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XodCam is a small utility designed to enable you to easily record and capture screenshots. It also features a broadcasting option.







XodCam Crack + Free Download [32|64bit]

XodCam is a small utility designed to allow you to easily record and capture screenshots of any Windows application. You can select a region for capture, and the recorded screenshot can be saved to a file, or directly to a streaming webcam.

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XodCam Crack + Free

XodCam Activation Code is a small tool designed to record and capture screenshots from a computer desktop. The XodCam tool can be used to capture screenshots at a desired size and location, as well as with various additional settings. Once captured, the screenshot can be saved in the clipboard and can be used to paste into documents and other software. The screenshot can be saved and shared with others.
XodCam Features:
– Easy-to-use user interface
– Supports file format saving in PNG, JPEG, BMP, JPG and GIF
– Captures images at various sizes and sizes
– Captures images with various settings
– Captures images with a manual start/stop with no delay
– Captures images with a fixed pause interval and photos sizes
– Captures images automatically
– Captures images in a directory
– Captures images to the clipboard
– Captures images and saves them to the clipboard
– Captures images in either a static, pause, manual or automatic manner
– Captures images
– Captures images that can be used when saving
– Captures images and saves them into a clipboard
– Captures images and saves them with the clipboard
– Captures images and saves them to the clipboard
– Captures images

ClipPaint is the first free screenshot tool combining the art of painting on the clipboard with the power of the Microsoft Windows clipboard.It enables you to paint on the windows screenshots and share it on the clipboard via email and social networks.
ClipPaint Description:
ClipPaint enables you to paint on screenshots of your desktop. It captures the entire screen, and allows you to paint the screenshot, select the area you want to paint and save the image to the clipboard. You can then paste this image anywhere you want, even to other documents or programs. ClipPaint is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that you can put to a multitude of uses.
ClipPaint Features:
– Free
– Record clipboard action to XodCam
– Take screenshots automatically
– Make a screenshot copied to the clipboard active
– Save a screenshot to a location of your choice
– Paste clipboard image into an existing image
– Share the clipboard image
– Take a screenshot and paint over it

XodCam Screenshot Recorder is a small tool designed to enable you to record and capture screenshots of your computer desktop in the background and paste them into your Documents. It can also record your webcam and turn

XodCam Crack+ Activation Code With Keygen Free Download (April-2022)

XodCam is a small utility for screenshots, telemetry and broadcasting that I’ve written in Java, and made cross platform compatible (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X).
It’s designed to be a simple utility for use with Mozilla XULRunner ( and Qtopia ( to easily record and capture screenshots without having to install anything, and you don’t have to leave XULRunner to take a screenshot. It also supports telemetry, meaning that during a capture, certain data about your system is recorded, and can be retrieved later on. This is useful for debugging a crash. Finally, it supports broadcasting, meaning that XodCam is able to write your capture to a file for you, and it’s able to play the capture file at your leisure.
XodCam Design:
When a capture is started, XodCam first creates a window in XULRunner that allows you to watch the live recording. While the recording is playing, or you can optionally just stop it in the middle, the XULRunner window closes, and the recording is played on another XULRunner window.
Conceptually, XodCam is very similar to utilities like Gimp’s Screenshot functionality.
Command Line Syntax:
XodCam [parameters] [filepath] [capture-name] [width] [height] [minutes]

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[description] The first part is a parameter, a string that tells XodCam how to run. The first parameter should be the filename of a capture file. If you don’t specify this file, XodCam will use the last capture it recorded. For example, if you have the filename “capture.png”, XodCam will use this capture as a basis.
The next part is the title of the capture. If you don’t specify a title, it will generate a unique one.
The next part is a description of the capture. You may use this to define context. For example, if you capture a window that has a very specific/unique URL bar, you may define your capture to be the URL bar.
The next part should be one or more numbers that tell XodCam how much time you want it to capture. This should be in seconds, so 3 should record for 3 seconds.
The next part should be one or more positive numbers that tell XodCam how big

What’s New in the XodCam?

XodCam is a very small, yet VERY powerful screenshot capture program. It is designed to fit in the palm of your hand, with no annoying graphical interface. It simply looks like a split screen, with your picture on the left, and the picture you’re taking a screenshot of on the right. You then simply press a hotkey to take the screenshot, or tap the screen to broadcast and record the screenshot. You can then move to the next screen to quickly add a border, scale, flip, or rotate the screenshot. You can even add text to it as well.
Key features:
Includes a broadcast mode to easily record and share your screen
Three hotkeys for fast and easy screenshot capture (press and hold the keys until the capturing is complete)
Two borders (line and box) to easily alter the look of your screenshot
Two themes: Default and Random
Two screen flipping options: Rotate left or right
Rotate upside down and/or flip the screen left or right
Various border sizes
Small size for optimal portability
XodCam Preferences:
To make it easier to use, there are a number of different Preferences available. The preferences give you access to much of the functionality of XodCam. Once activated, you can switch between themes, flip the screen left or right, and alter the border size. You can also increase or decrease the amount of time XodCam waits between each screenshot (to slow down the taking of screenshots, you may consider decreasing this setting).
The picture captured by XodCam can be saved to the desktop in its original format, or as an.MPG, which is easily viewed by most media players.
XodCam Community:
XodCam has been developed to be a simple utility that users like you can use to capture a screenshot and share it with friends. The utility is not meant to be a replacement for any existing screen capture or screen recording software. You can find a community forum here:
XodCam Purchases:
There is no cost to purchase XodCam, as it is available for free download. However, you can add some additional functionality to XodCam by purchasing XodCam Pro. This is available in two different flavors, Standard and Ultimate. These are purchased separately, and additional features can be added at anytime. However, the Standard version of XodCam Pro is free to upgrade to any edition of XodCam Pro.
If you are


System Requirements:

Supported graphics card:
Model Number: Vendor:
Streaming on NVIDIA GTX?
NVIDIA GTX GeForce RTX? (You will need to have a NVIDIA GTX or greater)
NVIDIA GTX RTX? GeForce RTX 20-series, GeForce RTX 20-series Max-Q, and GeForce RTX 20-series Mini
GEFORCE RTX 20-series and GeForce RTX 20-series Max-Q
NVIDIA RTX 20-series GPUs.
Be sure to uninstall any third-party graphics drivers
NVIDIA GeForce RTX (20-series) and GeForce RTX


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