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Elden Ring Activation Code presents a fantasy role-playing game set in the land between the real world and the endless fantasy world. It’s the story of a man named Tarnished who has just gained the power of an Elden Lord. Tarnished is inspired by the bittersweet ideas of a young boy wishing to escape a world of conflict. Tarnished is a story about a man who questions the limits of his power and the consequences of his choices, who continuously puts himself in the hands of fate and witnesses the power and majesty of the Elden World. Tarnished is the very first game to use OPEN WORLD – a method of creating a massive, seamless world full of fantastic content. Tarnished is, so far, the first OPEN WORLD fantasy role-playing game in the world.


۶ Primary elements are the core of this game and the bonds between them will directly affect your fate.

– Endurance and Movement
As your character drops in health, it will be able to endure attacks and endure its burdens more easily. You can make your character swifter or more powerful by increasing its Endurance.

– Movement
Your character’s movement speed will increase with strength. The faster you can move, the more danger your character will be in. However, gaining a quick pace will also increase your chance of dodging attacks.

– Strength
Increases your physical strength. Increases your weapon attack, magic attack, and ability to wear items. Increases your endurance, as well as to make your character able to keep up with everyone else.

– Magic
Increases your magic attack. Increases your ability to use magic and puts your character’s range of magic spells into effect. Increases your endurance, as well as to make your character able to keep up with everyone else.

– Stamina
Increases your endurance. Increases your character’s ability to take a sudden attack. Increases your character’s ability to take damage and reduces your character’s ability to take a hold of the fight.

– Luck
Increases your luck for ‘entering a dangerous situation’, ‘being hit by an unexpected attack’, ‘being targeted by a magic attack’, ‘healing’, ‘ability to land a critical hit’, ‘ability to accurately fire an arrow’, and so on.

All elements work together.

Elements are powered by the nubmer of skills


Features Key:

    · Enjoy numerous social features such as Battle Lounge and are updated regularly.
    · Share enjoyment via Twitter, Google+, Facebook and other social services.
    · Come face to face with friends and strangers in intense PvP battles! At the same time, enjoy various cooperative and play-style battles to help each other fight.
    · Gather together with 3-4 party members at the base and fight against monsters, while zooming in and out with unit-targeting actions to make battles more cinematic and tactical.
    · A Character that You Can Feel When You Fight.
    · The face, hair, and body of your character change automatically when you bring 3-4 party members together (maximum party size of 6 party members)
  • If you are interested in more details and would like to learn more about the game, please visit the official site:

    kp.feng@gmail.com (Ke Haofeng)Thu, 20 Jul 2016 09:00:00 +0330

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    “The story of this game has been quite intriguing thus far. I’m looking forward to seeing where this game will take us. The action starts slow but explodes once the battle ends. The battles themselves aren’t much different than other games out there.”

    “Overall, I found myself enjoying this game. The game mechanics are pretty straight forward and don’t feel daunting. I am hopeful this game will see a release sooner rather than later.”

    “The battle system is fun and simplistic. There are only a few things to consider here. However, it has presented me with the opportunity to figure out how each of the classes work during the game.”

    “I’m excited for whatever is in store for us with this game, but I am rather confident. I feel I am going to have a blast playing this game. One more thing about this game, and I don’t want to be too obvious, but the names are pretty fun.”

    Hi there, I’m the fine gentleman whom you are currently reading to create a spell, Tarnished. I am the chief designer of the game. As you begin your journey as an “Elden Lord,” I too have begun a few journeys. Mine is a long one. I believe that I will continue to make pilgrimages to the Lands Between, reach for the heavens. I seek ecstasy. I seek to touch the ground. I seek to listen to the voices of the Spirits of the Lands Between. I will ascend to their presence. I shall leave footprints on the grass. I shall walk the path that the Spirits seek to traverse. I shall listen to the path the Spirits speak. I shall strive to understand the path, the paths, and the ways. I shall strive to understand the ways of the Elden Ring Crack For Windows. I will ascend to the throne and watch the world below. I will explore the Kingdoms Of the Lands Between. I will walk the path of the Kings, the Queens and the Princesses, and the Nobility of the Lands Between. I will strive to understand the path of the Elden Ring. This I will do.

    The game is an action role-playing game (RPG) that takes place in a virtual world called The Lands Between. You play as a member of the Elden Ring, a mystical organization dedicated to the Gods of old


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    Movement. The player moves using the arrow key pad, and can move freely around the battlefield.

    Attack. The player can attack enemies by pressing the attack button.

    Magic. When a magic attack is ready, a magic indicator will appear at the bottom of the screen. When an enemy is targeted, the same magic indicator will appear.

    Charge. The player can prepare their attack by pressing the charge button. A variety of abilities are available depending on the type of attack, and the power of attack that can be used depends on the amount of electricity that has been accumulated.

    Equipment. The player can equip equipment during their battle. Depending on the type of equipment, their bonuses to various elements may differ.

    Skill. The player can learn skills in accordance with their equipment as the game progresses. Skills have different effects depending on the circumstance in which they are used.

    NPC/Boss. The player can attack and defeat large enemies using the battle skills that they learn.

    Menu. Various menu options are displayed during battles. By using them, the player can select allies, move to a new location or opening, change the camera view, and view information about enemies.

    The Dungeon Master Mode

    The first mode is called the dungeon master mode.

    ( Dungeon Master : Dungeon Master mode) The player is surrounded by monsters and has to protect themselves from them using the skills that they have acquired.

    Event Battle – During the event, you can challenge quests.

    Quest – On the quest, the player can receive various quests and randomly earn the legendary mythical treasures.

    War – The player leads their countrymen in the war.

    Class – By choosing a class, you can customize the abilities of your character and reach new heights in battle.

    ( Dungeon Master mode : battles)

    ( Dungeon Master mode : battles)

    RPG elements

    ( Dungeon Master mode : battles)

    The second mode is called RPG elements.

    ( RPG elements : RPG elements) The combat system is similar to traditional RPG games. By equipping various items, skills can be learned and customized.

    You can increase your stats by playing. The player can increase their stats by equipping items, and their skill level, to become stronger.


    What’s new:

    A gateway to a land of fantasy and adventure.

    An Epic Adventure

    • A vast world of endless possibilities.
      • Tactical online battle
      • Perform quests and customize your character
      • Connect with your friends to play co-op and go on adventures together
      • Hundreds of items to use in-game and organize as you wish


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