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A Million Conquests is a single-player shmup.

The Story

The universe is at war. You are a rookie space hero.

The Event

The Earth was burned. The war almost done, but the conflict will never end.

The Plan

Get 10,000 points and finish the game.


Each planet contains its own boss or special enemy.


Attack formations are:
Single Engagement
Straight line
Upright line
Dual laser

Defensive formations:
Upright line
Straight line
Laser bay

Recover formation is:


You have a choice, shoot or live.

Weapon Upgrade

The weapons have a silver casing and upgrade to gold or red when you level up.


You have a choice, shoot or live.


Up Arrow & Right Arrow – movement
Down Arrow & Left Arrow – shooting


B Space (Activate 2d screen)


X & Y – change shooting direction
Z – swap ships

Score history

Shoot enemies

Foundation Formations

– Attack Formations: Single, Straight, Upright, Dual Laser

– Defensive Formations: Upright, Straight, Laser bay, Squadron

– Recover Formation: Base

– Shoot: Scored in the 3d score table


The score table calculates the total points you obtain from different enemies in a game.


This game was made by a student of game development. He started with a quickly made prototype and later added new features, like the story or the super low grisly graphics. He wanted to keep it as simple as possible to complete this game before the semester.#region Copyright notice and license
// Protocol Buffers – Google’s data interchange format
// Copyright 2015 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
// Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
// modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are
// met:
// * Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
// notice, this


Belle Boomerang Features Key:

  • Play the classic 1984 NES game in full alphabetic ROM cartridges.
  • Play in either Game Boy Color or Pro controller.
  • An original Japanese ROM image is ready to play out of the box, making this a perfect replacement for the original NES cartridge.
  • All the playable roms were originally produced at the Konami arcade ROM production studio in Japan.
  • The arcade ROMs can be played in full arcade mode or with the New 10NES rom (Using the Play mode Rom Runner).
  • You may use 4 player share mode with up to 4 GBC or Pro Controllers along with 2 Game Gear controllers.
  • What is the origin of this title?


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Greenlight is a fan-based virtual world that is modeled after the World of Warcraft. The game is developed by Eric Zow, who has also worked as a game designer on other popular online titles including Wurm Online, World of Warcraft, and EverQuest. The game can be played either single player or with up to three players participating in a tournament. The players must work together to help a hero survive an onslaught of monsters, but the true challenge comes in defeating opposing characters and bosses that will engage the player in both real-time and turn-based combat. In addition to standard battle encounters, Greenlight also supports a wide variety of mini-games that are designed to promote coordination and skill.

A patch in July 2010 added a large number of new characters to the game that represented real-life guilds and groups on the World of Warcraft forums. The main focus of the first wave of characters is the “Diablo Experience” theme that highlights the game’s popular character Diablo. While these characters were developed for the Greenlight project, they can be used in the standard WoW game.

Creating a Character:
A player can create characters at no charge, but must purchase the game to play the game. Without a subscription, a player can only play one character and can only play that character a maximum of three times per week. This restriction is because the game is designed to simulate a real world virtual world. According to the game’s FAQ, players can enter and exit the game at will, but once there, they will not be able to log off to log back in until a certain number of days have passed. The game does not have a continuous login time, however, and so players can enter or exit as they see fit and when it is most convenient for them.

Much of the development team was also members of several of the World of Warcraft fan-based guilds, including “Diablo Experience” and “World of Warcraft: Imagine”. Some of these guilds have also taken part in other projects that Eric Zow and his team have developed including EverQuest and Wurm Online.

Special Items and Features:
The major items in the game include Artifacts, Weapons, Armor, Clothes, and Accessories. These items can be bought with money or earned in game. Artifacts generally have a 100% drop rate with very few exceptions. Weapons are generally 50% to 70% of an item’s experience. Armor and Clothes are only 10% of experience and


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Final product will be released as 3 parts:
Part 1: Gameplay game without any story. Check “Enemies” section to play the game without a story.
Part 2: Gameplay game with one or more characters walking around the school at night and trying to survive.
Part 3: Gameplay game where you find the Prayer books, kill spirit, and switch the school light on.
(See “Part 2” for more details)
Story of cardiac unrest:
The game starts in a dream of a fallen student, Michael who has left his love only for darkness. A vicious attack of horrors leaves him dead on the floor with the heart torn out of his body. The school’s last hope, Michael’s girlfriend Alicia is in a state of shock, her desire for knowledge is corrupted by the nightmares of her dead boyfriend. She tries to make sense of the terrible event, but soon her sanity is in danger. Somewhere in the school a creature hides. A beast that preys upon the innocent, finds solace in darkness, the blood of its victims, and the frayed sanity of the few who are left. The heart is black, its thoughts unspeakable. The school is its prey.
This game is dedicated to all those who suffer.
Tell the truth.
Killing the Spirit by Your Light
The Spirit
The darkest part of your heart lies within the heart of this darkness.
Pray to the Light
The prayer books, written by the love of God, are your only hope.

With the upcoming release of VSCode 0.10 and the inclusion of support for C# 5, I wanted to take this opportunity to show off what I think is a pretty slick project in the ecosystem. Raygun 4 is a command-line tool to help with versioning issues in C# codebases.

What does it do?

Simply, it’s written in C# using.NET4 and can be used as a third-party command-line tool on any.NET4 target application. It’ll read the app’s version and append the version to the.exe’s filename with the build and revision number built into the application.

Why should I use it?

Versioning code in.NET codebases is important, especially if you’re a team with multiple devs who make changes to a common codebase. While it isn’t a guaranteed way to force this, with three commands you can guarantee that any of the other devs will


What’s new in Belle Boomerang:

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