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In FIFA 22, play maker content is enhanced by having more predefined ball behavior and finishing options. AI controlled opposition players have improved tackling, movement and ball recognition behavior.

A new Ultimate Team Attacking system will change how your players perform in attack. The new system emphasizes formation building, speed and positioning, with a focus on exploiting weaknesses in the opposing team’s defensive system.

“The new game engine, the new match simulation, the players and the kits, everything is designed to deliver a more realistic and authentic soccer game. We have focused on the issues that made FIFA 17 so enjoyable to play – movement, tactics and stadiums – we have all combined to create more fluid on-the-ball player behavior and ball physics,” said Peter Hägglund, EA SPORTS Game Director.

“The new engine will make the on-the-ball behavior closer to what you would see in real life, and the new ball model is much more accurate in its behavior and results in a more authentic, unpredictable and entertaining football experience,” said Mike Waud of Frostbite.

Major improvements across gameplay in FIFA 22

Blazing speed drives movement in a new ‘Natural Motion’ system that dynamically alters player running speeds and accelerations throughout the duration of a game.

Players’ natural reaction to varying game situations is captured through fully dynamic animations. Characters react naturally to your situation and match context, and perform more realistic actions when making passes or shooting, for example.

Ultimate Team Attacking – Adaptation and Call-ups will impact your team’s attacking mentality. Adversity and context are factors that will play into the strength of your team, and how you manage your team in attack will yield more unpredictable results.

Teammate’s involvement will change based on their position, and the context you find your team in will determine how you manage your team.

FIFA 22 has also introduced a new “Echo System”, which allows for a unique listening experience to best understand crowd reactions and direction. This becomes essential when using the TeamTalk feature, which uses crowd-sourced chat functionality, which is now contextual based on your position on the pitch.

Speaker-friendly tools have also been developed, such as enhanced pitch localization, crowd-sourced triggers, and enhanced team and player sound broadcasts, such


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 brings you more ways to play as a football fan. For the first time ever in FIFA, your entire FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM can also compete in single matches, against your friends in FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues – where players can fight it out in bid wars to control their teams and fight for points.
  • “HyperMotion Technology” brings incredible athleticism to players, and new FUT interactive gameplay, rewards and competition within the game.
  • Stadium and kit design, gameplay improvements, and more.
  • The soundtrack is full of some unforgettable tunes and rhythms.

Key Exclusives: 

  • Player Assault
  • Players pack
  • New offline content


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Global phenomenon FIFA is back with Fifa 22 Free Download, delivering authentic football gameplay that is faster and more responsive than ever before.

۵۰ Years of The World’s Game.

FIFA 22 brings back classic modes from the past and adds a series of new ways to enjoy and compete in the world’s game.

FIFA DNA – Ultimate Team Mode

The Ultimate Team Mode is where the magic of FIFA happens. Your skills with the ball, technique and vision are all put to the test to add the perfect squad of footballers.

Choose who’s in your squad, set your formation and plan your strategy using cards that can be obtained as you win games and battles in every mode.

The new Transfer Market means more ways to win.

Discover all-new ways to make or break a transfer with exciting new tools to rank up talent, record-breaking achievements and the chance to win a spot in this year’s FIFA World Cup™ on your way to greatness.

Your Career Matters

The introduction of Career Mode comes with new tools for players. Your skills as a football player, your club and your country.

Optimise to your Ultimate Aim, define your playing style, and improve your coaching with the Player Impact Engine to find the correct tactics for every situation and opponent.

Whether you’re new to the game or a FIFA veteran, Career Mode is the only way to progress in FIFA.

FIFA DNA – Online Seasons

The EASPORTS FIFA Online Seasons system has been completely revised, offering enhanced gameplay and strategies for players.

Season mode offers a series of new fresh, accessible content including online seasons.

Play, Challenge, Win!

Online Seasons offer an assortment of new events for players to compete in on the pitch.

Compete against up to six friends for a FIFA World Cup™ trophy or battle against them for bragging rights.

Online Seasons include the following key features:

Online Seasons have all-new content, challenges and events.

Online Seasons offer fresh gameplay every month.

Offline Seasons include the following key features:

Offline Seasons can be played online or on the console.

Offline Seasons offer regular fresh content, including new features and challenges to test your skills.

Offline Seasons are free to play.

Friend Societies

Making friends and sharing amazing FIFA moments are now easier than ever before.

Societies are now central to


Fifa 22 License Key PC/Windows

Become a FIFA Ultimate Team Legend as you discover and collect the best legends of football.

The Journey – Focusing on the Character-driven aspects of gameplay, this new mode will be made up of over 80 hours of gameplay. The Journey follows the story of your character as they work their way up from the very bottom of the Football League, or take on the world’s greatest club side in the most prestigious competitions.

FIFA 22 supports an updated range of gamepads. If you’re a Pro with a Classic Controller, you can play FIFA 22 on your console, while both the Classic Controller and DualShock 4 are supported by the Pro Controller and will offer the best possible experience.

Both the Classic Controller and Pro Controller will feature new flight-sticks that more closely resemble the controller intended for Ultimate Team.

The new Locations system will be revealed at E3. Once again, Street Football will take place in iconic locales such as London’s White Hart Lane, Munich’s Allianz Arena and Old Trafford.

FIFA 22 introduces for the first time in a long-running series, a more compact take on its XP system and two new difficulty settings: Quicker Game Speed (Easy and Medium) and Smoother Performance (Easy, Medium and Hard). The new Three Faces Of Football will be available on every difficulty setting, giving you the chance to test yourself on all three, or mix it up with three separate challenge modes.

FIFA 22 will feature a range of dynamic Trophies to challenge you with every time you load up.

PICKUP (Blockbusters) – As a Pro, you’ll be able to unlock Pickup Trophies when you collect a ball in World Class or above stadiums.

BOX IT UP (Bowls) – As a Pro, you’ll be able to unlock Box It Up Trophies when you throw the ball 50 metres with accuracy in The Journey.

PIN IT ON (FIFA Cup) – As a Pro, you’ll be able to unlock Pin It On Trophies when you goal in a FIFA Cup knockout round.

FIFA 22 will be available this November on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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