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Red Gauntlet Battlepack is a digital product for PC and Mac and is available as a download for the suggested retail price of $19.99.

Product Overview
Red Gauntlet is designed for the PC, Mac, and iPad by Battlestate Games in conjunction with the Lock n Load Tactical System (L2LT) designers and developers. At the core of Red Gauntlet Battlepack is a comprehensive turn-based strategy system, which, in Red Gauntlet Battlepack, allows the players to control entire battles on a map scale of six miles. Control both heroes and units as they move, fight, and maneuver all across that vast battlefield.
Red Gauntlet Battlepack has five factions for players to choose from and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each faction offers a slightly different battlefield strategy and tactics and allows the players to customize their battles in a way that suits their tastes. Each faction also has its own unique hero with their own special abilities and characteristics.
Each game-board is set with a different battle plan. When the battle starts, both factions must allocate their limited options in battle and no more. This means no more decisions on where to allocate units, but instead tactical decisions to ensure they do the best job they can. With such a realistic battle-system, it is important to know which hero is best at different types of battle. Heroes are special units like tanks, APCs, and Infantry that use specific abilities, special weapons, and unique skills which can be assigned for use on both units and heroes.
Red Gauntlet Battlepack also offers a variety of different game modes including: Scenarios, Tournaments, and Storing. Scenarios are standalone scenarios based on individual battles where players must use a combination of tactical options in a series of timed scenarios to win the game. In tournaments, the players win or lose based on a series of points, however, the points are usually based on a series of pre-determined scenarios. Storing enables the players to save and transfer games which can be done at any time.
The Lock ‘n Load Tactical System is a strategy system for PC and Mac which provides the perfect vehicle for Red Gauntlet Battlepack. It offers a near perfect platform for playing games designed for the digital realm. The system comes with endless options to customize any game system and is able to interface seamlessly with any number of gaming platforms. Lock n Load Tactical System was designed to support gamers in a fast-paced world of games and combat simulations and


XpCade Features Key:

  • A story of season seasons
  • Gorgeous worlds
  • Quests and “missions”
  • Sekai to Sekai no Mannaka de Game Release dates:

    • japan/spring 2017

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    GamePage.com: ja,

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      Delve into the universe of The Exiles, a dark science fiction RPG with detailed turn-based combat, charming characters, a memorable story and the distinct Fear effect.

      New Artwork:


      Bring the awe-inspiring spirit of The Exiles to life, with a female Titan–Nexus, the vice-reigning king of The Exiles, a trailblazer who fights for his people, and two new playable characters: a grizzled space monk named Nyles and a lady scientist named Nico. Each of these characters brings a new perspective to the world of The Exiles, providing diverse narrative opportunities, new battle tactics and powerful supernatural abilities.

      Extensive Replay Value:

      THE EXILES combines excellent turn-based combat and a large cast of powerful characters, as well as a wide variety of locations and a rich story, to create an RPG experience that’s easy to get lost in. With the Enhanced Edition, players will be able to replay some or all of the new campaign once they get fully immersed in the game.

      A Unique Experience:

      THE EXILES, thanks to its Fear effect, throws its players into a dark and terrifying universe. The enemies in THE EXILES have powers that amplify the player’s fear meter, so that encounters become tense and memorable. With each death, the player’s hero’s fear meter will drop, leaving them at a disadvantage for the rest of the game. The intensity of the Fear effect can be used as a key strategy element, however, with some enemies willing to fight alongside you once their Fear meter has been depleted.

      Dynamic Events and Storytelling:

      THE EXILES takes place in a universe where humanity resides in an uneasy peace with the ancient Titans and where the Titans’ elitist system has led to the rise of a network of rogue Titans, various syndicates and other criminal organizations. There are still many who support this status quo, and it’s this environment that provides THE EXILES with its backdrop and setting. A wide array of dramatic, high-stakes events will occur throughout the story, leading the player to make decisions that will affect the fate of the world.

      Dynamically-generated Map:

      The 40-mission campaign map will evolve based on the player’s actions. This gives players the ability to choose from a broad range of


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      Kairi’s work on Dragon Quest IX was


      What’s new:

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