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In Kaboom! we wanted to create a fast-paced, easy-to-learn, player-versus-player combat experience. We want to give everyone the freedom to play the way they want. It’s a game about blowing up your friends! You can be a powerful fighting robot, or you can be a tiny shmup spaceship. Choose a character class to explore new abilities and use special attacks to slow down or block incoming fire. Complete objectives, and use your powers wisely to stay ahead of your opponents. Use team-up moves in combination to rack up points. Game modes such as team-battles, local-LAN-multiplayer and king-of-the-hill. No singleplayer mode.
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‘Acid Jinx’ by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
‘Someday I’ll Stop Crying’ by GaryZivHaimish
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Jimenez Music:
‘The Fear Of Falling’ by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
‘Race’ by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


Features Key:

  • A fictional game of the World War II era built with the Gamemaster Tools.
  • A table top RPG system that uses a conditional die roll method.
  • Third Person perspective view when using a laptop or tablet.
  • Table of Content

    1. System
    2. Advantages of using Fantasy Grounds
    3. GitHub Repository
    4. Download
    5. Installing
    6. Playing the First Session
    7. RPG System and Glossary
    8. Technically and Narratively describing the game
    9. Running The Game
    10. Recap


    Players take on the role of an American G.I. who has just been pulled into a dark and mysterious wood, where he finds himself in the middle of an ongoing war between the forces of Nobility and the Old Ones. To the player’s surprise he is awoken during the night from a sound sleep and finds himself stranded and confused in a strange world, stripped of all his belongings and with no memory of what has happened. He is saved by a mysterious squad of uniformed men, but if they cannot rescue him from the wild lands, something worse will be looking for him next.

    Players take turns acting out different roles during the game and the GM runs this scenario using the Fantasy Grounds event system. After each round of play the players take a few minutes to record what happened to them in a short character sheet.

    Each role, when taken, gives the GM a series of things the player can try to accomplish, especially if they have become afraid for their lives in the woods. Beyond all that the GM is free to say, and even do, anything at any time at all. It is


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    Mine this work of art:
    Explore nine stages of the mine and watch the pixelated artworks!
    Now it’s your turn. Discover the hidden inks beneath each layer!
    Find the right ink and discover new forms by pulling each piece to reveal the next stage of the mine. This was my first artist’s eye game and I’m working on other artist’s eye games.
    To support the project, visit my Patreon page at:
    * Support this project:
    Follow the game on:
    Instagram: @birdanddice
    Twitter: @birdanddice
    ? Want to Join Team Bird And Dice? Email us:
    ✅Join our Discord server:
    *Disclaimer: The paper minesweeper game only simulates the handwork process and does not replicate the actual art of creating the actual illustrations. This game will take into consideration the artist’s plans and won’t be a straight copy of the art.

    The Painter is a free game to help you connect with artists and learn art in a fun and creative way. You can try out some of the many art styles including oil paints, watercolors and acrylics, manga, calligraphy, sketching, airbrush, illustration, cartooning and more.
    Meet the other characters in the game by clicking them to use their special abilities. Try playing on your own or try to beat your friends’ high scores to unlock new content.
    * ۳۴ Art styles in 5 artistic categories
    * ۳ Masks to change the look of your art
    * Music from the worlds of Indie Rock & Electronic
    * Music controls with unlimited iTunes
    * Play with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
    * Play on your iOS device or in iPad app with touch controls
    * Play on your own, no Internet connection needed
    The Painter is 100% free.
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    Follow us on Twitter:
    Follow us on Instagram:
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    The Can of Worms – Ever Carved – Episode 1

    The Can of Worms – Ever Carved – Episode 1

    The Can of Worms – Ever Carved – Episode 1

    Mushroom Adventure is a 3D, pixel art, puzzle, casual game developed by Vakarm Games.
    In this game, you will control a mushroom and a worm to reach different dangerous areas. You will fight against creepy spiders, bind them together and use their silk to climb on other dangerous areas. The more spiders you bind, the more of them you can carry your weight. But be careful not to fall or all will be lost. Enjoy a relaxing game of casual and fun in this Mushroom Adventure!
    – Mushroom and Worm crafting and upgrading system
    – Unlock new worlds by clearing levels
    – One hand and touch controls
    – ۲۰+ challenging levels
    – Small and nice pixel art graphics
    – ۳ different areas to play
    – ۳۰+ achievements to unlock
    – Leaderboard through Facebook and Twitter

    Coppertop Coaster is a game about driving and driving through a series of rollercoaster-like loops to earn the most points for a sliding score. Other players are invisible but they’re there and can make you fall off the track by tapping your brakes, so the driver needs to be on the lookout and ready to dodge.
    There are 3 modes to play with 5 increasingly difficult tracks in each. With a growing point value that increases the challenge. Players can also compete against friends in local multiplayer.
    The cash prize system means players can continue playing forever without worrying about time. Coppertop Coaster is a game that can be played for hours and hours to get as many points as possible.
    – Coppertop Coaster is an ideal game for players of all ages and skill levels.
    – In single-player the point values slowly increase to more challenging courses.
    – With the local multiplayer there are 6 players to choose from with the added feature of a timed track to play.
    – Compete against friends in local multiplayer or play online against players around the world.
    – Leaderboards through Google Play Games
    – ۵ modes in all
    – ۵ different tracks
    – All of the tracks have progressively increasing difficulty.


    What’s new:

      Heroine Anthem Zero are essentially a band who were originally known as the DK Fables. They recently stopped this and have been completely absorbed into the Heroine Anthem scenario.

      AboutThis fic is inspired by the Heroine Anthem E-Magazine, in which there is a thoroughly enjoyable visual representation of the events of this story. The narrative and character seem to the somewhat serious. (So a lot of the characters’ insults of each other are playful and not necessarily meant seriously. In other words, I know it’s not realistic, but please just humor them a little and imagine that their comments are meant seriously, they’re not being mean.) Despite the characters’ sometimes sarcastic and verbally hostile behaviour, this fic shows a highly heartfelt and lovable relationship between the characters.

      You will notice the odd image at the beginning of the chapters. These are merely tokens to represent the various scenes/events, and they’re not meant to be of any particular importance. They’re more or less just there for a bit of interest.

      P.S. Anything not mentioned under “Setting” means that it is, in fact, an element of that genre.

      The heroine of Heroine Anthem have fiddled around in the Death Brand extension, by happily accepting an offer of a new position. After travelling to the outskirts of time and space to the Torture Colosseum, the Heroine’s staff have all been forced into service for the Heroes. So she is now, unfortunately, your new Student Body President of the 7th Intermediate School, about to be recruited by the Heroes, among other things.

      Title Word Usage:Heroine: Because two and a half words means she’s better.Anthem: Because the sound of the Heroines combine to one phrase.Zero: Because it means that nothing stands in her way of success


      In a space somewhere in the 30th century, our Heroine is marching down some corridor to meet up with yet another new Teacher. Her name is Waking-up-Dream, and the Heroine is promptly dismissed from work and, in her bewildered state, completely loses track of her self and realises she has been in a Heroic battle royale for how long? Some days? Weeks? A lifetime maybe? She even vaguely thinks this will be her last fight, and would prefer to die, but a disappointment comes when she finally remembers, and sees that if she dies, so does the world, and life is too short to say


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      Visit your city’s special girls school and be the first to spend the summer at the school! But first you must pass the pre-school entrance exams. Even though you can study and learn a lot, the school is a tough place to spend your time with kids making fun of you and teachers sending you away for bad grades.
      Even though the school rules are strict, they aren’t as strict as the other club you are already a part of! The girls’ club is made up of a group of girls who have been chosen to be the chosen few who attend the school year after year and never make any bad grades.
      There are many members and they are unlike any you have ever met before. If you are one of the chosen ones, it will be your task to keep the club calm and make sure all of the rules are followed. If you try to make your own rules the teacher will ask you to leave and you will not be able to get into the school again.
      The rules are strict in this school and you will need to play your cards right to succeed.
      This Soundpack is a standalone pack. No GAPM pack is required to use these SEs.
      I enjoy to create SEs for my customers and work hard in perfecting each of my packs.
      My packs are 100% royalty free and I strive to give my customers the best quality that I can!
      I hope you enjoy these packs and that they improve your game with their smooth sound.
      Keep an eye out for my other SE packs as well as future projects. I look forward to creating new packs with you soon!
      Release Notes:
      – ۱٫۰: Initial release. All English and Japanese meanings are provided in the included pdf
      – ۲٫۰: All SEs are edited to fix some issues I found. Players that use SEs in GAPM may need to update their data to the latest version available
      – ۳٫۰: The SEs in this pack are finalized. No more adjustments or edits can be made. All English and Japanese meanings have been updated and all SEs are properly tagged in both English and Japanese for easy editing
      Terms of Usage:
      – All rights reserved by. The pack and everything in it are completely and irreversibly under full copyright of. All pack and assets can be used in personal/P2P projects as long as credits and a link back to the original pack are provided. All personal and/or commercial projects


      How To Install and Crack SlimeJumper : Ultimate Jump:

    • Unrar!
    • Move to file
    • Make sure it’s green
    • Click on the file and extract it
    • Run the game (with the extracted.exe)
    • Enjoy, it’s a free game (the original is free too)!! ^_-

    Uploaded by: zilat.25
    I have no idea how to host it or how you can view it, but if you want a video, my computer isn’t playing nice right now so I can’t record, but the Google+ activity of this is extremely high. Thought I’d post…
    What i was talking about? I will edit the wikia page when I get back home.]]>
    How To Install & Crack Game Ink and Paper: Wandering – No visible text. – WIP WIP WIP! Rocket Summer
    @ziladime: Wow! If all else fails, upload it to Youtube where it will perform as you wish. 🙂
    I am hosting it on the Developers Club while I download it to my computer and tweak…
    @ALLI am hosting it on the Developers Club while I download it to my computer and tweak the controls. I’ll make it as easy as I can to upload once I’m done tinking it over. ]]>
    How To Install & Crack Game Ink and Paper: Wandering – No visible text. – WIP WIP WIP!


    System Requirements:

    Crackdown 3 is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. You can find out more about the game’s performance on your particular hardware and operating system by clicking here.
    While we can’t recommend buying the game on release day, you can buy a copy of the PC version here.
    As a responsible adult, please do not purchase this game if you are under the age of 18.
    It’s still not okay to sell drugs, harass women or kill anyone.
    Have fun!


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