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“Kessler Effect” is an adventurous, surreal, addictive, and interactive futuristic virtual reality film, featuring a main character that is controlled by the player. After the passengers of the spacecraft have unexpectedly passed to the territory of aliens, the viewers can choose the role of one of the military crew members of the ship.

The viewers themselves, as the main character, can influence the plot development and decide who to save and who has to be killed. The fate of the entire humankind is at the viewer’s hand.

The project was developed by ScreenWorksPV with the support of the VR OpenStudio. The film is in the process of professional post-production, including graphics and sound.

The highlights of the “Kessler Effect” concept include:

– Immersive storytelling. Only one viewer can experience the movie, because of the interactivity, and because of the presence of five screens. Every of them is dynamically created by the players, and includes some vital actions or dialogues.

– The participation of big stars – Yuriy Kolokolnikov, Sergey Mezentsev, Nikita Elenev, Irina Starshenbaum, Reagan Polanski, Bertha Brown, BG Chyrichev and many others.

– Avatar of the first virtual reality creators. We created and tried to use “Avatar” and “Sintel” technologies.

– The new version of “Avatar.” We used the new technology of recording of objects in real time, moving and twisting them, adding to them, and removing from them.

The film was created as part of the project «Virtual Reality on the Cinema». This is a famous film festival of the Georgian National Film Center, featuring innovative modern VR films. The first edition of this festival was organized in August 2016 in Tbilisi.


P4P is a Russian production company involved in film and multimedia productions. Since 2009 the name of the company was changed from «Petr» to «P4P». In October 2014, the company has started the multimedia project «P4PARTS».

“Kessler Effect” is a fictional film based on the project «Virtual Reality on the Cinema», and the new P4PARTS project. The movie is the first fiction film of the new P4PARTS project.


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Labyrinth is an asymmetrical, card driven RPG with strategic multiplayer combat. The game puts the player in the role of a major political player deciding the fate of the world in a global struggle between two seemingly warring sides – the US and the Jihadists. The gameplay is punctuated by highly strategic cards allowing the player to condition the playing field to make life easier or harder for his opponent.

The Surge : # # Introducing a brand new way of playing to the SOUL franchise.
In 2018 SEGA announced a new mobile game for the well-known and very popular franchise called ‘The Surge : # # Introducing a brand new way of playing to the SOUL franchise.
Use the unique abilities of the SOUL to completely change your approach to battle in The Surge.
Every style, every playstyle, every battling strategy, each one making the gameplay unique and enjoyable.
Revolutionary, completely new battle system.
Take the centre of the battlefield by controlling drones to shoot and deploy, change the course of battle.
Experience a new dimension of fighting with the SOUL.
Develop your own unique and powerful playstyle.
The Surge : # # is set in a world where the SOUL is a highly regulated weapon used for military operations.
Acclaimed director, character designer and actor of the SOUL series, Hiroaki Kato, created a thrilling new world where the player must defeat the darkness using their SOUL.
Discover the fate of mankind in this bold new adventure.
A total of 6 missions have been introduced.
Switching between the 4-player-mode and the solo mode.
The mode can be switched at any time.
About $7.99 / $7.99.

A long time ago, the human race was inhabited by a clan known as “The Swedes”.
The Swedes had a simple life where they earned money for food and to repair their old machines.
The Swedes were a peaceful race, but in the year 1899 their peaceful existence was shattered by an event known as “The Arrival”.
“The Arrival” is the only reason why the Swedes are not living in peace.
In the year 1943, two artificial intelligence friendly spies, were given their own goal to make human life a better place.
They set a plan to colonize the Alien land without anyone knowing and start an experiment.
However, their plans hit a road block when the humans tried to destroy their bases in Antarctica.


Super Clown Adventures Crack Free Download [Win/Mac]

ReviewsAPPGameplay 沉睡的法则 Things as They Are:

游戏效果 / Rating : 4/5

安装在 IOS10 ,在配乐品链里构成一个密集的大小套路,在完成两条大路的同时,就会开出那一条路线上有很多小机器人的游戏。直观上来讲,从一个人那里借起来这个游戏系统,就像机器人炸弹一样,很容易的开玩笑,但即便在看起来这款游戏的方面,你还是一个小机器人,也只能在看起来上的角色才能开玩笑,实际上它们都是对入门学习数据科学和机器学习的一个好地方建立。



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