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Name Elden Ring
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For many years, the legend has been whispered throughout the Lands Between: the Elden Ring, the source of power to the heroes who had worn the ancient relic, was forged by the noble who had worn it before.
Now, hundreds of years later, the time has come to forge the Elden Ring once more!
The mythical quest to find and obtain the power of the Elden Ring has begun, and you are its servant!

As the Exalted One, a hero wielding magic, you, the noble who has come to guide the others, have been chosen by fate.

Discover the Secret of the Elden Ring that riddles the Lands Between!
Craft a new character and show your unique strength!

The Elden Ring – Full Details —
◆ Introduction ◆
In the Lands Between, the gods of war and magic compete in the fight over the fate of the world.

Here in Kjiba, a large underground city that is the source of the Trials, the Elden Ring stands upon the Path of Peace.

A rare relic that can be found in the Trials, the Elden Ring has the power to reshape the Lands Between.
In this city, many heroes, who fought the goddess of war, Garth, or the god of magic, Amon, lay down their arms at the feet of the Elder God and now live as members of the Elite Tower.

The Legendary Elden Ring, the source of power for the Exalted Ones, has been passed on for generations.

However, the players of the game can find the legendary Elden Ring.
In order to obtain the Elden Ring, you will have to fight your way through the Trials, where you have to fight various monsters and puzzles with magic and weapons.
You have to equip yourself with the weapons and armor that you find in the Trials, and ride your mount through the Trials in order to win the Trials.

However, since it is only possible to equip a limited amount of weapons and armor, it is possible to lose the Trials.

Although the Elden Ring has the power to change the world, it is not as powerful as the power of the Exalted Ones, who have the potential to control the world.
With the power of the Elden Ring, Exalted Ones can not only use magic, but also use their own body, weapons, and armor, thereby forming their own original tactics.
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Features Key:

  • Customizable Appearance: Change your appearance freely.
  • Embroidery Skill: Add stunning components and decorations to your clothing to increase your appearance.
  • Progression System: Make your character stronger using the classic «Mystical Power» progression system.
  • Development: Purchase development support items that augment your character’s development and speed up the process of making new characters.
  • Dye to Personalize: Add stunning components and decorations to your various items to increase the appearance of your character.
  • Wishes: You can acquire Wishes from other players’ character statuses and use them to customize your character.
  • Lineage: To level up your character, inherit the prodigy tree of a high status NPC.
  • Trailer: