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Photoshop comes in both a light edition (Classic) and a professional edition (Illustrator) called Photoshop CS for a reason. The CS stands for Creative Suite. These versions were originally only for the Windows platform but are now available for the Macintosh as well. The latest version, Photoshop CS6, was released in 2014.

The following sections present the basics of using Photoshop and show you how to open, edit, and save a file. If you’d rather not look up such details, you can just use Photoshop as a program to create images without worrying about working with layers, paths, and groups.

Mastering Basic Editing Techniques

Photoshop makes it easy to do a lot of the same editing tasks that you can do with other image editing programs. The following steps help you learn these basic editing techniques in Photoshop.

۱٫ Open a file or make a new image in Photoshop and lay out your images.

Click an image or file type in the Photoshop window to open it, as shown in Figure 6-1. You can also double-click an image to open it. If you’re creating a new file, you can start by opening a new document (that is, window) in the program. A document is the file on your computer in which your images are stored and organized. In this book, we use a Photoshop document to store your files and make changes.

Photoshop comes with several sample images that you can use to get acquainted with the program, but it’s always best to open images that are similar in size to the ones you plan to work on. This way, you can get to know the tools you’ll be using (and avoid learning tools you’ll never use).

The large sample image used in the book is a 16 × ۲۰-inch canvas made from matte medium and was provided by Meg Miller. For more information on creating a canvas, see Chapter 5.

If you like, you can drag an image from the Finder onto the Photoshop window or desktop as a place to store your image (similar to the way you can place a picture of your family on the desktop). Just drag an image file or folder from the Finder onto the Photoshop window or desktop, and it will open.

If you don’t have any images yet, don’t worry: You can create a new blank document (that is, without any images) to make changes to. (To create a blank document in Photoshop, choose File⇒New or press Shift

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There are two versions:

Adobe Photoshop Elements – $99/year

Adobe Photoshop Elements Advanced – $149/year

After downloading the software, the software will be installed on your computer. It may require some settings changes to get it working properly.

Installing Adobe Photoshop Elements

The installation process is free and requires no special requirements. Once you have downloaded the software, you will need to install it on your computer. The installation process may require some settings changes to get it working properly.

During the installation process, you may have the option to install the software on your computer, create a shortcut for it on your desktop or both.

After installing the software, you can uninstall the software if you do not want it on your computer. You can also keep both the software and shortcut on your desktop.

Before you install the software, it is important to make sure your computer meets the system requirements before you download the software.

Here is how to install Adobe Photoshop Elements:

On the computer with the downloaded software, go to the Downloads page.

Click on the link to download the software.

Your computer should then start the download.

After the download completes, locate the downloaded file and open the folder.

Double-click on the acd file.

It will start the installation.

It may take several minutes to complete the installation. During the installation, you may see several prompts that may need to be answered to complete the installation.

The software should finish the installation. It will then open the software with a quick launch icon.

You can exit the quick launch if you do not need it.

Using Adobe Photoshop Elements

Most people use Adobe Photoshop Elements for two main reasons:

Photoshop Elements is an affordable alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It has fewer features but is faster and easier to use. Photoshop Elements is an alternative to Photoshop. It has most of the features of Photoshop, but it is not as heavy as Photoshop. The basic version is free, but Adobe offers a paid version that adds more features.

The main interface for the software is a basic table with rows and columns.

After downloading the software, you will see the software on your computer. You should be able to open the software and start using it.

Although it is designed to be easy to use, there may be some issues. The software may ask you to close or reboot

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What’s New In?

The Dodge and Burn tools are used for removing noise and overexposure from an image. They are ideal for creating soft focus effects.
With the Screen tool, you can make patterns in your images. These patterns can then be used as a background for your artwork.
The Gradient tool allows you to create color transitions by drawing a gradient on a layer in an image.
The Eraser tool is used for removing unwanted areas. It is also used for recoloring old images by removing the color and toning of the original image.
The Healing Brush tool is used for repairing damaged or corrupted areas in images. It can also be used to correct exposure, color balance, levels and clarity.
The Shadows/Highlights tool is used for changing the color, brightness and contrast of an image.
The Straighten tool is used to straighten images that were crooked due to lens distortion.
Some tools in Photoshop can also be used for creating artwork. There are different brushes that can be used to create complicated designs, and images can also be painted with several layers and masks.

Image retouching is used in a wide range of areas, including photography, graphics, and web design. It involves creating new or removing problems from an image. Some of the problems that image retouching can tackle include:
Grit removal
Damage removal
Removal of wrinkles, blemishes and scars
Repair of objects and objects that are damaged
Image recoloring

The most important thing to consider when doing any image retouching is to use the tools that are best suited for the purpose. The most common tools are brushes, erasers, and burn and dodge tools.

Brushes are used for painting or creating effects and can be found in the tool box under the brushes palette.

The Burn and Dodge tools are used to remove glare and overexposure from images. This is usually done with the Burn and Dodge tools.

The Clone Stamp tool is used for restoring damaged or corrupt images. This is done by copying pixels from one area of the image and pasting them into the area that needs fixing.

Photo editing tools can be found in the paintbrush. The brush consists of different colored tools.

The Levels tool is used for making color levels or clarity adjustments. It can be found in the top row of the tools palette.

The Curves tool is used for making adjustments to the brightness, contrast, and color of images.

Image editing tools can

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