Tiger Fighter 1931 Sunset MP083 Trainer PC/Windows (April-2022) 🔍


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– ۳D world:
Explore huge maps or smaller maps with limited locations.
– Beautiful pixel art graphics
– Various weapons:
Mine, Bullet- and Rocket launchers, Handguns and Machineguns.
– Destruction:
Attack your opponents, set fires and have fun with demolitions.
– Features:
– Simple controls:
Directly scroll the screen with the left and right arrows.
– High-scalable gameplay
– Friendly HUD
– Survival mode
– Local Multiplayer.
– International Multiplayer.
– “Flak” shoot.
– “Blast” shot.
– “Duplicators” replace your previous body.
– Online Multiplayer Rankings.
– Technical achievements:
Lifetime achievements.
– Achievements for completing levels (for the first time).
– Achievements for killing enemies.
– Achievement for collecting the most weapons.
– Achievements for player stats.
– Achievements for destroying other players.
– Gamemodes:
Survival: 1 – 100 players.
Double Time: 2 – 200 players.
Countdown: 3 – 200 players.
You can access the blog through this link:
About me:
I am 23 years old. I am a Web Developer and this is my first game.
If you have any questions, please contact me here:
– The game is not yet uploaded on Google Play or the AppStore. I have not uploaded it because it’s my first game. After some feedback, I will upload it.
– It’s free forever.
– I will answer all your e-mails.
This app is optimized for phones with a screen size of 2.5 or bigger.


Dec 19, 2016

Version 1.1.0 has been released!
This update adds the following features:
✅ README/Help description
✅ Extensions for player and armors
✅ Construction resources: wood, bricks, concrete, iron
✅ Vote can be turned on or off with a toggle button
✅ Selected weapons with a dedicated button
✅ Option to display or hide optional HUD messages
✅ Option to show player heartbeat
✅ Bugfixes.
Please contact


Tiger Fighter 1931 Sunset MP083 Features Key:

  • Based on supernatural power and problem-solving concepts, unfolding the story carefully and intelligently
  • World map function widely applied to give players a refreshing view of the setting
  • Each team consists of members with unique personalities, skills, and skills
  • Spirit, Soul and Intellect

    • Agents of S.I.N. Unit solved paranormal phenomena ranging from crimes to historical and cultural problems
    • Possessing the ability to understand spiritual world and solve issues related to souls
    • Possessing the ability to succeed in paranormal history stories and solve historical issues

    S.I.N. Unit History

    • The secret organization of corporate executive Daisuke Ohtori formed in 2013 with secret agents. With their technology and ability to solve paranormal issues, the organization, employing a new agent for each project, has achieved a major success in solving paranormal problems with the skill
    • To solve the strange, work independently, and promote and be motivated for each project
    • More, more projects do we have.

    Ghost Case

    • In the entertainment field we provide content that describes the paranormal phenomena
    • Solve paranormal human phenomena such as eerie phenomenon, ghost and Demon Corp
    • We also provide horror content with the ability of cooperation, support and communication between teammates

    Reward Trailer

    The reward comes in here, it’s only 250GSC

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