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– System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
– Functionality: Create, manage and use presentation and display schemes
– Functions:
– Create and save display schemes on a local hard disk
– Configure presentation schemes and set property settings
– Copy, paste and delete presentation schemes
– Run Presentation Director by typing it in the Run dialog
– Move to the list view, tree view or presentation mode (view mode)
– Exclude an item from the list (tree) view display
– Exclude a view mode (list or tree) from the display list
– Refresh presentation items
– Download and download and run presentation items
– Create presentation items (categories, folders, files, views…)
– Sort a view mode (list or tree)
– Properties settings for presentation and display items
– Built-in scripts for creating, customizing and configuring presentation and display items
– Support for importing and exporting presentation and display items
– Save presentation and display settings as a session file
Presentation Director Requirements:
– Requires a ThinkPad or similar product
– Recommended Display: 1024 X 768 pixel resolution, color depth 16-bit
Presentation Director Feedback:
Have your say! There’s a Feedback section where you can submit your comments and suggestions for improvements.
Presentation Director Setup:
Visit the Presentation Director Setup page on the Help menu for more information.
Want to run Presentation Director ( It’s a display configuration utility that enables you to create, manage and use presentation and display schemes on a ThinkPad or similar computer.
Presentation Director can be used with and without Presentation Director Express on the ThinkPad computers. A product key is not required.
The new presentation director is designed to build on the way the original Presentation Director works. Use it as a tool to manage your presentations and their display settings. You can create, manage and use presentation and display schemes on a ThinkPad or similar computer.
Presentation Director Express ( is an add-on to Presentation Director and enables presentation and display settings to be created, edited and managed on any other Windows PC. It supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
You can read more about Presentation Director and Presentation Director Express at the following sites:

Presentation Director Crack

I.. Installation
۲٫ Using Presentation Director Full Crack
The on-screen menu for presentation configuration is shown on the Fujitsu Monitor screen when you press the Fn + F7 key combination.
Tip: You can use your pointing device (e.g. mouse) to display the on-screen menu.
# Install Presentation Director Cracked Version
To install the utility, follow the instructions in the Readme.txt file that you find in the installation package.
NOTE: Once installed, the utility menu is automatically displayed when you press Fn + F7.
# Using Presentation Director Torrent Download
The on-screen menu for presentation and display configuration is shown on the Fujitsu Monitor screen when you press Fn + F7.
# Display Menu
There is a menu for easy access to presentation and display settings.
The settings can be changed by using the menu.
To be able to use the new settings, please close the [ Menu ] and apply the new settings using [ Apply Settings ].
# Menu
Use the menu to;
Create Schemes
You can create, edit and delete your own presentation schemes.
Tip: Use the “Create Scheme…” function to quickly create a new presentation scheme for a presentation that you need to deliver.
To be able to use the new settings, please close the [ Menu ] and apply the new settings using [ Apply Settings ].
Create Schemes > Default
Reset default options
To reset to the default settings;
# Apply Settings
The menu and the menu items are reset to the default settings.
Restore to default options
To restore the default settings;
Set display mode
Define display position and size
# Display
Use the [Display] menu for setting the display mode and positions.
Note: You can switch the display mode using the F7 function key.
Selecting the “Fit to Screen” check box makes the display area smaller than the monitor area.
# Set Display Mode
Selecting the “Fit to Screen” check box makes the display area smaller than the monitor area.

How to use “Customize” menu
To configure the “Customize” menu in Presentation Director, see “[ Customize Menu ]” (page 19).
Note: You can use this feature when you make changes to a presentation by following step 1 to step 7 below.
۱٫ Click on the “Customize” menu
۲٫ Select a presentation scheme
To select a presentation scheme, click

Presentation Director With Registration Code

Presentation Director is a display configuration utility for your ThinkPad computer that enables you to create, manage and use presentation and display schemes.
You can access these schemes through an on-screen display menu that is shown when you press the Fn + F7 key combination on your keyboard (Fn+F7 on-screen function). Note: Some products may use another key for Fn+F7 on-screen function.
Presentation Director supports all the capabilities of the existing On-Screen Functionality, and many more.
For example:
The Fn+F7 menu display is accessible on the Monitor Section on the Settings screen.
The Display Redesign and Scaling are available in the Screen section.
You can specify a Screen Pane for each Presentation Screen.
This makes it possible for you to customize your presentation settings (Default, Left, Right, Center, Top or Bottom).
Presentation Director has many more features. You can access the full capabilities by choosing Presentation Director > Help > Documentation > Help Options > Category: Screenshots.



Presentation Director Options

View Available Presentations

Presentation Director Statistics Options

View the statistics of your Presentations



Add/Replace Presentation Schemes

Add and/or Replace Presentation Schemes



Presentation Schemes:

Display Schemes

Presentation Schemes:

Presentation Director Screenshots

Screenshot Gallery

Presentation Director Screenshots:


Presentation Director Help

Help Document



Presentation Director On-Screen Functionality

On-Screen Display Menus

On-Screen Display Menus:

Display Inverted

Display Schemes

Display Schemes:

Preview Presentation Schemes

Preview Presentation Schemes:

Display Schemes

Display Schemes:

Customize Presentation Schemes

Customize Presentation Schemes:

On-Screen Functionality

On-Screen Functionality:

View Presentation

View Presentation:

Display Settings

Display Settings:



View Presentation Statistics

What’s New in the Presentation Director?

“This patch adds support for the TS-230 series via the IBM Personal System/2 mode setting. There are a lot of documentation updates, plus a new game in there for folks who spend a lot of time in the kitchen” patux.

Setup manager is a small utility that manages the install of all the missing components required to install the suite. Although it includes the installation of all of the components, it doesn’t install them automatically.
It’s main purpose is to install the missing components required for installation and configure the required components.
If you have an existing install, you can remove the previous version of Setup Manager and replace the database created by the previous version with the database created by this version.

This version is missing a screen saver component.

I have only tested this version on ThinkPad models running Windows 2000.

If you have one of those models, you will need to download and install the new component from the manufacturer, and then install this new version of setup manager.


Previous version of setup manager:

Current version of setup manager:

If you need to make a complete update (remove the current version and install the new version) you will need to run setup from the command line.
You’ll also need to use the original public key to activate the new version of setup manager.

The company I work for has purchased both a 3500 and a 5200, in order to test and develop software for the models, and have come across some very weird problems.

The first major problem, which is the subject of this thread, is that the webcam on both models does not work. The 3500 doesn’t even show up under the system /dev/video0 device. The 5200 shows up under /dev/video0 but it seems to be turned on and off randomly and we can’t get it to work.

The second problem is that after we’ve logged in, the desktop does not reappear. We can bring up the virtual desktop menu, which has several other options but not the desktop. This problem doesn’t occur in Windows XP.

I’ve downloaded and installed the program and it appears to work fine for me. I get the built-in device in the setup, but then I selected the test software which I have also downloaded. When I selected the game, it would start to play but the mouse would not respond, and eventually it would just stall, much like

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8
Processor: Intel Core i3-2310M / AMD Phenom II X4 965
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 3000 / AMD Radeon HD 5670
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or higher with Compressed audio
Hard Drive: 10 GB available hard drive space
Additional Notes:
When playing the game on two monitors, the Windows DirectX feature set will be used.

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