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AutoCAD is widely used in a variety of industries, including architecture, civil engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, design, land development, construction, manufacturing, and more.Q:

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I need to find the unique values in a column of a table, and then concatenate them. Is there a way to do this directly in SQL without loading the whole table in memory?


This is not possible. You could write a subquery to get the unique values, then join them back to the rest of the table.


Create a subquery
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Then, join it back to the original table with all the other fields.
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Adobe Illustrator, another software widely used in design and publishing, offers a scripting API with a number of languages and support for plug-ins. Scripting with Illustrator’s API is called “scripts”. Scripts are stored in a file format (.scr). Scripts are similar to Java, but less organized. An equivalent to Scripts for Illustrator is “scripts” for Fireworks.

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Adobe Systems has also announced an interactive API and Virtual Prototypes technology for Flash.

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More recent languages
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Autocad LT 2018
autocad 2018.exe

۱٫ Connect to Autodesk account to continue
۲٫ Connect with Autodesk account
۳٫ Now you have to download Autocad from the main menu and download it from the following link

۴٫ It will take some time to download and extract file.
۵٫ Now press the ” Run ‘autocad.exe’ ”

And it will be running.

It is important to put your username in AutoCAD before using any of these things.

After opening it you can see ” license_status” in the left bottom corner and ” Source Code” text in the right bottom corner.

You can also start Autodesk AutoCAD from outside, and if you run autocad.exe then you don’t have to enter your autocad license key.


download the Autocad here :

If you want to get licensed for Autocad for free.

After downloading you have to install it.

open the.exe file and press enter

It will be ask for you if you want to install it or get it.

If you want to install it you will need to download the Autocad file from here and extract it using ” 7-zip “.

if you don’t want to install then you don’t need to open the.exe file


autocad 2015.exe

download the Autocad here :

If you want to get licensed for Autocad for free.

After downloading you have to install it.

open the.exe file and press enter

It will be ask for you if you want to install it or get it.

If you want to install it you will need to download the Autocad file from

What’s New In?

Multiple image import support:

Import multiple images into your drawing from a single source, such as a website, PDF, or image database. (video: 2:32 min.)

Improved design surface:

The Design Surface of AutoCAD® ۲۰۱۹ is now capable of sharing work through multiple configurations, like viewing through a projector or sharing a virtual tablet through a mobile device. (video: 1:45 min.)

Reference, validation, and other changes:

Validate tables, dimensions, reference lines, text, and other selected content, or update their attributes. (video: 1:25 min.)

Collaboration tools:

Share the same drawing as a collaborator through in-app document access, or share with external tools and other apps. (video: 1:23 min.)

Catch up with all the new AutoCAD features in AutoCAD 2023 in the following video:

AutoCAD 2023 Overview

New in AutoCAD 2023

View previews, edit files from Dropbox, and switch between source files in the new Drafts™ app for iPad® and iPhone®. For the first time in AutoCAD, it’s easy to view and edit files stored in Dropbox or Dropbox Business.

The Drafts app, included in AutoCAD and now available on iPad and iPhone, allows you to open and edit files stored in Dropbox and Dropbox Business. The files are automatically linked to your Dropbox account.

You can also view and edit files stored on your computer, as well as in other apps that support Dropbox including: File Explorer, Word 2016, and Chrome.

Thanks to the new Dropbox support, you can now view and work on multiple files simultaneously, and even share files among collaborators.

With this capability, you can work on multiple files, quickly save to Dropbox, and continue working on another file or activity without having to leave Drafts.

Take advantage of the new collaboration tools. With multiple simultaneous view options and access to file history, you can work together with colleagues and suppliers.

With these new tools, it’s never been easier to collaborate and share.

New in Autodesk® Design Review


AutoCAD® ۲۰۱۹ has been a great success with design professionals who value ease of use and powerful functionality. The powerful features of AutoCAD have helped countless professionals build the projects they�

System Requirements:

Seafarer online requires a minimum of a mid-range computer system.
A Windows 7 or 8 PC is ideal.
Purchasing from the Valve Store requires a Steam account.
You will need access to the internet.
Having already played the game in the laboratory for 15+ hours, I can tell you this game is very demanding on your computer. I had to go into safe mode to maintain a solid frame rate. I am using an i5-4590S CPU, 8GB Ram, and a 256GB SSD.

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