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Powering off (using digital output pin) led within a microcontroller

I have been using an 8051 MCU with a digital input pin (DIP8) for a while now and have always powered it off by clicking a button with a switch, and then powering it back up with a jumper.
Now I’ve been looking to use a microcontroller with a digital output pin (something like DIO0 for the 8051) and a button, but I’m not sure how to do it and need some advice.
I’ve read this question regarding powering off LEDs with PWM, and I don’t want to do that. I want to power off and power it back up by pressing a button. This is because I am using a switch to power it off and then using the same switch to power it back on.
For my buttons I have used pull up resistors, and the digital pins are INPUT so they’re not connected to anything right now.
I want to:

Power off the microcontroller with a button
Power the microcontroller back on with a button

Here are my questions:

In the datasheet of the part I am using, it says to use a PWM pin for the digital output, which would power off the LED permanently. I don’t want this. I don’t want to use PWM.
I could put an output pin inside the microcontroller, which would be connected to my digital input pin. However, it would be weird because this same pin would be used for an output and an input.
I could power off the microcontroller with the digital output pin and then not use it anymore. What would happen to the button (is it just ignored, or does it work like a “checkbox” where it works in a different way)? I want this because I don’t want my microcontroller to be constantly powering on and off.

Thank you.


Your second attempt is probably the easiest approach.
You need a pin that’s not being used elsewhere in the MCU to be an OUTPUT so that you can control the LED. That pin then needs a pull-down resistor which will allow it to be an INPUT when the MCU is powered.
The MCU can then turn the LED off and off and turn the LED on and on


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