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Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating ۴٫۷۱ / ۵ ( ۴۹۳۱ votes )
Update (۳ days ago)



The world is in ruins. The balance of nature has been destroyed. Where should this power be directed? None but you.

The balance of nature has been destroyed. Where should this power be directed?

None but you.

The struggle for power is inevitable. For your greatness to protect the existence of life.

THE Elden Ring Serial Key IS YOU!

Embark on an adventure in a world made of ruins. The power of the rebirth of life is you.

Emerge and control a destiny that is different from others.

You will be taken in a unique adventure of empowerment and madness, in which your own power is the only savior.

Develop the power of the sacrifice to bring life back to the world.


Within a world of ruins, the power of the rebirth of life is you. Embark on an adventure in a world that has been ruined.

With the power of the sacrifice, advance and control your destiny. It’s all about you.

The destiny of the rebirth of life is your own. A world in ruins is a world that is waiting for you.

A world is waiting for you.

And in this world, you will be the only savior.

The only savior.

You have a singular destiny.

A destiny that is different from others.

You will be taken in a unique adventure, of power and madness.


The glory of the Elden Ring For Windows 10 Crack is you.

A grand adventure of power awaits you.

Your own power, the power of the sacrifice.

Embark on an adventure in a world made of ruins.

The power of the sacrifice is waiting for you.

Your destiny is waiting for you.

An adventure is waiting for you.

The glory of the Elden Ring is you.

A grand adventure of power awaits you.

Your power, the power of the sacrifice.

The glory of the Elden Ring is you.

A grand adventure of power awaits you.

Your power, the power of the sacrifice.

This is your destiny.

This is your path.

This is your own destiny.

The glory of the Elden Ring is you.


Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating ۴٫۷۱ / ۵ ( ۴۹۳۱ votes )
Update (۳ days ago)


Features Key:

  • Elden Ring. A game where a new fantasy action RPG experience emerges. Fantasy world full of excitement, an epic drama born from a myth, an intense online battle, the battle of orcs and humans, strong heroes, vicious villains and epic dungeons.

    • Cute looking elf woman
    • Elden Lord, you will be a legendary leader of mankind in the world. Any love is yours from other players who you come across.
    • Blood of the Elden Lord
    • Beautiful eagle, flying to the light, you will have wings and become a guardian. Crafted weapons and strong characters you master will develop your character.
  • Online Multiplayer Battles
  • Asynchronous online battle supporting multiplayer battles. The missions and challenges received within the game consist of a short term memory of the previous battle such as combat status, upgraded skills, and experience, and they are stored online and will be shared with other players. By forging alliances with the other players, you can greatly increase your strength.
  • Total freedom system.
  • Elden Ring Release date:

    The elven spirit wanders in the Lands Between. It lives in harmony with elements, time, life and death, and magic.

    ◆ The Land Between Now and Forever

    The source of madness and bloodshed is heavy on the Lands Between.

    Elden Rings were dropped on the Lands Between to settle the conflict that its residents are experiencing. And the Books of the Lands Between are gradually being opened to be sent to the real world. Once begun, the calamity continued to spread throughout the Lands Between.

    ◆ Dream of Elden Release Date:

    A man named Arva appeared in the Lands Between. He acted impatiently as if he intended to run, and told the adventurers, “Elden Rings, those books of the Lands Between, are scattered on the world. They have been scattered, but they are precious treasures. We just need to find them.”

    Arva, the man who calls himself


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    “While I often found myself at a loss for words, I did not fail to extract sympathy for this woefully rotted soul. In the end, it was the music that saved me.”

    “An experience I’ll never forget.”

    “For those of you who love action games and RPGs, this game will definitely be a hit.”

    * This game was reviewed on the PS4. We also checked out the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game but we were unable to check them out due to extensive use of blood and gore.

    According to the title screen, Overlord: Reign of Ash is a fantasy action RPG with RPG elements.

    According to the first “Welcome to Overlord” video:

    Beginning with the opening shot, the story begins with invading soldiers and enemy monsters advancing across the country of Karnaga. Due to this new situation, and the fact that a young boy also appears in an unknown location, it seems as if war is about to break out.

    In the beginning of the story, we meet a young boy who is alive in the capital city called Barric, who wakes up with his eyes focused towards the sky. However, the young boy is thrown into a world of war when he sees a giant fortress made of a black metal material, which floats above Karnaga.

    He then finds himself in a world where not only zombies but also human soldiers are hard at work. However, the most striking thing is that black walls fly and pulse, slowly closing in on him.

    The young boy then sees an article where he’s quoted as a dragon, and there’s a picture of a young boy with the same description.

    This image gives the impression of a weak young boy, so the soldiers view him as a dragon as a joke. He also views himself as a dragon because of the picture.

    However, the young boy gradually becomes the dragon’s name “Sigurd,” and he himself views himself as a dragon because of the reality presented in the picture.

    This subject leads to more large-scale battles, and the world’s name itself changes to the Lands Between. Although the protagonist is himself a member of the Black Dragon, he also wants to defeat the enemy.

    He asks people about the enemy who’s been giving them trouble, and gets information. However,


    Elden Ring Download

    ۱٫ You can equip three classes from a wide variety of weapons and armor, and directly combine the weapons and armor of your choice into a single set.
    ۲٫ The class that you are currently equipped with will be highlighted on the screen for others to see.
    ۳٫ You are free to change your class freely without returning to the character select screen.
    ۴٫ Movement is by pressing the directional key. Your walking speed is determined by your movement rate.

    Furthermore, there are in-depth various functions as follows.

    Exploration and Character Creation

    i. Dungeon Exploration
    You can explore dungeons at your own pace, or freely wander around the maps to find interesting things. By exploring dungeons, you can find rare items that you can use to create new weapons and armor at the Blacksmith or Magic Shop, enhance your experience, and open the path to the Hall of Arcana.
    ii. Character Creation
    You can freely customize your character appearance by choosing from a wide variety of hair styles, facial shapes, and dress items, and you can freely select a name and class that you want to play as. You can also freely change the class and equipment after the character creation.


    i. Basic Attack and Special Attack
    Get ready for a new combat system that allows you to freely perform basic and special attacks.
    ii. Indestructible Weapons
    Some weapons have indestructible frames that you can use in combat.
    iii. Move and Play
    Climb walls and vertical surfaces to move, or use special skills to move and play around in battle.


    i. Economy Live
    By collecting resources and selling them in the marketplace, you can expand your influence.
    ii. Dungeon World
    The hero that you play as will be influenced by others playing Dungeon.
    iii. Rogue and Conquest
    Open new gates to challenge others in PvP action.
    iv. Guild Raids
    Take on a difficult challenge by creating a guild group.


    i. Recycle
    You can recycle the items obtained from battle and battle currency. Items equipped on one body may not be recycled, so it is necessary to have a sufficient amount of items to recycle.
    ii. Blacksmith
    Craft useful items using materials and recipes that you find during exploration and battles. Craft new weapons and armor in order to increase your stats.
    iii. Elixir
    You can create elixirs that restore your HP and MP.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Gods of War
    See a short introduction
    Unlike other games, in which assuming a role of god is a one-off event that is done from the beginning, in Gods of War, god-souls are reincarnated in order to gain strength in a series of battles against other gods to accumulate power. Once you climb the Ladder of Divinity, you choose your god, and get to help your friends to accumulate power, as well as forming your own god army.

    Rising: Dawn of Age
    A short introduction of the game
    Vanish, young mother, and return to the battle field.
    The battle field is shaken by war and citizens are divided. As there is no leader who is able to foster peace, the founding king is killed in the wave of the war. And a travesty begins, named “the conquest of time” “Great Hatti”. The candidate who successfully hits the world if the age of peace is not thought is crowned as the King.

    But you are not alone, you can meet your friends, woman, love, and more. But do not forget to explore the labyrinth, and rest.
    The story of the universal adventurer gets longer by the day. The time is right to embark on the continent to the west. It is a world of advanced technology, a land where houses and roads stretch continuously for kilometres, and the life that has attained even the place of destination travels. You will experience a world where you could explore the void of space, and test the limits of creation.

    The body of the female adventurer is strange, and her shape has the appearance of a doll. Her appearance is reminiscent of that of a reptile, and her action speed is slow.
    In the labyrinth, I will be able to control the moving objects of a dual type adventurer like weapons, clothes, and weapons, in addition to giving special characteristics to those,
    and get rid of the character’s fear.

    Made the chairman at a meeting of people who study dance at the academy. Male, female, and child could learn dance freely, and earn money performing as a hired entertainer.



    Download Elden Ring Crack + Activator PC/Windows [April-2022]

    ۱٫ Download the setup

    ۲٫ Install the game

    ۳٫ Copy all files and overwrite files

    ۴٫ Play game


    ۱٫ When enter the game, if your game crashed and your game is turnoff, To load up your game press the cross key on your keyboard + Esc, In the save file of this game its D27.7.CFG, this is a configuration file. Open the file with notepad and you will see that there are changeable information. Every change is written into this file

    ۲٫ If you cannot enter the game and you are playing without the MOD, the port not support. Then you need to deactivated or remove the MAC amount, MOD and Port, For example, for PPSSPP, open the PPSSPP setup and in the MOD section, deactivate the MAC amount.

    ۳٫ If you are playing on a emulator, this is not the way. You must also deactivate the MAC amount, MOD and Port.

    Legal of use:

    ۱٫ You can freely download, distribute, modify this game for personal use, even selling it

    ۲٫ You can’t distribute the game as a multiplayer port, crack or MOD for other games, also not as shareware

    ۳٫ You can’t modify the game’s content, also not change the installation files of the game

    ۴٫ You can’t use this game to build a multiplayer port, crack or MOD for other games, also not as shareware.

    ۵٫ You can’t use any of the changes or additions to the game or distribute it through other games

    ۶٫ If you use any of these changes, you must fill out the form for legal action, you can upload it at “”.

    ۷٫ All parts of this game with the logos of other companies and trademarks are owned by their rightful owners and they can’t be used in this game

    ۸٫ When using these changes for commercial use, this game will be reviewed by the developer. If the review is positive, the license will be extended.

    How to play:

    ۱٫ The game is equipped with a keyboard and you have to press the plus key. If you are not familiar with how to handle this game, we recommend you watch the tutorial video, in which we use the keyboard


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • If you already have the original version, update it.
  • Install media information program
  • Extract the game to your program files (D/S: INF) / or your Games (D/S: GAME)
  • Select to run all instrument and extract game
  • Open then click shortcut key(F9)
  • Click the shortcut key and open DXEX folders.
  • Enter to GAME_exe directory and press Autoit Strong()
  • Select the second and third DXEX files.
  • Open them and extract to the game directory and then install them.
  • How To Install A Cocktail (Add Skip Intro):

    • Open game directory of original version.
    • Open game/gameUI/gameUI.exe
    • Press Skip Intro.*(F9)

    How To Play and Unlock New Characters (Give Gold):

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