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Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen is a fantasy action RPG that incorporates elements of both action and RPG. From the combat system to the skills system to the story, Elden Ring revamps and enhances all these elements to create an original fantasy game experience where you can fight for the player’s choices that you make.
Elden Ring that is set in the Lands Between. The Lands Between are connected to a huge world. It can be said that people use them like an endless playing field to battle with monsters and other people.
Through the connections between the Lands Between, you can create your own world on the online game called as “Elden Ring Online” (currently in tests).
In the world where secrets lie buried, a new fantasy RPG “Elden Ring”, developed by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. that reigns above all, and a vast world that the player freely creates, unfold.
An “Action RPG” featuring a unique combat system.
Although there are a lot of action games, this game is different from those games. The various actions required in this game differ by the monsters, the situation, and the player.
Ⅰ️Large Battle System
When you fight the big and powerful monsters, you enter a large battle system. There is a variety of attack patterns that you can freely use to deal with the monsters.
Ⅰ️Battle Strategies and Tactics
While you are fighting, you can freely select a battle strategy and a battle tactic.
When you join an empire, you will become a fighter with your friends. Fight together with your friends and the companions that you make.
Ⅰ️Characteristics of Fighters
Fighters have their own story through their basic attacks and special attacks. Characters will receive new abilities through their own character development.
Characters that join the party as an important part of your fight team.
There are two types of skills that you can equip and learn. There are attack skills and defense skills. Even if you fail during a fight, the skills that you equip and train will be maintained.
(All statistics are calculated at start of battle.)
The characters that you develop as you fight together, will become the team members of the opposing team. Their equipment will also develop according to the improvements


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • High quality graphics
    You can enjoy lots of high quality graphics of the Lands Between which brings out various landscapes to life, and immersion for the player.
  • Exciting online battle
    The online battle system allows you to enjoy battling with players around the world.
  • Customize your own avatar and change your appearance
    You can freely customize your character’s outfit, face, hairstyle, and even change its gender! There are a wide variety of charms and accessories to be equipped for your avatar.
  • Various items with special effects can be obtained from battles
    You can challenge the difficult enemies in your quest and become the most powerful-enhanced hero on the battlefield. The monsters defeated in the game can be equipped with unique weapons, and all of these items can possess effects such as increasing your firepower, or allowing you to perform powerful skills!
  • Elden Ring


    And the progress made in the past has allowed us to have a planned release in a single calendar year! However, due to various issues, there have been some delays.
    Such as, since the early production, the CPU has always been an issue in the development of the game. Although every official hardware platform uses the latest technology, the balance between performance and development costs as well as the costs of development and organization are maintained. The development effort thus naturally continues with an ongoing work on the graphics. We have also endeavored to make it easier to organize young producers, particularly with the creation of the indie development support team.

    From the development viewpoint, the game is currently running the production of characters, traveling with other races, the structure of the world, and the battle system.

    To make the game possible, we have utilized local reserves in addition to the support from overseas. With the various supporting staff from overseas, the game is fully developed and implemented. However, the one sidedness of the


    Elden Ring [32|64bit]

    Elden Ring Torrent Download game is a whole new fantasy action RPG game from the legendary game company. The new fantasy action RPG that you can see in the screenshots is the main features like the new fantasy based action RPG gameplay, amazing characters, powerful magic, exquisite environments, strategy and challenging gameplay.

    As a new legend is born after the battle in the last official Elden RING game release, this new fantasy action RPG game that you can see in this article is the new updated version of the Elden RING game. We still don’t know many things about this game, but it’s so cool looking. If you like the Elden RING official released games, you will find this new game looks really cool and enjoyable to play because this new fantasy action RPG game still has the same new details of the original game but more and more better updated graphics.

    What’s a popular and classic fantasy action RPG game? The answer is long story short it’s an RPG game where you can play with game characters, take part in a huge variety of quests, battle with monsters and bosses, and collect a variety of items. The new Elden RING game look so cool in my opinion because this new fantasy action RPG game is so good looking.

    What’s not any game character, quest, monster or boss the new Elden Ring is so good looking because this new game is the new fantasy action RPG game that’s all new designed and the new updated game graphics that really looks so good on my desktop. As you can see this new Elden Ring game will bring you a new epic fantasy action RPG world.

    This new fantasy action RPG game comes with new feature of co-op campaign. You can travel together with other people to help you play the new fantasy action RPG game together with people that you can connect with from online or you can also play with people that you can meet in the real life. This is a new game feature that you can see as in the screenshot because this new fantasy action RPG game is a whole new campaign mode that you can play together with other players.

    Another new feature of this new fantasy action RPG game is the character creation process. You can also build your character and you can even combine the weapon with the armor, as long as you want. You can even add special moves to your character to enhance your combat skills. This is also a new feature that you can see in


    Elden Ring Crack + Free Download For PC

    The full version is expected to release in Q1 2018.

    —For the WEB version.—

    To play the basic contents of the WEB version, please visit

    (this game is an offline one)

    Play Instructions

    —For the OFF-line version (PC)—

    The game will be available on Steam in late Q4 2017 (For other platforms, please email us at

    * Please log-in to the Steam account that you purchased the game with.

    * Check the “Cloud Save” option in the game settings.

    (Users can update their game data to the new version and then continue the play even after the game update.)

    At the moment, the playable area is Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

    * Users who are not able to play on Steam will be able to purchase the game on a regular basis in the future.

    By purchasing this game, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    Lab5 Inc.

    Game Product:


    ※ Please note that this game is a full version. The content of it is different from the test version.

    Social Plugin

    * Installation steps for Facebook:

    * Installation steps for Twitter:


    Bearer, a newly-established Game Company in Lab5, is a development studio specializing in the delivery of quality video games for the Nintendo Switch, Switch Online, PC, and mobile platforms.

    With the aim of creating video games that are both exciting and enjoyable, we take on a variety of projects that range from porting existing titles to creating entirely new genres.

    Bearer aims to create a space where everyone can enjoy a unique video game, the kind of game that can only be created with a skilled team and amazing imagination. We hope you enjoy our work.

    Why Bearer?

    Bearer is a new development studio based in Japan that focuses on developing video games and delivering them to players around the world.

    Since our establishment in 2015, we have been developing and providing


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Be careful of what you dream for.
    The strength you command and intentions you share with others are the soul of fantasy. The land where you live is an emerald domain of majesty and beauty. Depending on the way you approach life, you can become either living legend or crime lord. You can grow from a simple adventurer to be reborn as a lord of the realm. You can experience unforgettable rewards, but also deal with struggles that can lead to tragic endings. You will make choices that will affect the world of the game world, but also the future of those who are waiting for your next words.
    Immersive Role-Playing where you can control the actions of others
    • Player Customization
    Dress up your character to make them look great. Change their hairstyle, weapons, armor, and add magical effects on their accessories. You can freely change which weapons and magic you want to equip and use.
    • Unparalleled on the App Store
    In this game, from the armor to clothing, weapons, accessories, and even furniture that you use, your choice determines the how you appear in the game. With this degree of variation, the characters in the game come to life as something more than simple graphical contents.
    • Features like Comfort Camera, Local Co-Op, etc.
    This game offers various ways of enjoying the game world, including comfort camera that records everything with amazing quality, local co-op where your party can fight side-by-side, and various lockers where you can freely store items in the newly added event feature.
    • Local Co-Op
    Online “player versus environment” or “player versus player” are both great. Play it with a friend however you like! The more people that you play the game with, the more fun your game will become.
    Catherine is a true video game treasure. Develop a high-quality fantasy role-playing game.
    • UI and style improved based on the feedback of the GOTY committee from the Mac App Store.
    • Improved web browser.The new and improved web browser will provide you a better user interface.
    • New lockers, to handle items while battling or traveling.What the Friends are saying on the Google Play Store
    “A fantastic steal with great atmosphere.”
    “Just a fantastic game.”
    “A lighthearted ninja adventure that wears its heart on its sleeve.”
    “A wonderful fantasy world to enter.”


    Free Elden Ring Crack + For Windows

    Download cNTRGame and install it in default directry

    Rename your old NTRGame folder and replace it by ELDEN RING folder.

    RUN.bat then install old NTRGame

    After installation of ELDEN RING, Unpack your game (RUN.bat) so it will create folder ELDEN RING and another folder NTRGame. Then copy game (ldenring-n-r.nrg) and (ldenring-n-r.lkf) from “ELDEN RING” into your original “NTRGame” folder and rename the (ldenring-n-r.lkf) to (ldenring-n-r.nrg).

    Then Run your game (ldenring-n-r.nrg) and enjoy!

    Additional information:

    Developed on Unreal Engine 4

    Unreal Engine 4 is a powerful, flexible game development platform that provides a production-ready solution to create games on modern hardware and OS platforms. This version features very powerful hardware tessellation and advanced shadow techniques, bringing eye candy and performance to the table in both static and dynamic areas.


    ۲۰ Square maps


    ۴۰۰ unique items and items for re-skin

    ۱۰۰+ locations and characters

    Super-human moves for your character

    Over 40 unique skills that you can use

    Character classes

    New art


    Soundtrack and Artwork

    Server and Website

    Game Modes

    Makes Games

    Solo Survival Mode (Free for all)

    Freeplay (Challenge all players online and offline)

    Co-op Survival Mode (5-player or more)

    Private Tower (Adventure Mode for the players)

    Questing mode (Up to 8 Players)


    Key Features

    Embark on a journey from a small town to a vast world, fight monsters, defeat dungeons, and uncover secrets

    The biggest NTR game ever! With more than 70 missions, 3+ hours of campaign and endless content of side quest, how will you choose your style of playing?

    Create and customize a character from dozens of options, and take advantage of numerous unique weapons, armor and accessories.

    Explore and experience a vast world by riding on your horse, in your truck, or even in your flying spacecraft


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the.EXE file from the link in the download section
  • Open the downloaded.EXE file with EA’s WinRAR software
  • Copy the cracked [GR / File / RenameBin] content to your PC
  • Done! You can now play the game!
  • Enjoy!!!
  • Disclaimer: The email address provided is affiliated to

    EA Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or foreign countries.<br /> </head><br /> <body></p> <div> <h2>DOWNLOAD THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG.</h2> <h2>Click the pic to visit the download page for this title.</h2> <p><a href=""><br /> <img src="" width= "300" height= "50" style="max-width: 100%"><br /> </p> <div class= "sc"> <p>Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.<br /> • A Vast World Full of Excitement<br /> A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.<br /> • Create your Own Character<br /> In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.<br /> • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth<br /> A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.<br /> • Unique Online Play that Loosely</p> <p> </p> <p><a href=""></a><br /> <a href=""></a><br /> <a href=""></a><br /> <a href=""></a><br /> <a href=""></a></p> <h2><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">System Requirements For Elden Ring:</span></strong></h2> <p>Minimum:<br /> OS: Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 64-bit<br /> Processor: Intel Pentium 3.8 GHz or equivalent, AMD Athlon 3.1 GHz or equivalent, or<br /> i7-900, i7-860, i7-850, i7-850T, i7-845, i7-835, i7-820, i7-820T, i7-820Q, i7-820W,<br /> i7-810, i7-805, i7-800,</p> <p> </p> <p><center><a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank"> <button style="font-size: 19px;padding:16px">Download</button></a></center></p> <h2><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Related sites:</span></strong></h2> <p><a href="" ></a><br /><a href="" ></a><br /><a href="" ></a><br /><a href="" ></a><br /><a href="" ></a><br /><a 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1.145-0.132 1.585zM35.3 16.132c-0.264 0.97-0.484 2.201-0.66 3.697h-1.716l0.132-0.396c0.35-2.463 0.614-4.4 0.792-5.809h1.584l-0.132 0.924c0.264-0.44 0.528-0.703 0.792-0.792 0.264-0.264 0.528-0.308 0.792-0.132-0.088 0.088-0.31 0.706-0.66 1.848-0.353-0.086-0.661 0.132-0.925 0.66zM41.241 19.697c-0.353 0.177-0.838 0.264-1.452 0.264-0.881 0-1.584-0.308-2.112-0.924-0.528-0.528-0.792-1.32-0.792-2.376 0-1.32 0.35-2.42 1.056-3.3 0.614-0.879 1.496-1.32 2.64-1.32 0.44 0 1.056 0.132 1.848 0.396l-0.264 1.584c-0.528-0.264-1.012-0.396-1.452-0.396-0.707 0-1.235 0.264-1.584 0.792-0.353 0.442-0.528 1.144-0.528 2.112 0 0.616 0.132 1.056 0.396 1.32 0.264 0.353 0.614 0.528 1.056 0.528 0.44 0 0.924-0.132 1.452-0.396l-0.264 1.717zM47.115 15.868c-0.046 0.264-0.066 0.484-0.066 0.66-0.088 0.442-0.178 1.035-0.264 1.782-0.088 0.749-0.178 1.254-0.264 1.518h-1.32v-0.66c-0.353 0.528-0.924 0.792-1.716 0.792-0.442 0-0.792-0.132-1.056-0.396-0.264-0.351-0.396-0.792-0.396-1.32 0-0.792 0.218-1.364 0.66-1.716 0.614-0.44 1.32-0.66 2.112-0.66h0.66c0.086-0.086 0.132-0.218 0.132-0.396 0-0.351-0.353-0.528-1.056-0.528-0.442 0-1.012 0.088-1.716 0.264 0-0.351 0.086-0.792 0.264-1.32 0.703-0.264 1.32-0.396 1.848-0.396 1.496 0 2.245 0.616 2.245 1.848 0.001 0.089-0.021 0.264-0.065 0.529zM49.69 16.132c-0.178 0.528-0.396 1.762-0.66 3.697h-1.716l0.132-0.396c0.35-1.935 0.614-3.872 0.792-5.809h1.584c0 0.353-0.046 0.66-0.132 0.924 0.264-0.44 0.528-0.703 0.792-0.792 0.35-0.175 0.614-0.218 0.792-0.132-0.353 0.442-0.574 1.056-0.66 1.848-0.353-0.086-0.66 0.132-0.925 0.66zM54.178 19.828l0.132-0.528c-0.353 0.442-0.838 0.66-1.452 0.66-0.707 0-1.188-0.218-1.452-0.66-0.442-0.614-0.66-1.232-0.66-1.848 0-1.142 0.308-2.067 0.924-2.773 0.44-0.703 1.056-1.056 1.848-1.056 0.528 0 1.056 0.264 1.584 0.792l0.264-2.244h1.716l-1.32 7.657h-1.585zM16.159 17.98c0 0.442 0.175 0.66 0.528 0.66 0.35 0 0.614-0.132 0.792-0.396 0.264-0.264 0.396-0.66 0.396-1.188h-0.397c-0.881 0-1.32 0.31-1.32 0.924zM31.076 15.076c-0.088 0-0.178-0.043-0.264-0.132h-0.264c-0.528 0-0.881 0.353-1.056 1.056h1.848v-0.396l-0.132-0.264c-0.001-0.086-0.047-0.175-0.133-0.264zM43.617 17.98c0 0.442 0.175 0.66 0.528 0.66 0.35 0 0.614-0.132 0.792-0.396 0.264-0.264 0.396-0.66 0.396-1.188h-0.396c-0.881 0-1.32 0.31-1.32 0.924zM53.782 15.076c-0.353 0-0.66 0.22-0.924 0.66-0.178 0.264-0.264 0.749-0.264 1.452 0 0.792 0.264 1.188 0.792 1.188 0.35 0 0.66-0.175 0.924-0.528 0.264-0.351 0.396-0.879 0.396-1.584-0.001-0.792-0.311-1.188-0.925-1.188z"></path> </svg> </div><div class="payment-icon"><svg version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" viewBox="0 0 64 32"> <path d="M13.043 8.356c-0.46 0-0.873 0.138-1.24 0.413s-0.662 0.681-0.885 1.217c-0.223 0.536-0.334 1.112-0.334 1.727 0 0.568 0.119 0.99 0.358 1.265s0.619 0.413 1.141 0.413c0.508 0 1.096-0.131 1.765-0.393v1.327c-0.693 0.262-1.389 0.393-2.089 0.393-0.884 0-1.572-0.254-2.063-0.763s-0.736-1.229-0.736-2.161c0-0.892 0.181-1.712 0.543-2.462s0.846-1.32 1.452-1.709 1.302-0.584 2.089-0.584c0.435 0 0.822 0.038 1.159 0.115s0.7 0.217 1.086 0.421l-0.616 1.276c-0.369-0.201-0.673-0.333-0.914-0.398s-0.478-0.097-0.715-0.097zM19.524 12.842h-2.47l-0.898 1.776h-1.671l3.999-7.491h1.948l0.767 7.491h-1.551l-0.125-1.776zM19.446 11.515l-0.136-1.786c-0.035-0.445-0.052-0.876-0.052-1.291v-0.184c-0.153 0.408-0.343 0.84-0.569 1.296l-0.982 1.965h1.739zM27.049 12.413c0 0.711-0.257 1.273-0.773 1.686s-1.213 0.62-2.094 0.62c-0.769 0-1.389-0.153-1.859-0.46v-1.398c0.672 0.367 1.295 0.551 1.869 0.551 0.39 0 0.694-0.072 0.914-0.217s0.329-0.343 0.329-0.595c0-0.147-0.024-0.275-0.070-0.385s-0.114-0.214-0.201-0.309c-0.087-0.095-0.303-0.269-0.648-0.52-0.481-0.337-0.818-0.67-1.013-1s-0.293-0.685-0.293-1.066c0-0.439 0.108-0.831 0.324-1.176s0.523-0.614 0.922-0.806 0.857-0.288 1.376-0.288c0.755 0 1.446 0.168 2.073 0.505l-0.569 1.189c-0.543-0.252-1.044-0.378-1.504-0.378-0.289 0-0.525 0.077-0.71 0.23s-0.276 0.355-0.276 0.607c0 0.207 0.058 0.389 0.172 0.543s0.372 0.36 0.773 0.615c0.421 0.272 0.736 0.572 0.945 0.9s0.313 0.712 0.313 1.151zM33.969 14.618h-1.597l0.7-3.22h-2.46l-0.7 3.22h-1.592l1.613-7.46h1.597l-0.632 2.924h2.459l0.632-2.924h1.592l-1.613 7.46zM46.319 9.831c0 0.963-0.172 1.824-0.517 2.585s-0.816 1.334-1.415 1.722c-0.598 0.388-1.288 0.582-2.067 0.582-0.891 0-1.587-0.251-2.086-0.753s-0.749-1.198-0.749-2.090c0-0.902 0.172-1.731 0.517-2.488s0.82-1.338 1.425-1.743c0.605-0.405 1.306-0.607 2.099-0.607 0.888 0 1.575 0.245 2.063 0.735s0.73 1.176 0.73 2.056zM43.395 8.356c-0.421 0-0.808 0.155-1.159 0.467s-0.627 0.739-0.828 1.283-0.3 1.135-0.3 1.771c0 0.5 0.116 0.877 0.348 1.133s0.558 0.383 0.979 0.383 0.805-0.148 1.151-0.444c0.346-0.296 0.617-0.714 0.812-1.255s0.292-1.148 0.292-1.822c0-0.483-0.113-0.856-0.339-1.12-0.227-0.264-0.546-0.396-0.957-0.396zM53.427 14.618h-1.786l-1.859-5.644h-0.031l-0.021 0.163c-0.111 0.735-0.227 1.391-0.344 1.97l-0.757 3.511h-1.436l1.613-7.46h1.864l1.775 5.496h0.021c0.042-0.259 0.109-0.628 0.203-1.107s0.407-1.942 0.94-4.388h1.43l-1.613 7.461zM13.296 20.185c0 0.98-0.177 1.832-0.532 2.556s-0.868 1.274-1.539 1.652c-0.672 0.379-1.464 0.568-2.376 0.568h-2.449l1.678-7.68h2.15c0.977 0 1.733 0.25 2.267 0.751s0.801 1.219 0.801 2.154zM8.925 23.615c0.536 0 1.003-0.133 1.401-0.399s0.71-0.657 0.934-1.174c0.225-0.517 0.337-1.108 0.337-1.773 0-0.54-0.131-0.95-0.394-1.232s-0.64-0.423-1.132-0.423h-0.624l-1.097 5.001h0.575zM18.64 24.96h-4.436l1.678-7.68h4.442l-0.293 1.334h-2.78l-0.364 1.686h2.59l-0.299 1.334h-2.59l-0.435 1.98h2.78l-0.293 1.345zM20.509 24.96l1.678-7.68h1.661l-1.39 6.335h2.78l-0.294 1.345h-4.436zM26.547 24.96l1.694-7.68h1.656l-1.694 7.68h-1.656zM33.021 23.389c0.282-0.774 0.481-1.27 0.597-1.487l2.346-4.623h1.716l-4.061 7.68h-1.814l-0.689-7.68h1.602l0.277 4.623c0.015 0.157 0.022 0.39 0.022 0.699-0.007 0.361-0.018 0.623-0.033 0.788h0.038zM41.678 24.96h-4.437l1.678-7.68h4.442l-0.293 1.334h-2.78l-0.364 1.686h2.59l-0.299 1.334h-2.59l-0.435 1.98h2.78l-0.293 1.345zM45.849 22.013l-0.646 2.947h-1.656l1.678-7.68h1.949c0.858 0 1.502 0.179 1.933 0.536s0.646 0.881 0.646 1.571c0 0.554-0.15 1.029-0.451 1.426s-0.733 0.692-1.298 0.885l1.417 3.263h-1.803l-1.124-2.947h-0.646zM46.137 20.689h0.424c0.474 0 0.843-0.1 1.108-0.3s0.396-0.504 0.396-0.914c0-0.287-0.086-0.502-0.258-0.646s-0.442-0.216-0.812-0.216h-0.402l-0.456 2.076zM53.712 20.39l2.031-3.11h1.857l-3.355 4.744-0.646 2.936h-1.645l0.646-2.936-1.281-4.744h1.694l0.7 3.11z"></path> </svg> </div></div> </div><!-- -right --> <div class="footer-primary pull-left"> <div class="menu-secondary-container"><ul id="menu-secondary-1" class="links footer-nav uppercase"><li class="menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page menu-item-229"><a href="">فروشگاه ما</a></li> <li class="menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page menu-item-266"><a href="">سوالات متداول</a></li> </ul></div> <div class="copyright-footer"> کپی‌رایت 2022 © <strong>فلت‌سام</strong> </div> </div><!-- .left --> </div><!-- .container --> </div><!-- .absolute-footer --> <a href="#top" class="back-to-top button icon 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id="username" autocomplete="username" value="" /> </p> <p class="woocommerce-form-row woocommerce-form-row--wide form-row form-row-wide"> <label for="password">گذرواژه <span class="required">*</span></label> <input class="woocommerce-Input woocommerce-Input--text input-text" type="password" name="password" id="password" autocomplete="current-password" /> </p> <p class="form-row"> <label class="woocommerce-form__label woocommerce-form__label-for-checkbox woocommerce-form-login__rememberme"> <input class="woocommerce-form__input woocommerce-form__input-checkbox" name="rememberme" type="checkbox" id="rememberme" value="forever" /> <span>مرا به خاطر بسپار</span> </label> <input type="hidden" id="woocommerce-login-nonce" name="woocommerce-login-nonce" value="7bf1923049" /><input type="hidden" name="_wp_http_referer" value="/2022/07/16/repack-elden-ring-deluxe-edition-skidrow-codex-dlc-download-latest/" /> <button type="submit" class="woocommerce-Button button woocommerce-form-login__submit" name="login" value="ورود">ورود</button> </p> <p class="woocommerce-LostPassword lost_password"> <a href="">گذرواژه خود را فراموش کرده اید؟</a> </p> </form> </div><!-- .login-inner --> </div> <div class="col-2 large-6 col pb-0"> <div class="account-register-inner"> <h3 class="uppercase">عضویت</h3> <form method="post" class="woocommerce-form woocommerce-form-register register" > <p class="woocommerce-form-row woocommerce-form-row--wide form-row form-row-wide"> <label for="reg_email">آدرس ایمیل <span class="required">*</span></label> <input type="email" class="woocommerce-Input woocommerce-Input--text input-text" name="email" id="reg_email" autocomplete="email" value="" /> </p> <p class="woocommerce-form-row woocommerce-form-row--wide form-row form-row-wide"> <label for="reg_password">گذرواژه <span class="required">*</span></label> <input type="password" class="woocommerce-Input woocommerce-Input--text input-text" name="password" id="reg_password" autocomplete="new-password" /> </p> <div class="woocommerce-privacy-policy-text"></div> <p class="woocommerce-FormRow form-row"> <input type="hidden" id="woocommerce-register-nonce" name="woocommerce-register-nonce" value="b2ce6160b4" /><input type="hidden" name="_wp_http_referer" value="/2022/07/16/repack-elden-ring-deluxe-edition-skidrow-codex-dlc-download-latest/" /> <button type="submit" class="woocommerce-Button button" name="register" value="عضویت">عضویت</button> </p> </form> </div><!-- .register-inner --> </div><!-- .large-6 --> </div> <!-- .row --> </div><!-- .account-login-container --> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> (function () { var c = document.body.className; c = c.replace(/woocommerce-no-js/, 'woocommerce-js'); document.body.className = c; })(); </script> <script type='text/javascript' src='' id='jquery-selectBox-js'></script> <script type='text/javascript' src='//' id='prettyPhoto-js'></script> <script type='text/javascript' id='jquery-yith-wcwl-js-extra'> /* <![CDATA[ */ var yith_wcwl_l10n = 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Use %3$s instead. Please consider writing more inclusive code.":["%1$s \u0627\u0632 \u0646\u06af\u0627\u0631\u0634%2$s \u0645\u0646\u0633\u0648\u062e \u0634\u062f\u0647 \u0627\u0633\u062a! \u0628\u0647 \u062c\u0627\u06cc \u0622\u0646 \u0627\u0632 %3$s \u0627\u0633\u062a\u0641\u0627\u062f\u0647 \u0646\u0645\u0627\u06cc\u06cc\u062f. \u0644\u0637\u0641\u0627\u064b \u0646\u0648\u0634\u062a\u0646 \u06a9\u062f \u0631\u0627 \u0628\u0647 \u0637\u0648\u0631 \u062c\u0627\u0645\u0639\u200c\u062a\u0631 \u062f\u0631 \u0646\u0638\u0631 \u0628\u06af\u06cc\u0631\u06cc\u062f."]}},"comment":{"reference":"wp-admin\/js\/password-strength-meter.js"}} ); </script> <script type='text/javascript' src='' id='password-strength-meter-js'></script> <script type='text/javascript' id='wc-password-strength-meter-js-extra'> /* <![CDATA[ */ var wc_password_strength_meter_params = {"min_password_strength":"3","stop_checkout":"","i18n_password_error":"\u0644\u0637\u0641\u0627 \u06cc\u06a9 \u06af\u0630\u0631\u0648\u0627\u0698\u0647 \u0642\u0648\u06cc \u062a\u0631 \u0648\u0627\u0631\u062f \u06a9\u0646\u06cc\u062f.","i18n_password_hint":"\u0631\u0627\u0647\u0646\u0645\u0627\u06cc\u06cc: \u0631\u0645\u0632 \u0628\u0627\u06cc\u062f \u062f\u0633\u062a\u06a9\u0645 \u06f7 \u062d\u0631\u0641 \u0628\u0627\u0634\u062f. \u0628\u0631\u0627\u06cc \u0642\u0648\u06cc\u200c\u062a\u0631 \u06a9\u0631\u062f\u0646 \u0622\u0646\u060c \u0627\u0632 \u062d\u0631\u0648\u0641 \u06a9\u0648\u0686\u06a9 \u0648 \u0628\u0632\u0631\u06af \u0627\u0646\u06af\u0644\u06cc\u0633\u06cc\u060c \u0627\u0639\u062f\u0627\u062f \u0648 \u0646\u0645\u0627\u062f\u0647\u0627\u06cc\u06cc \u0645\u0627\u0646\u0646\u062f ! \" \u061f $ % ^ & ) \u0627\u0633\u062a\u0641\u0627\u062f\u0647 \u06a9\u0646\u06cc\u062f."}; /* ]]> */ </script> <script type='text/javascript' src='' id='wc-password-strength-meter-js'></script> </body> </html>