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Breaktru PAYROLL is a tool that allows you to handle salary sheets, pay periods and payroll. It includes functions to calculate taxes, deductions, allowances, as well as get all the info you require to create your own financial reports.

We may even share your e-mail address with related employers when you apply for new jobs.. It’s a great fit for my lifestyle. Highly recommend it!

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Breaktru PAYROLL [Win/Mac] [Updated]

Considering the country in which the company is based, this may not be the best application to use in your search for a financial management software.

What’s New in the 2016 Version :

۱٫ New layout : Company, Contacts, Employees, Payables, Receivables, Time-sheet, Expenses, Wage-Payments, Bank, Expenses, (also) Payable, (also) Receivables, Payable, Receivables and Payroll, not listed (see the Other Notes section for an explanation).

۲٫ The Exchange Rate currency field in the export section is now independant from the Currency field in the import section.

۳٫ Many new windows, confirmations, messages,…

۴٫ Some data is copied to the new Payroll tab if the current and new payrolls are different.

۵٫ Some types of line that weren’t yet supported are now supported.

۶٫ Many bugs were fixed.

۷٫ Minor changes, mostly correcting spelling mistakes and removing the “Extract Excel” button.

۸٫ Many “notes” and explanations added to the software to inform users.

۹٫ The “time sheet” entry may not be validated at this time.

۱۰٫ New software options added for easier customization and ordering from the author.

۱۱٫ Several improvements in the import/export function that can speed up data transfer.

۱۲٫ New functions for bi-directional data transfer.

۱۳٫ Many new functions and features added for the Payroll module.

Other Notes:

۱٫ The import/export functions are fairly new. It would be nice to see them be more fully tested and able to be used for data exchange with other programs, or even for data export into Excel.

۲٫ In those cases when you import from a payroll program, Breaktru asks you to provide the data you want extracted or calculated into a different format so you can automate this. This allows you to export data as a single spreadsheet, easily readable by the payroll program, so you don’t have to organize or sort manually all the details.

۳٫ This is not mandatory, but once you select an import option for Excel, it will also create a “template” for your data when using the standard Excel import function. However, you may want to keep the template as is, manually make some corrections, and then re-export the data. As it is,

What’s New In Breaktru PAYROLL?

All businesses need a model to record employee salaries, with the number of employees, the pay rate, deductions and salaries being key factors. Fortunately, Breaktru PAYROLL can save all data in a user friendly interface and provide accurate calculations with formulas.

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