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Photoshop is available for Windows and Mac.

Adding a Transparent Layer

After you open a photo, you need to add a layer in Photoshop so that you can mask your photo. Because Photoshop has a layer-based editing system, it’s important that you understand what a layer is. In the following steps, you create a new layer and then mask out the sky and fill in the spaces with pure white.

۱٫ Select the New Layer icon located in the Layers panel on the left side of your Photoshop window.

۲٫ Select the Background check box at the bottom of the Layers panel, or click the Background icon to the right of the Layers panel, as shown in the margin.

Photoshop adds a transparent layer to your image, as shown in Figure 4-1. The next time you click your file’s background, it will load the new layer into your image. The area above the layer’s thumbnail is gray, indicating that the content of the layer is transparent and that the pixels above it are not affected. You can see the photo’s layers available in the Layers panel at the top of the window.

Photoshop’s Layers panel enables you to organize your layers to suit your project. You can have one layer with an image on it, or you can have up to 32 layers, with each layer a copy of that image. I use layers for different effects, or for images that require shadow or highlights. The image you add to a layer is added to a layer, and when you apply any changes to the layers, Photoshop makes those changes to the original image.


If you don’t see a layer that seems to have the image you want, just type a few letters of the image’s filename. For example, type gal for a generic `Gal” image. Photoshop remembers the image, so if you later select that image and try to apply some of its filters, the photo returns when you use the `gal` keyword and no other keywords.

۳٫ Click and drag the horizontal line to the top of the image to hide the background.

The background is covered because you have a transparent layer on the image, as shown in Figure 4-2.

۴٫ Click the box with the black X in the top left of the Layers panel to hide that layer.

You can have as many or as few layers as you like. As soon as you do anything on a layer, it

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۱٫ Criteria Used to Create this List

When writing this list, we looked at the number of users at five popular photo editors, plus creators. We prioritized features based on how important they are to photographers and image editors.

Having the ability to edit/create images is probably the most important feature of a photo editor (at least for photographers). However, having a set of features that not only enable users to produce good quality images but also are practical to use is also a necessity.

The edit speed of a photo editor is also an important factor. But, the time it takes for an editor to create new content or modify an existing one should not be the determining factor. However, the time it takes for a user to produce good-quality images is a key factor when prioritizing features.

The cost of a photo editing application is also a determinant factor. However, we are not including the price of the application in this list.

Finally, we only consider the standard version of an editor and ignore the paid editions such as versions with extra features.

(See “Sites to Get Paid Photoshop” for a list of resources for paid editions of Photoshop.)

۲٫ The Top 20 Photoshop Editors

We reached out to Adobe’s official global product support accounts in Google Plus and Facebook to find out how many people use each product.

The results are listed below with the averages in parenthesis for the five applications as follows:

GraphicSoft 7.5 (5,580 users)

Photoshop 2.7 (6,739)

Painter 3.9 (22,812)

Lens Art 6.3 (2,948)

PhotoSnap 1.1 (9507)

Elements 8.5 (2,085)

Elements 11 (2,360)

Elements 13.5 (872)

Photoshop Elements 5 (1,442)

Gnome-Photo-Editor 9 (2,654)

Tripod Photo 2.6 (1,991)

Pixlr Photo Editor 3 (7,302)

GraphicConverter 7.5 (761)

Photo Plus 4.5 (1,905)

GraphicConverter Editor 6.5 (8,270)

GraphicConverter Designer 6 (

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MADISON, Wis. – The final round of the four-day 2018 NCAA Regional Championships was held Friday at the Kohl Center.

Following Friday’s round of 18-hole stroke play, top-seeded Wisconsin was just a 2-stroke behind third-seeded Alabama at 11-over 534 to head to the 36-hole final pairing tomorrow. The Badgers are one of just three top-three teams left in the event.

All 32 teams are in action tomorrow starting at 7:30 a.m. CT on the Championship Course at Wisconsin’s Kohl Center.

Below are the results of Friday’s final round:

۱۵ A.J. Wrenn (So.-USA) 6-under-par 66 (-4)

۱۶ Andrew Pritchard (So.-USA) 7-under-par 67 (-2)

۱۷ John Denney (R-So. – UW-Stout) 6-under-par 68 (-1)

۱۸ Max Thoresen (R-So.-BHS) 7-under-par 68 (-1)

۱۹ Adam Miller (Sr.-So. – UW-Stout) 7-under-par 68 (-1)

۲۰ Jose Curbelo (So.-SMC-Rio) 7-under-par 68 (-1)

۲۱ Scott Day (So.-SMC-Rio) 4-under-par 69 (-1)

۲۲ J.L. Clemens (Sr.-So.-Navarre) 7-under-par 69 (-1)

۲۳ Ryan Dolan (Sr.-So.-BHS) 5-under-par 70 (+1)

۲۴ Shea Callahan (So.-SMC-Rio) 5-under-par 70 (+1)

۲۵ Caleb Eckles (Sr.-So.-BHS) 6-under-par 70 (+1)

۲۶ Adam Campbell (Jr.-So.-UH-San Diego) 5-under-par 71 (+2)

۲۷ Chris Medcraft (R-So. – UW-Stout) 5-under-par 71 (+2)

۲۸ Kyle McLaughlin (Sr.-R-Mercer) 8-under-par 72 (+3)

۲۹ Kris Zoccoli (So.-SMC-Rio) 6-under-par 73 (+3)

۳۰ Sean Greenberg (So.-

What’s New in the?

Although the 2019 season has yet to officially kick off with the NRL Grand Final, it’s becoming increasingly clear the 2019 Grand Final may feature a few familiar faces.

There’s no doubt the Storm will play for the club’s fifth consecutive NRL Premiership and the Tigers will hope to end a 38-year wait for their first premiership.

Round 19

But some players may have been keen to play for their old club in the event of a Grand Final replay, with Cronulla and North Queensland unlikely to be named too many pre-season favourites.

Here are five potential Grand Final men who could end up on the field next Saturday.

Former Melbourne fullback Billy Slater

As a junior with the Tigers, Slater would have rekindled memories of the club’s premiership triumph in 2001. While he and coach Tim Sheens share a few coaching connections – the pair had worked together at Wigan – many players knew they could find themselves against old foes.


But as Slater wouldn’t play until Round 18, he’d be playing in Melbourne’s biggest game since he scored on that opening weekend in 2001. Maybe it would be the last time he’d play in a Melbourne-based NRL final.

Former Broncos and Sharks forward Ben Barba

The move from the red-hot Broncos to the Cowboys has rejuvenated Barba’s career. He was named in the original Storm squad but chose to return home to Queensland to play a key role in the club’s premiership-winning season last year.

KELLY’S KITCHEN: How NRL 2018 Finals teams compare to Premier League clubs

It’s a decision that has delighted Storm fans but it will be the Cowboys who return to Townsville in the final.

Having won two premierships with the Storm, Barba would be a welcome addition to the Cowboys back row line-up and is likely to start at prop in place of Matt Scott.

Last year’s premiers, the Tigers, are having their first pre-season under Ivan Cleary and if there was a disapointment for the coach, it was an injury scare to young flyer Ashley Taylor-Biggs.

Kurt Gidley, Greg Inglis and Peter Mata’utia could be called on but a Grand Final rematch for the other Richmond duo, Kane Elgey

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (64 bit versions are recommended).
Processor: 2 GHz or faster
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible with at least 1 GB of video RAM.
DirectX: Version 11
Hard drive space: 4 GB for installation, additional free space for runtime files.
Additional Notes: Project is not compatible with 64-bit Windows systems, you must use a 32-bit version of Windows.
Is it important to have the exact specification of the computer system? No


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