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This is a premium jailbreak tweak for iOS 8 that adds functionality to the source code. It is made with the goal to give developers the power to use the iphone’s hardware, libraries and ideas to create their own applications with unique features that these devices have to offer.
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This is a premium jailbreak tweak for iOS 8 that adds functionality to the source code. It is made with the goal to give developers the power to use the iphone’s hardware, libraries and ideas to create their own applications with unique features that these devices have to offer.
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Mobile OS IDE

Mobile OS IDE is an efficient app creator program for Firefox OS that allows you to build your own applications for mobile devices. The utility offers a suitable user interface, a very brief and uneventful setup process and an intuitive look that will make it accessible for users of any level of experience. With just a few mouse clicks, you can begin developing your own app ideas. A dedicated ‘Simulator’ section provides you with the chance to play with your project’s interface in real time, while the ‘Code’ panel permits you to create your own strings of code right on the spot. In case you have an existing project in a suitable format, Mobile OS IDE can help you modify it to achieve its proper compatibility. The ‘Manifest’ tool allows you to create a WEBAPP format file and save its contents. Once your work is complete, the program can help you build your solution.
Mobile OS IDE may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.


The Firefox OS Marketplace is an online location where content can be accessed and purchased. Content is downloadable and installed on a user’s mobile device or connected TV, which may replace a hard drive or a set-top box.


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Category:Firefox OS
Category:Free computer programming tools
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Mobile OS IDE [Win/Mac]

It’s possible! Create your own apps for free, it’s easy and fun! You can make apps for Mozilla’s new operating system, Firefox OS.
This is how it works: Start by selecting one of the sample projects. If you want to start from scratch, build your own project from scratch.
Do you have a specific need? Try the wizard. The wizard helps you to create a project from scratch or edit an existing project.
How much does it cost? You only pay for the storage space you use.
Mobile OS IDE Features:
Free customizable code and HTML/JS/CSS templates
Easy template installation with drag & drop feature
Importing templates from a ZIP file
Adjust the appearance of your app in just a few clicks
Manipulate the CSS, like, add, remove, move, resize and change background colors, background images
Add or remove/remove images and images
Access the live app simulator
Find in the list of exported templates available for your languages: HTML, JS and CSS
HTML: Add buttons or elements like back button, button, link, image, text, lists, forms, tabbars, tabs, tables and more
CSS: Change colors, fonts, background images
JS: Add or remove events
Copy the HTML, CSS or JS codes for your target simulator
Built-in templates (HTML, CSS, JS): Many layouts for your app and we also provide some other layouts for your choice
Exporting a project to.HTML,.CSS and.JS
The most important and useful features of Mobile OS IDE: you can use the same features for multiple projects
You can create a project for your simulator, you can find the simulator in the middle of the project.
How to create your own projects:
۱٫ Simply drag the template you want in your project to the middle of the project.
۲٫ Drag your project’s simulator to the middle of your project and then click the “Run the project” button.
۳٫ Easy to edit the index page or url
۴٫ Easy to edit the javascript files.
۵٫ Easy to add images
۶٫ Easy to add CSS files.
۷٫ Easy to edit or import the project’s code
۸٫ You can create templates for your project from scratch
۹٫ You can change the background color or image
۱۰٫ Easy to edit and update the HTML code
۱۱٫ You can delete the auto template
۱۲٫ You can add the page, pop-up,

What’s New in the?

Create Apps & Mods with ease
Mobile OS IDE is a handy tool that enables you to create apps and mods for Firefox OS. It’s a lightweight app creation and editing tool that can improve the overall performance of your app.
There are a wide variety of features in the program including code editor, input fields, simulator, npm integration, and many more. Let’s go through all those features in details.
Create an app within few steps
There are two ways to create app. You can manually input your app’s code, or you can open your existing project in HTML, CSS and JS format and then begin making changes to it.
You can even open your own FireFox OS project in this Firefox OS IDE.
For instance, you can create an HTML page then upload it to the ‘New Project’ tab.
Once a new project is created, you can go to the ‘Simulator’ tab to see the effects of your changes.
The simulator shows you what you see on the screen as if you were using an actual device.
You can change the code by dragging and dropping elements from the list on the right.
You can also input the code directly into the text area on the left and preview it in the simulator window.
The simulator window allows you to change the width and height as well as orientation of the simulator.
In addition to web applications, you can create Android applications or create mods. You can also create a similar project to edit your app’s layout.
Save projects or open existing projects
When you are done with your app, you can save it either in the Firefox OS format or in the native Android or iOS format. It is possible that you might need to link the firefoxos.js file.
For instance, you can open your project and link the Web app or Android app resources from other apps.

Create a project quickly with codemirror
Mobile OS IDE allows you to input the CSS directly to the text box. No need to import it like other tools.
The table of contents feature allows you to control the tabs, which you can quickly add one at a time.
Moreover, you can also change the alignments, fonts, colors and sizes of elements.
Mobile OS IDE has a complete set of packages for formatting and debugging. It includes codemirror, yui, codepen, google’s browser console, etc.
You can include all the

System Requirements:

Supported OS and Drivers:
Minimum recommended system requirements for Windows 7:
OS: Windows 7 x86 or x64
Processor: AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 6400+ or Intel Core2 Duo
Memory: 2GB
Graphics: ATI Radeon X1600 or nVidia GeForce GT240
DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
Hard Drive: 10 GB
Minimum recommended system requirements for Windows 7 64-bit:
OS: Windows 7 x64
Processor: AMD FX-8150 or

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