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* **Canon:** The Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite also includes Photoshop Elements, which is based on the _Elements_ feature set. The creator of Elements is Adobe’s in-house program.
* **Adobe Lightroom:** The latest version includes a number of features such as spot healing, selective edits, image organizing, and the ability to add text and shapes. Lightroom is part of the Adobe Creative Suite and provides a way for users to view, handle, edit, and alter multiple images in the computer. You can find more information about the latest Lightroom at ``.

## Changing the Color of Photos

The straightforward way to change the color of an image is to use one of Photoshop’s tools. In the photo shown in Figure 10-3, I used the Color Balance tool to brighten the image.

FIGURE 10-3: Just click this tool’s icon and then use the sliders to adjust the color.

To change the color of one or more images at once, select the images that you want to change using the Select tool. You see the options shown in Figure 10-4. In this example, I selected the top row and clicked OK.

FIGURE 10-4: You have several color options to select from when you edit your images.

For a list of the various Color tool settings, see the left side of Figure 10-5. The number of the _n_ th setting differs according to the hue, saturation, and brightness you’re working with. For example, the Color and Hue/Saturation window’s Options menu shown in the figure shows these settings:

FIGURE 10-5: The Color tool options list a variety of settings.

For an explanation of the different color settings, see the sections that follow.

Figure 10-6 shows the Color window with the image I used in Figure 10-3 highlighted in the window. The default settings (shown at bottom right in the figure) give the image a good balance of colors.

You can experiment with a color adjustment to fine-tune the appearance. Here are the Color window’s main settings:

* **Amount:** Adjusts the contrast of the image.
* **Hue/Saturation:** Changes the overall hue or color of the image. You can click each of the color swatches to change the corresponding color

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Saving from Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements 15 introduces a version of the “Save for Web” button. This option will display on the right-hand side of the Photoshop Elements “File” menu.

Toggling between “Save for Web” and “Save as” will automatically switch to whichever option currently has the file type selected. You can still save your work to a file of your choice if you’d rather not use either of these options.

Once you have selected a particular file type in the “File” menu, you can save to that file type as you would any other file.

Saving with “Save for Web” will automatically convert the file into one or more Web-optimized formats. You can see the exact specifications for each format from the Options dialog.

The dialog contains the same options you would find in “Save for Web” under the “Layout & Quality” heading.

Saving to “Save for Web” will take place without any “Save” dialog, rather than using the traditional “Save As” dialog that’s used when you’re saving to other types of files.

Pixlr app for Android (previously Pixlr) is a new image editor that offers a mix of photo effects, automatic tools and more. Pixlr is a standalone app so you can add it to your Android home screen and start editing photos in no time.

Just open the app and start editing.

There’s an integrated camera, a face-recognition tool, a color picker and more to help you get the perfect shot.

Pixlr has more features than most other image editing apps on mobile, but doesn’t include the same level of creative features as Elements.

The app is available in the Android Google Play store for free.

Pixlr also has a standalone Windows app, available from the App Store for iOS and Mac. The paid version of the app provides more effects than the free version.

Microsoft’s Paint.NET is a full-featured image editor that comes pre-installed on Windows 10.

Paint.NET is also available on macOS, and for the first time, on Android.

Anyone who has used the Microsoft Paint application for Windows will be familiar with the interface.


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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2022:

PC – Windows 7 (64-bit)
Windows 7 (64-bit) Minimum:
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 2.8GHz / AMD Phenom™ 9950 @ 2.8GHz
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 2.8GHz / AMD Phenom™ 9950 @ 2.8GHz RAM: 4GB
۳۰GB Graphics:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570/ AMD Radeon HD 7750
DirectX®: Version 11

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