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Name Elden Ring
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The Lands Between is a world where legends once lived. Long ago, the God of Spirits called Rolnyan gave birth to a newborn named Tarnished. And God of Rebirth bestowed a gift on him-his power, Elden, which transformed Tarnished into an Elden Lord. However, the road to becoming the most powerful Elden Lord is far from simple, and the battles he has to endure are countless.

Elden Lords belonging to each of the 8 great families fight in the Lands Between, doing battle with one another-the ultimate way to truly evolve as an Elden Lord.

Also, in certain areas there are groups called “faction”, as well as “exhibition teams” that are dedicated to fighting over places where they congregate.

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Features Key:

  • ■ New Character Customization System
  • ■ Dynamic Maps with a Variety of Locations
  • ■ Create Your Own Adventures, Battle, and Plan the Future of the Elder Race
  • ■ Mature and Striking Fantasy
  • ■ Original Soundtrack
  • ▲ Production Information

    • Main Character: Villa Trump
    I’m the designer of the title.
    ■ Story: Wolvess
    A legendary character that is both fiction and lore from the world.

    ■ Cast: Giorgio Pierre-Puel, Rossana Ramos, Tommaso Serafini,


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    The New Fantasy Action RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    When you see an enemy, the system checks your stamina and rewards you with the ability to reflect the damage inflicted by an enemy.



    Double circle gestures

    Press [ (O)] to receive unlimited movement.

    Hold [ (G)] to move normally.

    Hold [ (S)] to use skills.

    Hold [ (W)] to use super.

    Hold [ (A)] to use special items.

    Movement controls:

    [ (O)] Forward

    [ (G)] (Dash): Jump

    [ (W)] To the right

    [ (S)] To the left

    [ (A)] To the back

    [ (B)] Turn left

    [ (D)] Turn right

    [ (E)] To crouch

    [ (Z)] To move on the spot

    [ (X)] To break through stone

    [ (Y)] To break through frozen terrain

    [ (F)] To use item slots

    [ (R)] To use weapon/equipment slots

    [ (I)] To use attack action

    [ (K)] To use weapon/equipment hand item slot

    [ (L)] To use repair action

    [ (M)] To use item slot

    [ (,)] To use gold/item exchange

    [ (.)] To use action recovery

    [ (Slash)] To use action recovery

    [ (Shift)] To attack a whole group of enemies

    Hold [ (Slash)] to use quick attack

    Hold [ (Shift)] to perform actions while quick attack is performed

    Hold [ (Up)] or [ (Down)] to switch weapon

    Press [ (Z)] to recover stamina

    Press [ (X)] to perform the null action

    Press [ (Y)] to use some items.

    [ (N)] To set the character’s name

    The battle system contains three elements.

    The “battle” system, where you attack the enemy to inflict damage to the enemy, and reflect the damage using your guard.

    The “guard” system,


    What’s new:


    Prayers are heard, winds swell, magestones bear witness… long have people wondered what lies in the Lands Between. 

    The Lands Between the Real World… Five classes, four classes, three classes, two classes… from an ancient land called Prelinear where lore and history are consumed at warp speed, the Lands Between is home to the races of the five colors — and to those caught in the chaos of the “Demi-planes” between.  Sometimes an eagle’s beak pecks at the darkness under the blinking light of a magestone.  Sometimes a storm shakes the foggy city of Rosaline.  And sometimes, a particular race, from across the Lands Beyond, rises from the ashes.

    Elden, Tarnished, and Grotesque alike seek to gain power in order to survive… Although higher than you, their race can not survive unless they somehow return to the Lands Beyond to the World of Ariege. The item that they seek, as the last one to leave, is the Maple Esprit, which has the power to grant the request of those who find it.

    A story of survival, power, loyalty, and reincarnation set in the Lands Between of the World of Ariege.



    Elden (色 : Elden)

    Prerequisite:  Racial Powder (Elden Powder) 
             Sheute (Elden Powder)
    by character’s race. 


    Grotesque (巨 : Grotesque)



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    How to install the game:

    ۱) Download the game from the link above and extract files to a folder.

    ۲) Install the game if you haven’t installed it yet.

    ۳) Go to game, click “Install” and wait until the install is completed.

    ۴) Run the game and enjoy!

    ~ Supported OS: Windows 7-8-10 (32-64 bits) ~

    If you found any of errors, bugs and issues.

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