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The Russian text is the only available language in the game. It’s just a hobby game :). If you want it in other language feel free to translate it.
Author: SHURA

Are you Russian? And you didn’t know about this game?
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RUSSI.A SIMULATOR is a classic Russian man life simulation game. You will try to fulfill all the needs of Russian family for many generations. Your great-grandchildren will live in this game and will have duties to fulfill!
The Russian text is the only available language in the game. It’s just a hobby game :). If you want it in other language feel free to translate it.
Author: SHURA

Are you Russian? And you didn’t know about this game?
Send us an email on, we can publish your picture with russian text on this game.
RUSSI.A video song on youtube:


Simulation Game for Russian travelers. Very easy to learn, yet has a complex strategy, it’s worth time for those who love, to try to win it and to try to understand how it works!
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Features Key:

  • it's in the form of a highly playable platform game
  • meets up with your adventure on the sky high and warm human city
  • true identity and many puzzle's to find as you go on your journey
  • all of those puzzle's come with zillions of hidden things and still keep flying
  • cool steampunkish atmosphere with every kind of crash
  • smooth and seamless, karaoke mode
  • each level with unique and comedy soundtrack


  • no evil duck, never seen any of them, that's not the point
  • you can very much be fooled by holding keys, talking with them, or just putting it in your possession for a while to just make you think, its your choice.. but generally no
  • you should build your own experience, you are the only adventurer here
  • the flying is more of a free roam, so you are not bound to the level's border


  • October 2010
  • Compile/code by donda
  • Game engine made from scratch in just two years
    • PLATO engine and GP32e GASBOOGLE not included


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    RedSun RTS [Latest-2022]

    Anna Anderson walks into the Henry B. Zimmerman Detective Agency. Detective Barney “Big Dan” Bonarski, his sidekick Victor “Knucksie” Smiley, and their friend and colleague Detective “Kid” Harold “Tweener” Munsinger are idly hacking away at their typewriter. When a pretty young woman walks in, they are all greeted with a wave of their hands.Big Dan opens his mouth to say something, but is interrupted by Anna Anderson who says that she has come to apply for a job. She tells them that she is an accomplished woman of the stage and opera, and that she has offers from Broadway and Hollywood. Big Dan notices that the two detectives are not impressed and asks if she has a resume or could show it. Anna tells them that she has heard about the case of the missing Romanov girl and wants to help. Big Dan is intrigued, but Victor doesn’t want to talk to the woman. He tells Big Dan that that she is dumb, but he is mollified by the fact that she has money.Kid is also dismissive, while Tweener starts to tell the story. It so happens that his friend Louis Brinkman was asked to look into the missing case. Louis was an ex-cop who was once a potential mobster, but failed to carry on after he was arrested for murder. He is now working at the detective agency. Tweener starts to tell how Louis Brinkman reached the conclusion that the claim is not false. He tells the other detectives that there is nothing he won’t do to get the case solved.Anna Anderson picks up her bag and says that she has plenty of money in her bag and she knows what’s really going on. She tells the detectives that she would like to work for free but that it’s not an option since she has a lot of money and she needs an honest living. Anna wants to know whether she is hired. They all tell her yes. Big Dan hands her a card, while Victor and Tweener leave, chuckling.The next morning, Anna and her husband Murray start working at the agency. She has decided to work as a secretary during the day and perform at night. She is very productive. Big Dan gives her time to get familiar with the place, so the owner gives her a few suggestions. She shows Big Dan that she knows everything about the office, even down to the design and typefaces used. At night, Anna sings at the Bowery Theatre. She has a big audition on the next


    What’s new in RedSun RTS:

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      Free RedSun RTS Crack + For Windows (April-2022)

      Slightly Magic is a side-scrolling platformer-action-adventure game.

      A magician has turned his magic wand into a robot and kidnapped your girlfriend in order to possess it. Now you must enter into the robot’s mind and defeat the magician. On your journey you will have to get through a whole array of enemies – including a giant mutant who looks like a floating piano – while also freeing your girlfriend.

      Game Overview:

      Key features:

      – Rotating camera: Move freely around the game’s world to take in all the scenery and enjoy the game’s bright and colourful graphics
      – Beautiful hand-drawn artwork: Slingshot quality hand drawn by artist JIM SOCIETY, featuring visuals inspired by the game’s eighties roots and retro vibe
      – Eighties inspired soundtrack: Hear the right music to play, switch back to the 8-bit sound and enjoy the game’s sound quality
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      – Online support: Stream the game online to share your experiences with others!
      – Gamepad support: Use any Gamepad to play!
      – Free for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone
      – No Internet Connection Needed

      It’s not really sci-fi, it’s more gothic, but we’re going to cover it here anyway.

      *NOTE* UPDATE 2014: For those interested in the second installment, please check out our review for the sequel, “The Wand of Ovidius.”

      Little did you know that if you’d been gone for a while, there were a few new titles that might interest you. One of those is the fun first-person zombie shooter, “The Unhallowed Ground.” Another is this today’s game. Check it out!

      Now it’s a classic. I loved the original in the 8-bit days and I’ve been waiting for a sequel. I can’t tell you just how happy I am to play this on my iOS device!

      Anyone else? Anyone?

      Oh. Okay, moving on. I’ve had a mixed bag of games this week. “Caves of Qud” was very fun, “Bleak House” was challenging but let down by the gameplay, “The Sands of Time” had some very noticeable glitches and weird behavior, and “The Wand of


      How To Install and Crack RedSun RTS:

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    System Requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
    Windows XP, Vista, 7
    ۱ GB RAM or more (iMac – 2 GB)
    ۲۵۶ MB Graphics Card or more
    OS X 10.3 or higher.
    Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
    ۱ GB RAM or more
    About The Game:
    With hundreds of thousands of pieces of wood waiting to be planted, woodcutters toiled all day long to keep up with the demand. But when the tsunami hit,


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