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Download Now 🔗 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



About the game content:

The adventure in the game is based on the content in the

Legend of the Elden Ring

The Legend of the Elden Ring is a novel serialized by the U.S. Manga Corps, which was released in North America on September 27th, 2005. It follows a young man named Toshiro as he pursues his goal to become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. Throughout the story, he has various encounters with a variety of interesting characters and the land itself, feeling the adventure of exploring a vast and beautiful world through his dreams and day-to-day life.


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V-2 (キュート) Apk

V-2 (奇異第۲)


続丸 (Hansu) 2 1.2.5

続丸 (邪心からの神速戦士 :۱٫۲٫۵)

深澤鬘少女 (深澤紅)

深澤鬘少女 (深澤紅)

Kakure Kiritsu Amakusa

Kakure Kiritsu Amakusa

★ダウンロード ۱,۰۰۰票 ★ [Android]

V-2 Apk [Windows]


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Toshiro: A young man from a family with a strong history of the martial arts. With a deep desire to become a legendary Elden Lord, he is guided by destiny to follow the path of the Elden Ring.

Miki: A young woman from an upper-class family. She is self-sufficient in both soul and body, but, also, with a strong sense of justice. She uses the skills of the Hana magic in her battles.

Sana: A mysterious man in his late twenties.


Features Key:

  • The Modern, Classical, and Abysmal Elements That Exist in the Land Between Are Combined
  • A Unique Fantasy Adventure with Dark Dramas and Exciting Battles Together with Elric and Glynda
  • A New Server for Synchronized Play Experiences in Asynchronous Online Play
  • A Synthesis of the Land Between and the Land of Eternity
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    By SEGA NEXT Generation Official (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

    Elden Ring Cracked Accounts v0.65

    If it’s an RPG, something about an UI concept, go try to put something out new among the repetitions of the genres which took-out a lot of them, like Fallout or Ultima, or even more, games which change the genre, like Mass Effect 2.

    There are almost no MMORPGs which are still on the market nowadays. And with the port on smartphones, those who are disappointed of their online experience could access the game, giving them new experience in an MMO.

    The game philosophy is to allow the player to enjoy and explore different worlds, every time someone is online, which is basically a gathering system.

    In this game you can create their own character, and have various topics such as the multiplayer system, and a very large world which is considered to be a never-ending RPG.

    The graphics are so realistic that it seems like a photo frame. The characters’ eyes are so huge, and the environment has a very high-resolution graphics.

    A gorgeous in-game screen.

    As for the PC users, this game will certainly please you with its fantastic graphics and other improvements.

    Gameplay is very simple.

    The control system has been kept simple.

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    You feel like you are controlling a realistic character.

    It is a game which you expect a lot.

    As for the game content, the main feature of the game is that we can create a character, with a wide selection of customization options.

    The weapon, armor, and magic system have been simplified, and play style is determined by customization options.

    For instance, by choosing the gender (male/female) and hair style (short/long).

    As for the gameplay, a quick-time event will be added.

    By selecting the attack command (hold button), you can perform an animation.

    Some of the background scenes which feel like real movies, are in fact a quick-time event.

    You have probably played the game, where your character is in


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    • You can view the environment of the Lands Between.
    • Select your character freely.
    • Combat progress will be shown in real time.
    • Strategy and teamwork are required.
    • As your character’s combat skills increase, the game becomes more lively.
    • Efficient and smooth gameplay systems.
    • Smooth transition between real-time and strategy elements.


    • Enjoy Special Debut Items such as a Risen Armor, the Gems of the Spirit Stones, etc.
    • Enjoy the Unique Bond & Set System, to develop a bond with characters you meet in the game.
    • Develop your unique character through skills, combat techniques, and special attacks.
    • Enjoy a brand-new online game mode where you can directly connect with other players and travel together.
    • Learn the bonds and special techniques of other characters and use them against enemies.
    • Enjoy various activities to earn Bonds and Gold that can be exchanged for equipment.


    • Enjoy local multiplayer.
    • Enjoy cooperative and competitive modes.
    • All the old items can be played.
    • Characters from previous games can be used with no problems.
    • You can share data, for example, outfits and skills, in a group.


    • RPG Maker MV is a game development suite developed by RPG Factory.

    It can create a wide variety of multi-layered game worlds using 3D components.

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    What’s new:

    Follow the original ending of the animated series on YouTube   ,    –
      –   !   


    New Fantasy Action RPG



    ۱۰٫۹۹Adventurer’s Soul

    Action RPG


    ۳,۱۰۶Total Reviews

    About Left Right

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
    • Create your Own Character
    In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons,


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    Step by step instructions on how to download and install the latest ELDEN RING 1.1 patch, Crack and serial keys to activate the game: Download the game from the direct link below. Download the game and patch from thedirect link below Extract the game folder (where the game is located) in the desktop and run the game. After the game loads, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation. Note: If your game is installed to another location, you will have to move the game folder to the desktop before extraction. For support, check out our forums. If you encounter any problems, make sure you have installed and are running the newest version of DirectX, if necessary. For further instructions, check out our How to Play – Video Guide.


    For translations and other help, check out our forum.

    About this release:

    This Patch includes fixes and adjustments made to ELDEN RING 1.1 to make the game even better!

    We really want the community to enjoy the game. While we always update the game to make it the best possible, by definition, some bugs and issues are going to remain in the game. While it is incredibly helpful to be informed of any bugs and issues so that we can fix them, we don’t want to make it an expectation that the team should always be updating the game for every single issue you report. We want to focus on building awesome new content, and only fix things that deserve to be fixed. This isn’t a perfect system, but it is a good system, and we hope you’ll understand our commitment to it.

    Version 1.1.5

    Released on July 10th, 2019

    Fixed A Bug that Halved the Damage of the Monastery Blade

    Fixed A Bug that Killed Cattle, in Certain Environments

    Added A Cow That Moves Its head To Receive Blessings

    Added A New Spell: Terrible Sorrows

    Added A New Spell: Terrible Sorrows

    Updated Tarnished to be a Lower Class Character

    Fixed A Bug that Added An Unexpected Value to the Attack Potency of Biting Sticks

    Updated Tarn


    How To Crack:

  • Open the “setup.exe” by double-clicking “setup.exe” with the “Run as Administrator” option. Close the purchased setup if any popup message occurs.
  • Then, run and wait. After the download and installation has completed, you will get a “Elder Ring Host Setup” window after restarting your computer.
  • In case of restarting your computer automatically, if the “Elder Ring Host Setup” window is displayed again, open it and accept the mandatory changes such as “account name” and “server settings”. Then, run and wait for the game after a restart.
  • Close the Elder Ring for PC if any popup message occurs.
  • Run theElder Ring.exe and log in to a Battle World created for you.
  • Open the downloaded extra “IDBC4_Pack_191107.rar” and extract the EXE files. Install these files via “Extract Files (PCLauncher)” in the folder where the original package was installed.
  • Then, run the Elder Ring.exe. And then, click “Online Play” at the menu.
  • To use the in-game, please download and install “CoinBox” and “LINKS” in “My Steam”.
  • Log in to your Battle World and start a new game.
  • Checkout which of the IDBC Module (original or new) you have, click (S)etting icon in the game menu and turn on or off “Logging” option.
  • Close log, and click “Online Play” at the menu.
  • Select the IDBC4 Module and choose offline mode.
  • Then, log in the Battle World where you have launched the IDBC Module.
  • And then, select your character to start a new game.
  • Offline mode will determine which IDBC Module is more suitable according to which version of Battle World is launched or the online status of “LINKS” in your Battle World (original or latest released). In addition


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 64-Bit or above
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 64-Bit or above RAM: 6 GB or above Video Card: Graphics Card: DirectX 9c compliant
    Graphics Card: DirectX 9c compliant DirectX: DirectX 11
    DirectX: DirectX 11 Power Options: Power Saving Mode (Cores, Memory, Display or All)
    Power Saving Mode (Cores, Memory, Display or All) Storage: Minimum of 50 GB available space required (Reserved for the installer)
    Minimum of 50 GB available space required


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