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Referring to your layers

The principal difference between the three popular graphics programs is how easy it is to lay out an image, or create a new layer.

In Photoshop, any new layer you create automatically appears in its own new layer panel in the Layers panel (the panel with the color swatches you see in Figure 2-2). Layers are a powerful feature, and this is where they’re most often used. In the next few sections, I show you how to use layers to manipulate your images.

Photoshop CS5 also gives you the option to work with layers, and to layer images with other Photoshop documents. Layers have the same function in CS6, but doing so works slightly differently.

Photoshop Elements (see Book I, Chapter 6) is a little different. It doesn’t have the sophisticated layered feature that Photoshop has, but layers allow you to isolate bits of an image to edit or improve. (You can, in other words, layer smaller images on top of other images.)

I show you how to build layers and layer images in Elements in Book I, Chapter 6.

This chapter also explains how to work with Photoshop’s publishing tools (best reserved for professional use), but that functionality isn’t detailed here.

You can download free downloadable tutorials for beginner Photoshop users at

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Here’s a list of every feature that every Photoshop Elements user should be familiar with.

Photoshop Elements Features

Photoshop Elements has an extensive feature set that is easier to use than Photoshop. It is more straightforward and limited in its user interface, but the tools are intuitive. This list of Photoshop Elements features is a broad outline and is not meant to cover all the features.

۱٫ Resize and Resample Images

Resize, crop, adjust, and resize again. Everyone knows how to zoom in and out, and Photoshop Elements makes it easy. For the power users, there are additional resampling tools, including bicubic, bilinear, and more. The fun part about resizing and resampling images in Photoshop Elements is that you can do it all in the same image editor. You can either resample the image as a whole, or you can choose individual sections of an image to resize.

Image Resizing Examples

You can resize images on your own by adjusting the image size, or you can use presets.

۲٫ Copy and Paste

Copy and paste is probably the most important feature in any image editor. Photoshop Elements makes it easier than ever to paste your images into other images. You can copy an image by Ctrl+Click (Command+Click on Macs), move it with the arrow keys, or crop it with the crop tool or rectangle. You can also paste an image into another image, create a new image, or into other elements.

You can also use Photoshop Elements Copy and Paste features to resize an image. You can copy sections of an image and paste them into a new, smaller image.

Image Resizing with Copy and Paste Examples

۳٫ Crop and Rotate Images

Crop and rotate is probably the most important feature in any image editor. You can cut out sections of an image, resize, and rotate it, all in the same Photoshop Elements crop tool. There are a number of different tools to choose from, including rectangle, polygon, ellipse, and the fancy circle tool.

Image Crop and Rotate Examples

۴٫ Sharpen Images

Sharpen images removes the camera noise and makes images look more polished. Sharpen is one of the most popular tools in an image editor, and Photoshop Elements makes it quick and easy to sharpen an image. You can sharpen the entire image or select sections and sharpen them

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