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Fap Tracker is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to geocode IP addresses that appear to come from video streams.
Geocoding IP means finding the geographical coordinates in order to display the location on a map using the IP adreess.







Fap Tracker

– Basic “Find Address” feature to find the IP address of a single IP.
– Geocoding (More advanced) feature to find the address of the client computer streaming the video.
– Check for geocoding IP address against the Public IP databases.
– Geocoding IP address based on different countries IP to check the country of the client.
– Browser Fingerprinting to check different browsers and desktop to detect the client.
– Search feature to find multiple IP address, emails and domains.

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Please note that we can only support special mobile browsers. So if you have an iPhone or Android mobile device, the usual Android and iPhone browsers are not supported, and vice versa.
We support multiple versions of Android, iPhone and all kinds of mobile devices.

FapTracker is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to geocode IP addresses that appear to come from video streams. Geocoding IP means finding the geographical coordinates in order to display the location on a map using the IP adreess. FapTracker Description: – Basic “Find Address”

Fap Tracker License Key [Latest-2022]

You can estimate the location based on the coordinates of one or more IP addresses or IP ranges (CIDR).
You can retrieve the geographical coordinates using the IP Geolocation Database, VividSim or the OpenStreetMap project.
You can view the IP address, range and CIDR.
You can export the data to a CSV file and open it in Excel.
You can mark the pins on the map with an additional information.
You can select categories: movies, TV or TV networks.
You can configure the map-size based on the IP.
You can select the zoom level.
You can configure the time interval (mins) you want the data refreshed.
You can adjust the size of the table.
Geocoding IP is available only in the Pro version.

Choose your version:

Free version: no geocoding, only a warning. The geocoding service is free, but the map service is not.
Free trial version: try the geocoding service for 7 days.
Pro version: with geocoding, the map service is also included.

Step 2. Choose the action you want:

۱ – Download all the IPs: This will download all the IP addresses from all the videos available in your account. You can even download the geolocation information of some of these addresses, if you have a Pro subscription.
۲ – Download the IP of a specific video: By clicking on a video, you can download it. Then click on a pin, and a window will appear. Here you can download the IP of the video.
۳ – Geocode a specific IP range: You can enter the CIDR of an IP range here, and the Geocoding Tracker will show the geolocation information of these IP addresses. It uses the same code as VividSim, but it does not refresh the information all the time.
۴ – Geocode an IP address: You can enter the IP of a video here. This will fetch the geolocation information of this IP address.
۵ – Mark a pin on the map: If you want to create a pin on the map where you geocoded IP addresses, you can do it here. You can even customize the pin, as it is a point.
۶ – Export a report to csv file: This will save the current information (IPs, CIDR and geographical coordinates) in a CSV file. If

Fap Tracker (2022)

Using the FapTracker application, you can geocode the IP addresses that appear to come from video streams. You can use it to find video streams that contain your data, and then you can use Fap Tracker to find the geo coordinate of the video stream IP address from where it comes from.
-Real time video tracker
-IP’s geo coordinates with map
-Geo coordinates of any visitor to the page you specify
-Notification of geo tracking results
-Geolocation details provided
-Search with location tags
-Simple to use
-Results are saved
-Any IP address can be a source of videos
-You can get the coordinates of your visitors country or city in any language
-You can get video stream of an IP address not available on the site
-You can copy the coordinates
-You can get the latitude and longitude and display in any city available in Google maps
-You can track stream IP address of a known video site
-You can track the details of the URL of the video stream
-You can get detailed statistics of the video stream
-You can save data in your video tracker database
-You can search video stream with all the words
-You can send all the data to your mail box
-You can email the video stream URL and the IP address
-You can change the theme of the application
-You can change the map provider
-You can change the search provider
-You can change the address provider
-You can change to local provider
-You can change the position of the map
-You can change to google maps
-You can change the map provider
-You can create unlimited fields for the search
-You can add a new mark to the map
-You can add a new country
-You can add a new city
-You can easily create a link to another page
-You can easily create a link to another video stream
-You can easily get the geo coordinates of your Video stream
-You can easily get the geo coordinates of your Video stream and display on the map
-You can easily get the location of your visitor
-You can easily get the visitor country and the visitor city
-You can easily see on the map the location of your visitor
-You can easily see the visitor country and the visitor city
-You can easily get the location of the visitor
-You can easily get the visitor’s name

What’s New In Fap Tracker?

Fap Tracker lets you manage IP addresses to tracks their geocode on real time. Watch Fap Tracker in action:
Using open-source software, Fap Tracker logs IP addresses found by the user on live Internet map.
After downloading Fap Tracker, the user will be able to choose the files to geocode.
Those files can come from any type of server/widget/device/website/etc.
User can search IP addresses by city, state, country, ISP and even by ping delay (average delay between receiving request to the service and sending the response)
Fap Tracker features:
We know you will love Fap Tracker, but you might have some questions, here you can find the answers to them.
– FapTracker Geocoding API
– Programming with FapTracker
– Where to buy FapTracker for your project?
– How to install FapTracker on your server?
– How to use FapTracker project?
How FapTracker works?
Geocode IP addresses with real time speeds in no matter on internet.
FapTracker is written in PHP with Zend Framework and uses the ORE MySQL DB.
We don’t store any logs on our servers for we believe that it should be an privacy matter.
Find IP addresses of your users with a simple click.
Find IP addresses by your users country, city or area.
Use the real time speed of your server to measure the speed of your server.
– FapTracker Geocoding API ( FapTracker API )
– FapTracker Geocoding API is a free API to geocode IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses on global scale. It uses the ORE MySQL DB.
Geocode data in no matter on internet.
To use the API, you must buy the FapTracker licence in order to get the IP address origins location with the result.
How to use the FapTracker API?
To use the FapTracker API, you must buy FapTracker license on the geocoding website
You can select the IP addresses to geocode and the

System Requirements For Fap Tracker:

OS: Windows 10 Version 10586 or later
Processor: 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5-7600 CPU or later, 2.4 GHz or later
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760, AMD Radeon R9 290, or better
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 25 GB available space
Additional Notes: Region free or Regionally Blocked games are required
OS: Windows 10 Version 10586


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