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We’re particularly excited about the new passive rune system. These magical runes give your character a bonus when you cast an ability.

This is what they look like:

Here are the three main types of rune:

Runes are active at the time of casting, and each of them gives your hero bonus effects when you use an ability. You can acquire and place any number of them on your character, including runes that you have placed on an item. The runes also stack with each other in a way that make it easier to use several runes in concert. As we dive deeper into this system, we’ll talk more about the effects runes have on heroes, items, and other aspects of Dota.

As mentioned earlier, we’re also excited about the new passive rune system. These runes provide a bonus effect when you use an ability. These runes are not on your hero, but they do affect your hero. The runes that are added through items and through game items are part of the passive rune system. To use this, you need a new item called a Passive Talisman. It provides three rune slots.

This is what the new runes look like:

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