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drzefko is an easy to use, Java based application designed to enable users to create and manage genealogic trees.
It allows you to create your trees in a simple and intuitive manner.
drzefko stores all your information in an XML-scheme.
The built-in support for XSL-stylesheets enables you to dynamically change your trees without the need for a web-browser.
drzefko works with existing and new data. drzefko comes with plenty of defaults that make it very easy to navigate and edit your data. drzefko’s tree configuration dialog has been added to dynamically display information when the tree has been expanded.
drzefko’s tree configuration dialog comes with a built-in XSL-stylesheet that can transform XML nodes from the trees data and display tree-nodes as images on the tree page.
drzefko supports different languages. Support for multiple languages is enabled with an internationalization strategy. Languages are displayed inside the tree configuration dialog.
drzefko’s tree configuration dialog has been extended to display tree-nodes as images.

iCircle “Cloud Tools” and “Developers Tools” software packages have been added to the “Softdrzefko” Package. Please use the following link to install it.

Use the following link to reinstall it.

The following softdrzefko features have been added.
۱) iCircle “Cloud Tools” software package has been added to the “Softdrzefko” Package.
۲) iCircle “Developer Tools” software package has been added to the “Softdrzefko” Package.
۳) iCircle has extended its support for Microsoft technologies:
a) Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 is supported
b) Microsoft Microsoft Windows Vista is supported

If you ever need to navigate or search family trees you can now use the ‘familTree’ application from Kohler Software. FamilTree allows you to navigate family trees, organize information and keep notes about your family.
By using

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This is the first edition of drzefko. The official version of drzefko is now available for download, the full source code and the result files are available on the drzefko site, however not all commands are working, only the most simple one like.tree_new

drzefko – what’s new

Added a new command:.tree_apply. This command allows you to edit, add or delete elements of the tree.
The new command.tree_rename. allows you to rename all elements of the tree.

What’s new in drzefko 1.0.2

Added a new command.tree_rename. This command allows you to rename all elements of the tree.

What’s new in drzefko 1.0.1

Added the command.tree_copy, which copies the content of the tree to another tree.
This command copy the tree in it’s normalized structure.

What’s new in drzefko 1.0

New interface, more actions, easier to use.

What’s new in drzefko 0.9.5

Allow.tree_load to load archives.

What’s new in drzefko 0.9.4

Fixed some bugs.

What’s new in drzefko 0.9.3

Based on the JEditable control.
A nice small control to edit a tree by following the flow, without moving nodes around.

What’s new in drzefko 0.9.2

Better export format.
“raw” tree, no sub trees, they are rebuilt.

What’s new in drzefko 0.9

New tree structure, based on “raw” format.
Using a non-oriented, natural structure, allowing you to easily use drzefko with other genealogies.
You can use drzefko to take and print pictures of your tree using it’s node structures.

drzefko free Download

Drzefko is one of the most popular genealogy software programs out there. It is powerful, easy to use, and offers many useful features. One of the coolest is that it’s completely free! Download it today.

How to Run

Run the downloaded folder like any other java application.
There will be a shortcut on your desktop,

What’s New in the Drzefko?

This all-in-one software package includes everything you need for genealogy research.
Your family history really comes alive in this app.
You can easily create and maintain your family tree with drzefko.

drzefko includes your friends list, messaging, and chat rooms.
You can also play games in this app.

With drzefko’s research tools, you can easily find names, dates, and places.
You can print out your tree and get it all on the go with this nice-looking app.Q:

Pandas rolling shift and scalar multiplication

I have a simple (think 90 line file) dataset consisting of of dates and prices. I want to shift each row in the dataset (such that the last day is defined as the first of the following month), and then multiply the price by 0.5. This is a variation on the well known problem of rolling average over time, and I would like to have a solution that would automatically decide the size of the window (i.e., increment 1 day in the case of the rolling shift).
For example, the second row would be multiplied by 0.5, and the first row would be multiplied by 1.0.
I would like to be able to use it on any dataset where the date and price are in the same column, not just some particular example I’ve been thinking of.
I can come up with an efficient way of doing this in one line using pandas’ rollapply(), but I’m looking for a more elegant solution involving a (rolling shift + scalar multiplication) as a single function call.
Any ideas?


You can do it in one line using pandas library. Just apply the function on the column first. So for example,
In [10]: df[‘column’].shift(1) * 0.5
۰ ۰٫۵۰۰
۱ ۱٫۰۰۰
۲ ۱٫۵۰۰
۳ ۲٫۰۰۰
۴ ۲٫۵۰۰
۵ ۳٫۰۰۰
۶ ۳٫۵۰۰
۷ ۴٫۰۰۰
۸ ۴٫۵۰۰
۹ ۵٫۰۰۰


Use the view keyword to ‘watch’ a new column and update it for each row. This solution is similar to using shift but

System Requirements For Drzefko:

Windows 7 (64 bit)
Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
Intel Core i3 Processor 4.1 GHz or more
۱٫۵GB of available hard disk space
Required Hard disk space 1.8GB
Required Video card:
Intel HD Graphics 3000 or higher
Microsoft Windows DirectX 9 graphics driver or higher (there is no additional driver)
۲GB video memory
Required input device: Keyboard and Mouse


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