, May 8, 2007

Honestly, there was a period of time when it was okay for me to say that I don’t mind it when it comes to pasting massive book blogs and forums and making them work for me.

But when it started to come down to “tell me what’s working, not what’s not”, the next thought that entered my mind was… maybe this is not helping with my needs.

So now I have another practice in mind: when the updated stats come in, pass them along to you. That’s what’s working right now. Because it’s not about my opinion. It’s about yours.

I’m not going to call you by name, of course. I know you don’t mind me including your name, because then you actually have a tool to prove me wrong if I start talking about testing standard errata. But at least this way we can both feel more at ease about the format.

Note I do have a little bit of reluctance to posting anything about pre-conceived points of view. That’s because, as you know, the information and resources available to you are so much more than this column can ever offer. But I’m willing to go out on a limb, just to make it easier for everybody.

So, let’s start with The System.

The Magic System

The magic system is the lexicon used to explain the rules of the game. It is designed to be as long and convoluted as possible. This means that to be effective you need to have deep acquaintance with it, be able to comprehend it in its entirety and be able to extract the necessary information from it.

If you are interested in the breakdown of the elemental factors of the magic system, you can access it here. Further insight can be found via the Sage Advice. Speaking of which…

The Question of Sage Advice

Nearly all columns (as well as the other news and product sites at A’keria) require somebody on the site to provide their own point of view. The rationale behind this is simple: I am not the best person to provide such an insight for the new players, and the same applies to everyone else who will be visiting A’keria. What we want is fresh insight into every topic, the details that you simply won’t be able to find by googling for your problem!

However, it has to be said that there is no such thing as an unbiased opinion


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