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۱You are the Game Operator, part of a team of five,with one operator for each quadrant of the game and with one reserve. You can make your own rules,but you have to enforce them. You can give instructions to other teams and react to their actions. You can move around freely in the game but you are not allowed to leave your quadrant. Your team has to collect a specified amount of cheese. If your team drops below that amount you’re out of the game. If your team loses and you are in the lead for the most cheese,you are out of the game.

This game can be played on a school class, a club, a team, a family, a group of friends or anything else that comes with four people. It is an ideal mini-game for a coffee morning, at a big event, an introduction activity or a family party.

Ages: This game can be played by children and adults.

Set UpThe board is composed of four squares: two white ones and two blue ones. On each square you write the number you and your team needs to reach. Each quadrant has a name. The operator starts with the Quadrant B white square and the Quadrant C blue square. One of you is supposed to be in the Quadrant A white square. The Quadrant D blue square is the reserve.

Score Team’s Cheese

Team 1 and Team 2 are scored separately. Each one is responsible for the cheese on its quadrant. The teams sit at the four corners of their quadrant. The first team starts playing and they have to reach their number of cheese. When they have reached their number of cheese they turn over and the second team plays. You want that the first team collects as much cheese as possible and the second team collects as little cheese as possible to lose as many points as possible.

To win the game you have to get the most cheese but you have to avoid losing more points than your opponent. So the first team goes in first, loses cheese and loses points. The second team goes in second and has to beat the first team.

Example and explanation of what happens with the cheese:

A team needs 2 Cheese, play the red team in quadrant D and play the blue team in quadrant A.

The first team reaches its target. The red team goes to cheese and loses 1 point. The blue team goes in the middle and loses 2 points.

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Live life: It has the meaning of life and is in every one’s life in the time of permanent live. Have some fun with your family and friends by solving fascinating problems and achievements in the game. Life is Feudal: Forest Village is a strategy game, puzzle game, action game, and family game. The game is classified as strategy games, puzzle games, and action games. You play as a patriarch of a small group of villagers who were forced to start from the beginning on a new island after being shipwrecked. Your village is in remote forest region, and your task is to help your villagers build the infrastructure of their village and life. As your villagers go to the fields to farm or plant fruit trees, you are responsible for building homes, housing areas, and basic facilities to build a functional village. Experience the real life activities of farming and various other activities as you live your life in an interesting and exciting world of forests and temples. Your mission is to: – Harvest enough food to survive. – Protect your families and make them happy. – Increase your resource income by building more productive facilities. – Help your villagers to live a happy life. With over 20 various activities, we have recreated the concept of virtual reality in the sense that the players can feel their action as they are immersed in a forest village. The game offers realistic and fun game features, including: – Realistic farming – Harvesting of several crops – Planted fruit trees in the right manner for correct growth – Hunter protection – Villagers as creatures – Village life – Mod-friendly game system – Dynamic weather, seasons and earthquakes – Morale – Player growth – Morale and increasing population – Disasters – Firewood, woodcutting, building, levelling and other useful activities – Fishing and hunting

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September 12, 2017

My 2 year old daughter plays this game every day at 2pm and 3:30. It is her favorite game on the computer. She loves the art, houses, plants, trees, etc. She actually has not gotten into the strategy aspect of the game. I have noticed as she gets older the option to buy and sell the items she gathers are becoming harder to come


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