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AS3 Personal Firewall Download

Protect your computer against unauthorized access. Log connection requests and block any potentially dangerous connection attempts. Install the free application on your computer, as well as on every system connected to your network. AS3 Personal Firewall Cracked 2022 Latest Version is the perfect solution to protect against unknown dangers coming from the Internet. Automatic and customizable rules enable you to block annoying pop-up windows and malware. The application is user-friendly and easy to use, with no technical knowledge required.
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AS3 Personal Firewall Free 2022 [New]

AS3 Personal Firewall Full Crack is a secure firewall application designed for safe internet connections. AS3 Personal Firewall scans and blocks all incoming IP and port requests that do not comply with a custom security policy that you create. Accepted ones are allowed to pass through or denied. Moreover, you have the ability to monitor active connections and receive connection statistics.
User-friendly design, easy to use and free
Add-ons extend the functionality
AS3 Personal Firewall comes with many features. A built-in task manager allows you to manage and close all the currently active programs, while the start-up menu lists all the installed applications, and you can easily remove unwanted ones. In addition, the application gives you the ability to create a custom security policy that you can apply to all the incoming connections. You can even add a list of approved IP addresses or ports by dragging and dropping the items from the main interface. The program also has a built-in Windows Registry cleaner, which allows you to remove unwanted items from the registry.
Every connection is checked before allowing it
Every incoming connection is checked against a list of rules you created. In case it does not comply with the security policy, the connection will be rejected by the software. AS3 Personal Firewall sends a notification when this happens. Additionally, you can pause the firewall protection to add, remove or modify your security rules.
Monitor all the ports on your system
In addition to the regular, active connections, the program provides you with a comprehensive port activity log, which lists every active port and the connection requests that were allowed to pass. This allows you to keep an eye on all the opened ports on your system. Moreover, you can create new history entries and keep track of failed connection requests in the application’s database.
Keep an eye on your programs
You can click the ‘Action Log’ button to view a list of all the running applications and the ones that were allowed to start when the application started. You can also modify this list, by simply dragging and dropping the items from the main interface.
Highly efficient security algorithm
The application efficiently checks every connection request and determines whether it complies with the security policy. Additionally, you have the ability to define a custom security policy that you can apply to all the incoming connections.
Supports all the available protocols
AS3 Personal Firewall is a fully functional firewall that supports all of the basic protocols (TCP, UDP and ICMP). The application also supports HTTP and HTTPS,

AS3 Personal Firewall License Keygen [Win/Mac]

AS3 Personal Firewall is an easy to use Internet firewall application that allows you to monitor and control your incoming connections, by defining rules in a way that it can decide whether to permit or not.

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What’s New in the?

AS3 Personal Firewall is an advanced intrusion prevention system for internet security. It examines all the incoming traffic on your network in real-time, identifies outbound and inbound connection requests, logs each of them and also allows you to block the connections of any IP address from a certain port number. The IP addresses of the blocked requests are shown in a handy list.
AS3 Personal Firewall allows you to define a security policy that contains rules for accepting or denying connections from certain IP addresses. You can also easily customize the application to add a pop-up window whenever an attempt to connect to your system has been blocked.
AS3 Personal Firewall is easy to use. Just follow the intuitive and simple interface to set up the firewall. Additionally you can pause and turn off AS3 Personal Firewall by selecting “Options” from the main menu. The application also has a built-in task manager, start-up registry manager, and lists all the running processes in a convenient way.
AS3 Personal Firewall Features:
– Advanced Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
– Supports all the standard protocols
– Blocks and deletes inbound connections
– Puts a pop-up window on each blocked connection attempt
– Manages installed applications
– Detailed connection statistics
– Supports almost all the popular operating systems

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