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✔ Geared toward small events with fewer exhibitors and a modest number of prizes
✔ All management functions work under the hood without the need to display the form
✔ A free app but the premium version is available for only $2.99, and it lets you print the paid entries
✔ The free version provides limited functionality which means you will not be able to pay fees
✔ Working with the clock
✔ Detailed class listing
✔ All event materials are listed
✔ The program includes a 5-day event schedule
✔ The program includes the final scores for all exhibitors
✔ The Last Action List will display the last action you performed in the event
✔ User interface design by @Janet Owen
✔ Built in ad-free graphics
✔ Built-in soundQ:

how to ignore empty values when parsing json to rows in sql server

I have a json string, which the structure is as the below:
string test='{
“id”: “1”,
“username”: “aaaa”,
“nbr”: “2”,
“name”: “boo”,
“url”: “”,
“s_time”: “2018-01-22T08:00:00+0000”,
“m_time”: “2018-01-22T08:00:00+0000”,
“s_qty”: “1”,
“m_qty”: “1”,
“min_qty”: “0”

I want to insert this json string to table, but if the value in’min_qty’ is 0, I don’t want to insert this entry to table.
I know it’s impossible to do so in sql server directly.
I need an easy way to do so, such as use Triggers or stored procedure.
Is there any suggestions?


From the comments, I think you want some rows to be inserted for every minute.
INSERT INTO TableName (username,name,nbr,url,s_time,m_time,s_qty,m_qty,min_qty)
SELECT username,name,nbr,url,s_time,m_time,s_qty,m_qty,0
FROM Table

Horse Show Assistant Crack + With Registration Code Free [Latest]

Horse Show Assistant is a lightweight utility designed to help you manage and organize all the aspects associated with organizing a horse show. Features include a comprehensive database with up to 150 class entries that can be easily imported from an Excel file. It also comes with a comprehensive dashboard that can be monitored remotely using your tablet or smartphone.
Key features:
– Track and manage members, classes, classes winners, MOS, ratings and payouts.
– Track exhibitors, quantities and costs.
– Completely free
How to get the premium version?
To download the premium version of the software, all you need to do is register on its website. Then, you can download the application using the link that will be emailed to your email address.

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Horse Show Assistant Keygen For (LifeTime) PC/Windows

Horse Show Assistant is a lightweight tool that enables you to keep track and manage all aspects associated with organizing horse shows, including monitoring the payouts based on the fees paid.Horse Show Assistant is a lightweight tool that enables you to keep track and manage all aspects associated with organizing horse shows, including monitoring the payouts based on the fees paid.

RM365-350, RM405-450, RM495-595, RM575-695, RM745-995, RM955-1250, RM1300-1700, RM1900-2800, RM3050-3600, RM4700-5300, RM6500-6950, RM9300-9650, RM11500-13200, RM17000, RM19500, RM27300-29350, RM36800-38950, RM48500-49850, RM59500-63200, RM79300-84300, RM105000, RM112500, RM170000, RM220000, RM330000, RM5130000

The app is almost completely empty right now as it only contains a small amount of features, the most important being that it allows you to manage trophies. I assume it will grow over time and maybe even become a full featured trophy manager.


Horse Show Manager 7 (Windows) is a simple but powerful tool for making horse show events easier. If you ever organize a horse show and keep a spreadsheet, it will help you.
It basically has multiple tabs showing complete information about each horse. You can add/update/delete each horse with the available options and even manage winners, etc.

Horse Show Manager Description:
Horse Show Manager is a simple tool that helps you organize, schedule, manage, and report on your horse shows. You can manage show classes, show trophies, horse classes, horse profiles, horse breeds, prize vendors, and much more.
A few features:
+ easy to use interface
+ supports multi-device synchronization
+ automatically provides custom reports
+ shows and grades your horses in Excel format
+ allows you to view and print your horse show class list


What’s New In?

This overview of the entire program features the full-featured functionality of the program, mainly organized around a well-structured user interface, a great choice if you are looking for an efficient horse show organizer.
Horse Show Assistant has a very pleasant interface, which, on top of being extremely clean and neat, will help you keep track of all the different aspects of horse shows, where you can create and manage classes, classes, exhibitors, entries, prizes, members, payment, members, reports, registries, show management, trophies and winners.
This ride-along guide will help you track, analyze and manage the ups and downs of horse shows. It will help you keep track of everything from entry fees to prize wins.
This horse show organizer helps you track everything from entry fees to prize wins.
What’s New
Version 1.3.0:
* Fix issue with Brazilian Portuguese language when adding a new class.
* Track pages are now converted to PDF when possible.
* Fix issue with settings not saving in Welcome page.
* Fix issue with calculator not calculating the given data.
* Fix issue with importing data when there are no classes registered in the app.
* Fix issue with printing in Welcome page.
* Limit the number of events per category in the.ini file.
* Prevent a race event from being created in a MOS class.
* Fix issue with table stacking in the.ini file.
* Fix issue with UTF-8 character set.
* Fix issue with exporting class data and classes.
* Fixed issue with importing membership.
* Fix issue with Importer window covering titlebar.
* Fix issue with calculator not converting a percent to decimals.
* Allow the importing of MOS classes with no races.
* Fix issue with printing in the calculator.
* Fix issue with printing in the attendance/membership tab.
* Fix issue with calibration settings not saving on some versions.
* Fix issue with a crash when terminating a show.
* Fix issue with a loading icon when terminating a show.
* Fix issue with loading the section “Calculator”.
* Fix issue with a race class taking a maximum of 4 events.
* Fix issue with adding guests and changing IP.
* Fix issue with not opening the files in the background.
* Fix issue with MOS events: not being added in details, adding wrong dates.
* Fix issue with removing MOS events

System Requirements For Horse Show Assistant:

OS: Microsoft Windows 10
CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz or higher recommended
Memory: 1 GB RAM recommended
Display: 1280×720 resolution or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 4.5 GB available space
Additional Notes:
A copy of the game client is required to play the demo, it is not required to purchase the full game.
We are offering double XP for this initial demo period.
We are also giving out a free set of top boots to celebrate our new

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